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1896-1911  (19 films)
 1. A Terrible Night (1896) (0:01:08)
A giant spider spoils a man's plans for a good night's sleep in this early experimental moving picture show.
 2. L'auberge ensorcelee (1897) (0:02:04)
Georges Méliès, motion picture pioneer, was the operator of the Harry Houdin Theatre in Paris, and when motion pictures were being created, as a magician he was fascinated with the technology, and he created what was copied by Thomas Edison and others with his ground breaking experiments in film making. This short film is one of the earliest examples of motion pictures.
 3. Le squelette joyeux, The Cheerful Skeleton (1898) (0:00:45)
A skeleton moves joyously around in this early experimental moving picture show.
 4. Cendrillon (1899) (0:05:36)
The first motion picture that used fades between scenes, and the first known motion picture with 'color' - Georges Méliès hired girls to sit along a table with the finished film stretched out along the table, and they hand-painted certain frames to add the magic of color!
 5. Jeanne d'Arc (1900) (0:10:20)
Georges Méliès, a magician from Paris experimented with moving pictures and many of his early works like this one were at the bleeding edge of technology. For the color, he hired ladies to sit at a long table where the film was stretched out and hand paint each frame as he wanted.
 6. What Happened on Twenty-third Street, New York City (1901) (0:01:18)
80 seconds of motion picture history, and possibly the inspiration for Marilyn Monroe's most famous photo, Alfred Abadie, a cameraman for Thomas Edison walks with a willing Florence Georgie over an air grate in 1901 New York City.
 7. Jack and the Beanstalk (1902) (0:10:09)
Thomas Edison filmed this motion picture in his New York City movie studio when movies were still experimental things of wonder.
 8. Le voyage dans la lune (1902) (0:12:52)
Probably the very first Science Fiction motion picture, Georges Méliès joins astronomers in a trip to the moon and an encounter with the lady in the moon.
 9. The Great Train Robbery (1903) (0:12:02)
A gang of robbers holds up a train full of passengers and escapes into the nearby woods, only to be tracked down and killed by a local posse of men from a dance hall.
 10. The Night Before Christmas (1905) (0:08:37)
Thomas Edison, one of the pioneers of motion pictures, filmed this first movie of the famous poem.
 11. A Streetcar Ride Down Market Street (1906) (0:11:30)
One reel motion picture showing Market Street, San Francisco from the front of a streetcar before the earthquake destroyed much of the city in April, 1906.
 12. The Country Doctor (1909) (0:14:02)
A country doctor goes to a neighbor's home to tend an ill child while his own daughter lays dying in his home.
 13. The Sealed Room (1909) (0:11:24)
The King discovers his Queen trysting with his Minstrel in his special isolated room and seals them inside by bricking over the only entrance in this macabre tale by Edgar Allan Poe.
 14. An Arcadian Maid (1910) (0:12:36)
Mary Pickford is a wandering maid that is talked into robbing her farm employers by a traveling salesman.
 15. A Christmas Carol (1910) (0:11:00)
The classic Christmas story filmed by Thomas Edison in 1910.
 16. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1910) (0:12:41)
Thomas Edison filmed the first motion picture version of Mary Shelley's famous story of Frankenstein and his monster.
 17. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910) (0:13:14)
This silent classic is the earliest known film of the L. Frank Baum novel.
 18. Her Crowning Glory (1911) (0:14:17)
Widower Mortimer proposes to his daughter's new governess because of her long chestnut hair.
 19. Troublesome Secretaries (1911) (0:07:13)
Mr. Harding has trouble finding a secretary thanks to his scheming daughter Betty.
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1912  (9 films)
 1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (0:11:08)
An eleven minute silent motion picture about the Robert Louis Stevenson horror story.
 2. The Furs (0:07:35)
Mabel plots to buy new furs with hubby's money without him knowing, but her scheme backfires badly.
 3. The Girl and Her Trust (0:15:01)
The telegraph operator at a small rural railroad station is kidnapped along with a strong-box full of cash by two train tramps.
 4. Katchem Kate (0:10:51)
Kate quits her job ironing clothes and answers a newspaper advertisement promising to make her a private detective.
 5. The Mender of Nets (0:12:43)
A young fisherman proposes to the pretty young girl who mends the fishing nets, but his old girlfriend and her brother vow revenge for dumping her in favor of the mender of nets.
 6. The Musketeers of Pig Alley (0:16:39)
The first motion picture big city gangster story, filmed with real New York City gang members as extras.
 7. The New York Hat (0:16:11)
A dying mother whispers her wishes to the pastor asking him to use her savings to occasionally buy luxury items for her daughter, but when he buys a new hat for the girl the town thinks he is having an affair with the young girl.
 8. The Painted Lady (0:13:13)
The daughter of a man who does not want her to use makeup finally meets a man who is attracted to her, but he only uses her to get information to rob her father.
 9. The Portrait of Lady Anne (0:14:44)
The ghost of Lady Anne leaves her portrait to warn her descendant not to make the same mistake in selecting her husband that Lady Anne made many years before.
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1913  (8 films)
 1. Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life (0:13:53)
Race car driver Barney Oldfield races a locomotive to save Mabel, who has been chained to the railroad tracks by the villain.
 2. The Evidence of the Film (0:14:28)
A crooked stock broker's scheme to frame a young messenger boy for theft is foiled when a motion picture company accidentally films the switch.
 3. Fatty Joins the Force (0:12:24)
Fatty gets a job as a policeman after saving the life of the Police Commisioner's daughter, but it doesn't turn out well.
 4. Granddad (0:28:44)
When father took a new wife who didn't like Grandpa's occasional nip of whiskey, Granddfather ran away from home ending up in the poor house.
 5. Mabel's New Hero (0:10:07)
Fatty Arbuckle saves Mabel from a masher, and then from a runaway hot air balloon in this silent comedy short.
 6. A Strong Revenge (0:12:31)
Stinky cheese is the weapon of choice as two men sabotage each other when trying to woo young Mabel at her party.
 7. The Telephone Girl and the Lady (0:11:14)
A telephone operator overhears a jewel thief robbing a Long Island Lady and helps a policeman rush to her aid and capture the thief.
 8. That Ragtime Band (0:11:47)
A young girl who is popular with a ragtime band follows them to an amateur contest and watches as the band is pelted with fruit and the first ever recorded pie in the face.
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1914  (24 films)
 1. A Busy Day, or The Militant Suffragette (0:06:04)
When a husband leaves his seat next to his wife to flirt with another woman at a parade, his wife decides to follow him around.
 2. Caught in a Cabaret (0:15:47)
Charlie Chaplin's 12th movie. During his hour off from his job as a waiter, Charlie saves a pretty girl in the park and is invited to a party at her home.
 3. Charlie Chaplin in Between Showers (0:08:59)
Charlie Chaplin competes with another man for the honor of escorting a pretty young lady across a muddy street.
 4. Cinderella (0:51:15)
While gathering wood a poor old woman in rags is abused by the sisters, but Cinderella is kind to her, and discovers that she is really a Fairy God-Mother in disguise.
 5. Cruel, Cruel Love (0:08:58)
A wealthy man who thinks that his girlfriend dumped him attempts to commit suicide, but is prevented and reunited with his love.
 6. Dough and Dynamite (0:12:22)
Charlie Chaplin is a waiter in a restaurant that has a bakery in the basement, and he succeeds in creating havoc everywhere he goes.
 7. A Film Johnnie (0:07:10)
Charlie is a movie fan in search of his favorite actress at the Keystone movie lot, and runs into more trouble than he can handle with the Keystone Cops.
 8. A Flirt's Mistake (0:07:19)
Fatty gets into trouble when his wife catches him flirting with the wrong girl.
 9. Getting Acquainted, or A Fair Exchange (0:12:53)
Two couples meet in the park, and the men decide to flirt with each other's mate, until a park policeman intervenes.
 10. His Favorite Pasttime (0:13:24)
Charlie Chaplin gets very drunk and follows a pretty girl home and makes a pest of himself.
 11. Kid Auto Race at Venice (0:06:22)
Filmed during a kiddie auto race in Venice, California, this is the first time that Charlie Chaplin dressed as a tramp, the look that later made him famous..
 12. The Kiss (0:09:49)
A plain shop girl gets the attention of a Society Man when she dresses provocatively.
 13. The Knockout (0:26:27)
Pug's girlfriend dresses like a man so she can watch her boyfriend fight for big prize money.
 14. The Landlady's Pet (0:07:46)
An indiscreet moment between the landlady and her favorite boarder is exposed by a young kid.
 15. Mabel's Blunder (0:17:52)
 16. Mabel's Strange Predicament (0:10:23)
A drunk Charlie Chaplain keeps running into a pretty society lady with disastrous results. This was Charlie Chaplin's third movie produced by Mack Sennett.
 17. Making A Living (0:08:51)
Charlie Chaplin is an out of work crook who gets a job as a reporter.
 18. The Patchwork Girl of Oz (0:48:21)
When a crooked magician turns a munchkin's boyfriend and her Uncle into stone statues, a rag doll comes to life travels with the girl to the land of Oz in search of the magical dark well that can bring the statues back to life.
 19. The Rounders (0:10:37)
Two men living in a hotel who are having problems with their wives drown their sorrows in a bar.
 20. The Spoilers (1:38:18)
A corrupt politician tries to steal a wealthy Alaska gold mine while the two owners are on vacation.
 21. The Squaw Man (1:12:25)
A British nobleman takes the blame for his brother's theft and flees England, ending up in the American Wild West with an Indian Squaw bride and young son.
 22. Tillie's Punctured Romance (1:19:18)
Charlie Chaplin woos homely country girl Tillie when he discovers that her father has a lot of money, but his girlfriend gets very jealous and may ruin the plan.
 23. Twenty Minutes of Love (0:09:59)
This is the first film that Charlie Chaplin directed, that takes place in a park with a policeman and a pretty girl.
 24. The Virginian (0:54:28)
A big good-hearted cow-poke known as The Virgininan flirts with the new school ma'am and chases a rustler in Bear Creek, Wyoming, and the rustler comes shooting for the Virginian on his wedding day.
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1915  (13 films)
 1. Broncho Billy's Sentence (0:16:58)
Broncho Billy, the first cowboy movie star, is a thief who not only steals another man's fortune but steals a kiss from a young girl who then shoots him with her shotgun.
 2. The Cheat (0:58:29)
When a society lady loses the Red Cross charity fund she is in charge of, one of her friends replaces the lost money with the condition that she become his lover, but on their first tryst she kills him, and her husband takes the blame.
 3. Crossed Wires, A Telephone Tragedy (0:30:58)
A dying woman calls the police to say who killed her but a mistake by the telephone operator causes the wrong person to be accused.
 4. His New Job (0:20:33)
Charlie Chaplin wants to be an actor in a movie, and when the leading man is late he gets his chance, but creates enough havoc to ruin the picture.
 5. Knight of the Trail (0:23:18)
A waitress about to marry a local cowboy discovers that her future husband is a notorious jewel thief, so she agrees to marry another man who wants to steal her bank money.
 6. Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day (0:12:56)
Two wash day neighbors each have nagging spouses.
 7. Mabel, Fatty and the Law (0:08:36)
Two flirty couples have problems with the cops in the park.
 8. Martyrs of the Alamo (1:10:25)
Filmed only 80 years after the events, this historic telling of that epic time centers on 'Silent' Smith, also known as The Texas Spy.
 9. A Night Out (0:16:37)
Charlie Chaplin and his pal get drunk and into trouble in a restaurant and later in a hotel.
 10. On the Night Stage (1:04:00)
A saloon girl must choose between her bandit boyfriend or the new preacher in town.
 11. The Tramp (0:19:47)
Charlie saves the farmer's daughter from an attacker, and wants to woo her, but her fiance arrives and sends Charlie on his way.
 12. Willful Ambrose (0:11:21)
Ma orders Pa to take daughter Pansy outside to play . . . with Pa's gun.
 13. Work (0:23:17)
Charlie Chaplin is a wallpaper hanger's helper with a job in a home where the husband cannot get breakfast and the wife's secret lover appears.
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1916  (8 films)
 1. The Count (0:20:11)
Charlie Chaplin is a taylor's apprentice, and when he finds an invitation addressed to a count, he tries to take the count's place at the party.
 2. The Danger Girl (0:24:23)
Gloria Swanson at the age of 17 dresses and acts like a man in order to seduce the dangerous girl who has stolen her brother's affection from his girlfriend.
 3. Flirting with Fate (0:57:10)
Soon after a forlorn lover hires a hit man to kill him, his luck changes for the better, but he cannot find the hit man to cancel the job.
 4. The Floorwalker (0:24:04)
Charlie Chaplin shops in a big department store and causes havoc while the floorwalker and store manager try to steal a briefcase full of cash.
 5. His Picture in the Papers (1:01:57)
Pete Prindle has found his love, but is not allowed to marry her until he is famous and gets his picture in the newspaper.
 6. King Lear (0:35:44)
The first motion picture telling of the classic William Shakespeare drama.
 7. The Pawnshop (0:24:47)
A day in the life of a pawn shop worker who isn't exactly the perfect employee.
 8. The Return of Draw Egan (0:51:30)
An outlaw-turned-Marshal is blackmailed by one of his old gang to either help in a robbery or have his outlaw past exposed to the town.
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1917  (5 films)
 1. The Fires of Youth (0:31:12)
A wealthy mill owner secretly goes to work in his own factory to learn how the workers are treated.
 2. The Immigrant (0:20:00)
Charlie Chaplin meets a young girl who is also emmigrating to the Land of Liberty.
 3. The Little American (1:01:45)
Mary Pickford is a U.S. Senator's daughter who gets caught up in The Great War in France and is sentenced to death by firing squad.
 4. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1:09:32)
Mary Pickford is little Rebecca Rowena Randall, sent to live with her two strict aunts because her mother couldn't afford to keep all of her children at home.
 5. The Unfortunate Marriage aka The Woman in White (1:08:01)
A mad girl tries to warn a young heiress that her new husband is a fraud who will try to kill her.
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1918  (5 films)
 1. Amarilly of Clothes Line Alley (1:05:47)
Mary Pickford is a poor teenage scrub woman who is taken in by a wealthy woman that wants to experiment with turning a poor urchin into a society lady.
 2. The Blue Bird (1:20:01)
A young brother and sister follow a Fairy princess on a journey to find the blue bird of happiness.
 3. The Cook (0:17:52)
Roscoe 'fatty' Arbuckle and Buster Keaton team up to run a restaurant with hilarious results.
 4. Good Night Nurse (0:20:22)
When Fatty gets home and is drunk as a skunk, his wife has him committed to the 'No Hope Sanitarium' to have him cured of his alcoholism.
 5. The Unbeliever (1:24:41)
In one of the final motion pictures produced by the Thomas Edison studios, a young aristrocratic man joins the Marines to fight in the world's first great war, and his battle experiences dramatically alter his aristocratic beliefs.
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1919  (10 films)
 1. Broken Blossoms (1:28:21)
Lillian Gish is a young British girl beaten regularly by her father, who finds a friend in a Chinese missionary/store keeper.
 2. Call for Mr. Caveman (0:10:30)
A giant cave man kidnaps beautiful Adorable from the cave clan and the man who rescues her can have her hand and a new suit of clothes.
 3. Daddy-Long-Legs (1:24:08)
An older wealthy man falls madly in love with the young orphan girl that he financed a college education for.
 4. The Greatest Question (1:20:58)
An orphan girl is taken in by neighbors who send her to work for a horrible family, and when she is beaten, she remembers a murder that she saw when she was younger, and the identity of the murderer. .
 5. The Hoodlum (1:21:11)
A spoiled little rich girl finds herself fighting for survival on one of the poorest streets in town.
 6. Love's Prisoner (0:45:39)
A young girl supports herself and her sisters by becoming the infamous bank robber and jewel thief 'The Bird.'
 7. Male and Female (1:55:36)
Their aristocratic life is turned upside down when Lord Loam and his family is stranded on a South Pacific Island with their butler and scullery maid.
 8. Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (0:59:21)
A young orphan runs away from the orphanage with the illegitimate baby of another orphan and finds a home with Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch.
 9. The Roaring Road (0:56:44)
'Toodles' Walden has a passion for car racing and Dorothy Ward in this pioneering car racing thriller.
 10. True Heart Susie (1:26:29)
A plain country girl helps her school sweetheart get a college education and a career, but he falls for a sexy painted and powdered girl instead of his true heart childhood sweetheart.
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1920  (15 films)
 1. The Flapper (1:25:28)
Wild girl Ginger is sixteen going on 20, and when she chases an older man and the wild life, she gets much more than she bargained for.
 2. Headin' Home (0:55:21)
Fictional story about a young boy that grows up to be a great baseball star, featuring the real Babe Ruth, home run king.
 3. J-U-N-K (0:23:41)
A junk man's helper turns his collected junk into useful treasures and winds up with the wealthy society girl with her ten thousand dollar string of pearls.
 4. The Love Flower (1:36:02)
After killing his wife's secret lover, a man and his young daughter flee the law, roaming the South Pacific.
 5. Neighbors (0:17:29)
Buster Keaton is in love with the neighbor girl but they are separated by a high fence and feuding families.
 6. One Week (0:22:17)
Hilarious tale of the first week of marriage for Buster Keaton and his new bride Sybil Seely.
 7. Pollyanna (0:57:30)
An orphan girl moves in with her mean Aunt Polly and the girl's determination to be glad about everything turns Aunt Polly into a happy old gal that can fall in love again.
 8. The Saphead (1:08:26)
Bertie, the saphead son of a wealthy New York Stock Exchange member is framed with love letters to a mistress that actually belong to his scoundrel brother-in-law.
 9. The Scarecrow (0:20:12)
Buster Keaton is a farmhand who wakes up with a tooth ache and ends the day with a wife.
 10. Something New (0:56:28)
A young woman writer needs inspiration so she visits her gold-mining father in Mexico and is kidnapped by banditos and taken to Hell's Kitchen, and the only thing that can reach her is a man in an automobile.
 11. Suds (1:05:33)
A poor young scrub girl working in a French laundry in London imagines that a handsome young nobleman will discover her and give her a life of champagne and riches.
 12. Terror Island (0:54:09)
Escape artist Harry Houdini stars in a South Seas adventure performing dangerous stunts on camera as part of the plot for this treasure hunt adventure.
 13. Way Down East (2:03:23)
A young country girl is taken advantage of by a wealthy wolf and has a child out of wedlock, making her life very challenging in her search for happiness.
 14. What Happened to Rosa (0:43:01)
A shop girl is told that the spirit of a Spanish princess is inside her and when she starts acting liks a Spanish temptress she attracts the attention of wealthy and handsome Doctor Drew.
 15. Why Change Your Wife (1:31:05)
This Cecil B. DeMille comedy drama starring Gloria Swanson and Bebe Daniels is as fresh in concept today as it was in 1920.
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1921  (8 films)
 1. The Ace of Hearts (1:14:02)
Lon Chaney is a member of a secret brotherhood that has decided to murder a man, and Lilith, the only female member of the group agrees to marry him and help him carry out the evil deed.
 2. Douglas Fairbanks in The Nut (1:14:28)
Charlie is a crack-pot inventor that will do almost anything for his girlfriend Estrell.
 3. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (2:11:27)
Think Gone With the Wind, Casablanca and Titanic, only bigger, and you have the highest grossing film in history, adjusted for inflation.
 4. The Goat (0:23:06)
Buster Keaton is accidentally mistaken for a killer and is chased by the cops, finally hiding out at the apartment of a young girl he met, who happens to be the Police Chief's daughter.
 5. Hard Luck (0:22:31)
Buster Keaton is down on his luck and after trying unsuccessfully to end it all he saves a young maiden from a gangster and then proposes to her, but she cannot accept his proposal because of her big burly husband.
 6. The Haunted House (0:23:45)
Buster Keaton is a bank teller that gets chased into a haunted house hideout.
 7. Little Lord Fauntleroy (1:50:26)
A little boy born in Brooklyn discovers that he has inherited a fortune in England that is his on the condition that he never see his mother again.
 8. The Sheik (1:26:05)
Motion picture heart-throb of the 1920's Rudolph Valentino is an Arabian Sheik who kidnaps a beautiful modern American woman and takes her to his desert home.
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1922  (8 films)
 1. Blood and Sand (0:26:06)
A handsome and successful bull fighter finds conflict when his wife discovers that he loves another woman.
 2. Cops (0:18:05)
Virginia will only marry Buster if he becomes a big businessman, so he sets out to make his fortune, but the cops get in his way.
 3. Flesh and Blood (1:13:18)
A lawyer breaks out of prison and is determined to hunt down the man who framed him, but discovers that his only daughter has fallen in love with the man's son.
 4. My Wife's Relations (0:24:04)
Buster accidentally gets married to a gal with four big, bruising brothers who don't much care for him.
 5. Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (1:31:54)
The first motion picture that told the story of Dracula based on the Bram Stoker novel.
 6. The Sawmill (0:20:40)
Two men compete for the affections of the owner's daughter.
 7. Tess of the Storm Country (1:57:03)
A young girl proves that love is stronger than hatred and bigotry as a wealthy landowner tries to rid his neighborhood of the poor squatters nearby.
 8. The Toll of the Sea (0:54:34)
A young Chinese girl saves the life of an American, and they fall in love, but trouble soon arises.
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1923  (4 films)
 1. Eddie Cantor Stand-Up Comedy Routine (0:06:52)
A 7 minute early experimental 'talkie' motion picture short featuring the Vaudeville stand-up comedy routine of Eddie Cantor.
 2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1:56:29)
The archdeacon of Notre Dame frames a young Gypsy street dancer for murder, and the deformed bell-ringer for the famed cathedral tries in vain to save her from the noose of death.
 3. Rosita (1:27:18)
Rosita, a poor girl living in Seville, Spain is arrested and put in prison when the King visits and she insults him for living in wealth while the people suffer.
 4. Salome (1:12:13)
Silent motion picture of Oscar Wilde's play, Salome.
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1924  (5 films)
 1. The First Hundred Years (0:13:05)
The perils of a newlywed couple as they set up housekeeping.
 2. The Hansom Cabman (0:19:08)
Harry Langdon is a bachelor who wakes up on the morning of his wedding to discover that he married one of the girls at his bachelor party the night before.
 3. Her Night of Romance (1:25:26)
A poor British Lord romances a wealthy Yankee heiress from America who is vacationing in England with her father.
 4. The Luck O' The Foolish (0:20:49)
A newlywed couple on a train has their money stolen and get mixed up with a dangerous wanted criminal, Dangerous Dan McGraw.
 5. West of Hot Dog (0:30:35)
On the way to hearing his rich uncle's will, tenderfoot Stan is robbed by outlaws that he will meet later at the reading of the will.
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1925  (12 films)
 1. Her Sister From Paris (1:14:15)
A young wife who leaves her husband after a fight decides to change her appearance and pretend to be her exotic dancing twin sister from Paris and woo her husband back.
 2. Joyless Street (1:00:30)
In one of her first motion pictures, young Greta Garbo gets a job as a prostitute to survive in poverty stricken Vienna after World War I.
 3. Lady Windermer's Fan (1:26:17)
Lady Windermer does not know that the woman her husband invited to her birthday party is really her mother, and she becomes jealous of her husband and the lady, so starts to flirt with another man to get even with her husband in this early Lubitsch romantic comedy.
 4. The Lost World (1:16:05)
A professor, his daughter and a brash newspaper reporter set off in search of a place where dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures still roam.
 5. The Mad Whirl (1:15:56)
A wealthy playboy and a working-poor girl fall in love despite each of their parents' warnings.
 6. The Midnight Girl (1:01:40)
Bela Lugosi is a millionaire patron of the opera who loves the girls even more than opera, and chases the beautiful young singer that his son loves.
 7. The Perfect Clown (0:50:10)
Bert the store clerk is given ten thousand dollars to deposit in the bank, but when he gets there the bank is closed and he must keep the money safe until morning.
 8. The Phantom of the Opera (1:46:57)
This is what audiences saw on September 6, 1925 at the Astor Theater in New York City. This version is seldom seen today and contains materiel that is different from the 1929 re-release. This print is from The Milestone Edition, the score is public domain- Mozart's 40th and 4th symphonies and Franz Schubert's Symphony No. 8 in B minor.
 9. The Road to Yesterday (1:36:20)
The lives of two young couples are controlled by a past life of evil and a Gypsy curse, as they discover when they travel back in time to Colonial days.
 10. Stan Laurel in Pie-Eyed (0:19:49)
Stan Laurel plays a drunk in this classic silent screen comedy.
 11. The White Outlaw (0:54:37)
Jack is accused of rustling horses from the ranchers, but the horse rustler is actually a white horse named Scout.
 12. Wolf Blood, a tale of the forest (1:07:02)
A man in a Canadian logging camp gets a blood transfusion from a wild wolf to save his life, and it may turn him into a wolf man. Can the love of a good woman save him from the hounds of hell?
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1926  (7 films)
 1. Anémic cinéma (0:06:42)
Marcel Duchamp's adventure into the surreal world with experimental Rotoreliefs.
 2. The Block Signal (0:52:37)
A railroad engineer is sabotaged by a scheming fireman and has a head-on crash with another train.
 3. Menilmontant (0:37:44)
The avant-guard story of a young girl's hapless life in a working class neighborhood of Paris.
 4. Move Along (0:15:50)
A street cop repeatedly swats a down-on-his-luck gentleman with his nightstick and urges him to move along.
 5. Nell Gwyn (1:14:50)
The story of King Charles II and his favorite mistress, Nell Gwyn.
 6. Raggedy Rose (0:54:02)
A poor girl working for a junk dealer dreams of being in love with a wealthy young bachelor.
 7. Risky Business (1:30:32)
A pamperd city girl must decide between marrying a wealthy older man or a young handsome but poor country doctor, and Mama will try her best to decide the outcome.
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1927  (15 films)
 1. The Beloved Rogue (1:38:22)
The poet playboy of Paris chases the girl of his dreams and runs from a death sentence from the King.
 2. The Cat and the Canary (1:23:59)
Relatives gathered at a haunted mansion to hear the reading of the owner's last will face death and danger before daybreak.
 3. College (1:02:09)
Buster Keaton works his way through college and tries to be an athletic jock to impress his girlfriend, with hilarious results.
 4. The General (1:18:43)
 5. Getting Gertie's Garter (1:13:13)
Two engaged couples get entangled into many merry mix-ups as they try to hide their past relationships.
 6. His First Flame (0:46:19)
A wealthy college graduate plans to marry his gold-digging sweetheart, but events conspire that will put his marriage plans on hold.
 7. Life in Hollywood, Number Five (0:10:08)
The fifth in a series of one-reel movies showing behind-the-scenes people and places in Hollywood, usually shown before the main attraction.
 8. Life in Hollywood, Number Four (0:09:33)
The fourth in a series of one-reel movies showing behind-the-scenes people and places in Hollywood, usually shown before the main attraction.
 9. Life in Hollywood, Number One (0:11:13)
The first in a series of one-reel movies showing behind-the-scenes people and places in Hollywood, shown before the main attraction.
 10. Life in Hollywood, Number Seven (0:03:15)
The seventh in a series of seven one-reel movies showing behind-the-scenes people and places in Hollywood, usually shown before the main attraction.
 11. Life in Hollywood, Number Six (0:07:55)
The sixth in a series of seven one-reel movies showing behind-the-scenes people and places in Hollywood, usually shown before the main attraction.
 12. Life in Hollywood, Number Three (0:08:37)
The third in a series of one-reel movies showing behind-the-scenes people and places in Hollywood, usually shown before the main attraction.
 13. Life in Hollywood, Number Two (0:08:49)
The second in a series of one-reel movies showing behind-the-scenes people and places in Hollywood, shown before the main attraction.
 14. Mickey's Eleven (0:17:40)
Little Mickey McGuire and his gang of playmates play football against the neighborhood rivals.
 15. The Relay (0:21:18)
The Calford College Freshmen and Sophomores compete with the winner ruling the losers for 24 hours of fun and frolic.
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1928  (4 films)
 1. The Adorable Cheat (0:55:33)
Lila Lee is sexy enough and smart enough to turn her hard working boyfriend into a gentleman that can take over her father's factory.
 2. The Lookout Girl (0:54:31)
The lookout girl for the notorious Mowbray gang tries to leave her gangster past by marrying a wealthy doctor, but her past catches up with her very quickly when the gang finds her.
 3. Steamboat Bill Jr. (1:07:22)
Buster Keaton is a mama's boy that visits his rough, tough, steamboat captain father, who tries to turn him into a man.
 4. The Wedding March (1:49:24)
The prince's family is broke, and the prince is told to either marry money or shoot himself. He finds money with Cecila, but love with Mitzi.
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1929  (25 films)
 1. Ask Dad (0:22:16)
A delightful short comedy about a young man that returns from school to his father's business and falls in love with his father's secretary, but she loves another.
 2. Big News (1:06:12)
Steve Banks is a hard drinking, devil may care reporter that is accused of murdering his editor after uncovering a dope peddling gangster.
 3. Border Romance (0:57:20)
Three U.S. cowboys find murder, comedy, romance and adventure in a Mexican Cantina.
 4. Dance Hall (1:02:19)
A skinny, wimpy fellow tries to compete with a famous flyer for the affections of a dance hall girl.
 5. The Dance of Life (1:51:35)
A burlesque dancer marries the slapstick comic who loves whiskey and women as much as he loves her.
 6. Glorifying the American Girl (1:34:05)
The story of the rise of showgirl Gloria Hughes to become the center of a Ziegfeld Follies production, with appearances by Ziegfeld, Eddie Cantor, Rudy Vallee and more.
 7. Her Private Affair (1:11:04)
The twenty-eight year old wife of a judge tries to end an affair by paying off her lover with money that her husband gave her, but it ends with murder.
 8. The Iron Mask (1:12:17)
Douglas Faribanks stars in the famous Alexandre Dumas novel about twin heirs to the throne.
 9. The Lost Zeppelin (1:11:38)
Explorers to the South Pole in an airship Zeppelin crash in the frozen Antarctic and must struggle for survival in the land of eternal snow and ice.
 10. Matchmaking Mama (0:19:54)
A scheming mama tries to pair her blonde daughter with the best man in town but he falls instead for mama's step-daughter Sally.
 11. Mister Antonio (1:13:04)
An Italian florist from New York City vacations in Pennsylvania and gets jailed because he knows a secret about the Mayor that could ruin his career.
 12. Nothing but the Truth (1:09:37)
A flamboyant stock broker during the Roaring 20's bets ten thousand dollars that he can tell nothing but the honest truth for 24 hours.
 13. Oh, Yeah? (1:14:57)
Two boxcar-hopping bums decide to settle down when they meet two girls in a railroad camp, but a pair of ruffians try to ruin their plans.
 14. The Old Barn (0:20:20)
On a dark and stormy night the old barn behind the country hotel seems to be the hiding place of dangerous strangler Dan.
 15. Painted Faces (1:09:35)
During murder trial jury deliberations, a hold-out juror promises to change his verdict if he can only tell the rest of the jurors a story first.
 16. Paris Bound (1:16:10)
A man and his wife face fidelity challenges in thier marriage.
 17. The Phantom in the House (0:58:04)
A man confesses to a murder committed by his wife, and when he gets out of prison and returns home, the fiance of his daughter is falsely accused of murder and he once again takes the blame to protect his daughter's intended.
 18. The Racketeer (1:05:39)
The biggest racketeer in New York City likes poor society girl Rhoda, and helps her broke violinist friend in order to get closer to her.
 19. Sunnyside Up (2:01:35)
A Macy's sales girl living in a crowded working neighborhood gets invited to spend a month in Southampton by one of the wealthy 400, and dreams of marrying the man who invited her, but he is engaged to another.
 20. The Talk of Hollywood (1:11:46)
A silent movie producer has problems creating his first talking motion picture.
 21. Tanned Legs (1:06:04)
The members of a wealthy family spending the summer at the Palm Beach Breakers have affairs, meet swindlers and get tanned legs in the summer sun.
 22. The Trespasser (1:29:02)
A secretary who is in love with the son of a wealthy Chicago businessman discovers that money, power and love do not always bring a happy ending.
 23. The Vagabond Lover (1:05:27)
Heart throb Rudy Vallee sings his way into the heart of Sally Blane in this early talkie romantic musical comedy.
 24. The Wild Party (1:22:16)
Clara Bow is a 'wild party girl' who parties too hard at an all girls school, and gets into lots of trouble. It takes a young Frederic March as Professor Gilmore to help her, and fall in love with her.
 25. Woman to Woman (1:17:08)
Two women, one man. Which one will get the man that they both love - the Paris show girl or the London society lady?
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1930  (33 films)
 1. Abraham Lincoln (1:33:40)
The story of Abraham Lincoln from birth, through the Civil War and up to his assassination.
 2. Africa Speaks (0:50:02)
A travelogue and documentary of the people and animals of central Africa filmed during the 1928 Colorado African Expedition led by Paul L. Hoefler.
 3. The Blue Angel (1:40:13)
A stodgy professor falls in love with an uninhibited lusty blonde exotic singer.
 4. Borrowed Wives (1:01:35)
Peter must be married by midnight to inherit a fortune, and when his girlfriend is late he finds another girl to take her place.
 5. CLancy in Wall Street (1:13:17)
Two best friends who have been partners in a plumbing business for twenty years split up when one plays the stock market and the other thinks he is gambling away the business assets.
 6. Danger Lights (1:13:35)
A railroad thriller including historic footage of old steam railroads, with lovely Jean Arthur as the center of attraction between two tough railroad men.
 7. Dixiana (1:24:56)
Woman's love . . . Man's hate . . . Blazing romance in a city aflame with carnival pleasures!
 8. Extravagance (1:01:51)
Two married girls have fun with a wealthy bachelor playboy.
 9. Framed (1:04:42)
The daughter of a gangster killed by the police vows revenge by planning to kill the cop’s son.
 10. Hal Roach's Rascals in Bear Shooters (0:20:12)
Hal Roach's gang of rascals goes bear hunting one Saturday morning but winds up bagging a gorilla instead.
 11. Half Shot at Sunrise (1:18:03)
This musical comedy is about two soldiers during WWI that go absent without permission in Paris.
 12. Hell Harbor (1:04:00)
A Caribbean Island girl tries to prevent an ugly wealthy island man from selling his pearls to the American on the ship in Hell Harbor so he can purchase her as his wife.
 13. Inside the Lines (1:11:59)
A female spy infiltrates British Headquarters at Gibralter to destroy the British Mediterranean fleet.
 14. Just Like Heaven (0:53:42)
A dancer who is part of a travelling dog circus falls in love with a street vendor in Paris but the balloon seller wants nothing to do with her.
 15. Kathleen Mavourneen (0:54:11)
Kathleen O'Connor, fresh off the boat from Ireland, must decide between the two men who love her - a poor plumber and a wealthy politician.
 16. The Medicine Man (1:05:33)
In this romantic comedy, a young brother and sister that are abused by thier father turn to a travelling medicine man for help.
 17. Night Work (1:23:13)
The assistant window dresser for a large New York City department store becomes involved with an orphanage and a young orphan who may be the illegitimate grandson of a wealthy industrialist.
 18. Officer O'Brien (1:13:26)
A big city gangster uses a cop's jewel-thief father to try to stop the cop from trying to bring him to justice.
 19. Paradise Island (1:09:01)
Lusty sailors on a South Pacific Island chase the island girls, each other, and the only white woman on the island.
 20. The Pay-Off (1:10:30)
A New York City crime boss takes a fall to protect a young couple in love.
 21. The Phantom of the Opera (1:34:17)
Carlotta is forced to give up her starring role in the Paris Opera because of a shadowy phantom that hides in the catacombs below.
 22. Reaching for the Moon (1:06:19)
A saucy temptress on her way to get married has one last fling with a successful stock trader.
 23. Rogue of the Rio Grande (0:51:55)
A benevolent bandit along the Rio Grande falls for an Argentine singer and dancer despite his belief that women bring much bad luck to bandits.
 24. School's Out (0:20:33)
When the school teacher's brother visits the kids think that he is her boyfriend so they try everything that they can think of to scare him away.
 25. Shadow Ranch (1:00:43)
Buck Jones is a drifting bronco buster who goes to Shadow Ranch to avenge the killing of his best friend and help the little lady who owns the ranch save it from the outlaws.
 26. The Silver Horde (1:14:56)
Two strong men fight over their fish factories in Alaska and two stronger women fight over their men.
 27. Sin Takes A Holiday (1:19:56)
Dowdy secretary Constance Bennett enters an arranged marriage in name only, and has a Paris makeover that turns her into an irresistable lady.
 28. The Thoroughbred (0:57:24)
A young cocky jockey falls for a blonde temptress who lures him into a casino where the owner blackmails him into losing the big race.
 29. Two Plus Fours (0:20:14)
Bing Crosby and the Rhythm Boys return to Tate College and when the chips are down help local tailor Ripstitch save his small shop from the evil landlord.
 30. Under Montana Skies (0:55:50)
Two cowboys try to bail a troupe of dancing girls out of jail and help them set up their show in the local opera house, but Bad Blake intends to rob the box office if the show goes on.
 31. Under Texas Skies (0:51:08)
The head of a horse rustling gang impersonates an Army Captain and tries to swindle a young girl out of her horses in Pecos, Texas.
 32. A Warm Corner (1:36:09)
A group of people who meet at a holiday resort in Italy all wind up at the Corner Mansion in England and discover that everyone on holiday was pretending to be something other than they were.
 33. Wings of Adventure (0:51:42)
An Army airplane pilot and his mechanic are captured by banditos when their plane strays into Mexico and has mechanical trouble.
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1931  (47 films)
 1. Beau Ideal (1:18:49)
An American joins the French Foreign Legion to find his childhood buddy and return him to the girl who loves him.
 2. Behind Office Doors (1:22:00)
The boss has a society girl to marry, and a sexy secretary to play with, but he has no time for his female assistant who is the brains of the company.
 3. Branded Men (1:02:48)
Three cow-hands take on the job of Sheriff in a town where the last seven Sheriffs have been gunned down by the local outlaws, and become branded men as the outlaws plan to kill them.
 4. Chinatown After Dark (0:55:55)
 5. Convicted (0:57:05)
This murder romance mystery is about a gal that is accused of murdering a scoundrel Broadway play producer.
 6. Corsair (1:13:30)
A football star with a job on Wall Street gets away from the corruption on Wall Street by become a pirate stealing Prohibition Liquor from West Indies Gangsters.
 7. Defenders of the Law (1:01:50)
When a big New York gangster moves to Los Angeles, the police try to infiltrate his gang, but the gangster keeps getting tipped off whenever the police try anything.
 8. Dracula (1:14:25)
 9. The Drums of Jeopardy (1:05:00)
A mad Russian Doctor chases Prince Nicholas and Prince Gregor to New York City to kill them as revenge for the death of his daughter.
 10. East of Borneo (1:15:00)
A courageous lady searches the jungles of Borneo for her missing husband and discovers that he is in a tribal village ruled by the suave but monstrous Prince Hashim, who will try to brutally kill them.
 11. Edgar Bergen in Free and Easy (0:07:35)
Hobos Edgar Bergen and his dummy Charlie McCarthy consult a gypsy fortune teller to help them find hidden treasure in an abandoned house.
 12. Emil und die Detektive (1:08:44)
A little boy whose money was stolen on the train to his Grandmothers enlists the aid of children in Berlin to track down the thief and recover his stolen money.
 13. The Fighting Caravans (1:20:41)
Gary Cooper is a woman-chasing wagon train scout that pretends to be married to a young lady who wants to go to Sacramento because single ladies are not allowed to travel with the wagon train.
 14. Forgotten Women (1:05:56)
A rising star newspaper reporter sleeps with his girlfriend before returning to his fiancé, so his girlfriend turns to a gangster for solace.
 15. Frankenstein (1:10:00)
 16. The Front Page (1:40:05)
A newspaper reporter wants to get married and quit his newspaper job, but a hot story and a conniving editor keep him on a crime story that keeps getting.
 17. Ghost Parade (0:17:37)
Mack Sennett was a master of comedy in the early days of motion pictures, and this funny/scary movie short illustrates his comic genius.
 18. Grief Street (1:03:14)
The womanizing Broadway star is found strangled in his locked dressing room, and the answer may be buried in the plot of his last show.
 19. The Hard Hombre (1:04:07)
When a 'mommas boy' cowboy looks remarkably like a dangerous bad man, there are certain to be almost comedic results, as he tries to recover stolen cattle for the lovely Spanish widow.
 20. In Old Cheyenne (0:46:06)
Someone is rustling the horses at the Sutter ranch and the Cheyenne Kid tries to find out who the outlaws really are.
 21. Indiscreet (1:14:36)
Beautiful Gerry Trent dumps her skunk of a boyfriend on New Year's Eve and resolves to find a better sort of man. Unfortunatly, her old boyfrien just won't go away.
 22. Julius Sizzer (0:18:27)
Comedian Benny Rubin spoofs the 1931 Edward G. Robinson blockbuster movie "Little Caesar. "
 23. Kept Husbands (1:15:16)
Joel McCrea is Dick Brunton, a working Steel foreman that becomes the kept husband of the boss' heiress daughter.
 24. The Lady Refuses (1:11:18)
British upper crust Sir Gerald Courtney hires a woman off the street to lure his prodigal son away from a gold-digger.
 25. Law of the Rio Grande (0:48:24)
A couple of outlaws escape from the Sheriff and try to go straight, but their old outlaw friends will try to get them back into trouble again.
 26. Lonely Wives (1:25:21)
A Park Avenue lawyer likes to spend his evenings with lonely wives.
 27. Mary Pickford in Kiki (1:25:19)
Mary Pickford's famous dance is the best part of this early 'talkie' movie featuring several future stars.
 28. Millie (1:24:31)
Millie is a beautiful red-head that just cannot find a good man, and murder is the only thing left for her.
 29. Mother and Son (1:06:41)
A high society college man doesn't know that his mother owns a popular Reno casino.
 30. Murder at Midnight (1:06:25)
Detective Phillip Montrose is at a party when a murder happens, and just as he narrows it down to a suspect, that person is murdered also.
 31. The Mystery Train (1:02:49)
Marceline Day is Joan Lane, fugitive from the law being blackmailed by a scheming 'friend. '
 32. Night Life in Reno (0:57:34)
When June catches her husband John meeting another woman for an afternoon of fun, she goes to Reno to get a divorce, and discovers that more than divorce happens in the Biggest Little City in the World.
 33. The Painted Desert (1:11:40)
The adopted son of two quarrelling cowboys tries to mend the differences between the two men but their hatred may run deeper than he can handle.
 34. Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1:12:31)
A shrimpy, wimpy man tries to become a ladies man to capture the heart of the woman he loves.
 35. The Phantom (1:00:46)
There is a masked killer on the loose, with chills and thrills in every scene of this early 'talkie' mystery.
 36. The Pocatello Kid (0:58:12)
Outlaw Pocatello Kid takes the identity of his twin brother Sheriff Jim Bledsoe and cleans up the corrupt town.
 37. The Range Feud (0:57:20)
When a rancher is found dead after a dispute with his neighbor, the neighbor is wrongly convicted and sentenced to death.
 38. The Royal Bed (1:12:11)
Eric VIII King of Birten faces revolt from his subjects, an evil General who wants to take over, a daughter in love with the son of a plumber, and his biggest challenge . . . Queen Martha.
 39. The Sea Ghost aka U67 (1:01:53)
A WWI sea captain is disgraced by a German submarine attack, and one day in New Orleans has the opportunity to meet the U-boat Captain again, thanks to a man-hating young lady who owns a local cabaret.
 40. Sherlock Holmes Fatal Hour (1:21:33)
This movie was very popular when released, and considered lost for many years, until now.
 41. The Stolen Jools (0:19:14)
Almost every famous actor in Hollywood in 1931 appeared in this charity film for a tuberculosis sanatarium.
 42. Svengali (1:21:08)
This Oscar nominated movie's advertising tag line is All Paris desired her, but Svengali owned her! This is the seminal movie that brought the powers of hypnotism to the minds of the masses.
 43. Ten Nights in a Barroom (0:59:59)
The riveting tale of a man who tragically destroys his life and his family with booze after taking one drink in a local bar.
 44. Trapped (0:48:49)
Bank robbing gangsters hide out at the home of a lady who owns the Blue Moon nightclub, and the cops are hot on their trail, trapping the lady and her daughter into a deadly dangerous position.
 45. The Wall Street Mystery (0:17:14)
Two Wall Street stock brokers are shot to death in their locked office and only the quirky Doctor Crabtree can figure out what happened.
 46. The Woman Between (1:11:07)
When Victor returns home from an extended stay in Europe he falls in love with his father's new wife.
 47. X Marks the Spot (1:06:44)
A newspaper reporter owes a big favor to a gangster and discovers that the gangster is the killer of a woman that the newspaper man is accused of killing.
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1932  (76 films)
 1. Alias Mary Smith (0:52:26)
A girl tries to clear her brother's name for a crime he didn't commit, but she gets framed for murder just like her brother was, and may be headed for the electric chair, just like her brother.
 2. The Animal Kingdom (1:24:35)
Tom Collier chases the wrong girl and the wrong career until he wakes up and grows the stones to follow his true passion.
 3. Behind Stone Walls (0:57:39)
The son of the District Attorney goes to prison for a murder that his cheating mother committed when her lover tried to break up with her.
 4. Big Town (0:54:31)
A newspaper owner discovers that his girlfriend's father is the head of the biggest racket in New York City.
 5. Bird of Paradise (1:21:36)
A young sailor left on a South Seas Island falls in love with the Island Princess who must be sacrificed to the angry volcano god.
 6. Broadway to Cheyenne (0:51:39)
New York City gangsters with machine guns invade the wild west and discover that they are no match for one good cowboy.
 7. The Cowboy Counsellor (1:02:41)
A shyster lawyer tries to sell and use a false law book and a lady he is defending with bad law may pay the price for his crooked ways.
 8. The Crooked Circle (0:59:22)
The Crooked Circle, a secret group of counterfeiters and crooks decides to murder one of the 'Sphinx Club', a group of amateur detectives that have been giving the Circle trouble.
 9. Cross Examination (1:01:32)
A man is on trial for killing his father, while the real killer watches from the courtroom audience.
 10. The Crusader (1:06:53)
The crusading District Attorney doesn't know that his wife was a gangster's moll before they met.
 11. The Death Kiss (1:10:42)
While filming a death scene for a new movie, the leading actor is really murdered.
 12. The Dentist (0:21:24)
W.C. Fields is a dentist who has a very eventful day.
 13. Discarded Lovers (0:54:28)
A sexy movie star who makes love to and then discards many men is murdered by one of her discarded lovers.
 14. Docks of San Francisco (0:51:33)
An author gets mixed up with a bank robbery and the girlfriend of the head gangster.
 15. The Drifter (1:06:00)
The Drifter is a French man whose passion is to drift from place to place. We watch as he drifts back to the place of his birth and changes the lives of everyone he encounters.
 16. A Farewell To Arms (1:18:15)
Ernest Hemingway's autobiographically inspired story of Love and War.
 17. Gambling Sex (0:58:52)
When a wild race horse stomps his owner to death, the man's young daughter inherits his wealth, and the wild horse called Lightning.
 18. The Girl From Calgary (1:02:45)
Fifi is a bronco bustin' French Canadian cowgirl that becomes a star on Broadway and discovers that it can be more dangerous than a rodeo.
 19. The Girl from Chicago (1:10:45)
A black Secret Service agent investigates and arrests a Mississipi man who oppresses the town, and then goes to Harlem with his new girlfriend and solves the murder of a numbers racket gangster.
 20. Gold (0:48:09)
Alice Day is Marion Sellers, the daughter of an old prospector who tries to shoot the man she thinks killed her father for his gold mine.
 21. The Heart Punch (1:05:15)
A boxer and a restaurant cashier fall in love and plan to be married until she discovers that he killed her brother, but then she also becomes a killer.
 22. Hearts of Humanity (1:04:54)
Two young boys learn to live in the crowded streets of the lower east side of New York City.
 23. Held for Murder aka Her Mad Night (1:07:57)
A pre-code story of love, lust, and murder between loose women and playboy men.
 24. Hell Fire Austin (0:54:10)
Ken heads west where he wants to ride 'Tarzan' the horse in a big race, but the sheriff is after him and he needs to hide out until race time.
 25. Hell's House (1:08:11)
Jimmy gets sent to a terrible reform school after he refuses to rat out a bootlegger friend in this movie that got Bette Davis fired from her Universal Studios contract.
 26. His Royal Highness (1:08:57)
A silly-witted fellow in Australia dreams that he is the King of Betonia.
 27. Hotel Continental (1:03:50)
On the final night of the Hotel Continental before being torn down, an embezzler who was just released from prison checks in to recover a fortune in gold that he hid there 5 years ago.
 28. The King Murder (1:06:48)
The true story of the murder of a beautiful young blackmailing gold-digger Miriam King.
 29. Klondike (1:06:24)
Doctor Cromwell heads for the wilderness after his prominent patient dies following an experimental surgery, and heads for Japan to get away from it all, but runs into even more trouble.
 30. The Last Mile (1:09:28)
An unjustly accused killer faces death in the electric chair in this gritty Sing Sing Death House drama.
 31. Law of the Sea (1:00:04)
Two sea captains, one good and one evil, battle each other over the women in their lives.
 32. Lena Rivers (1:00:57)
Lena's mother died in childbirth, and it appears that she wasn't married, so little Lena grows up with her wealthy uncle where she is disliked her cousin Caroline, who does everything in her power to make Lena's life miserable.
 33. The Local Bad Man (1:02:08)
A crooked banker is about to go broke, so he arranges to rob his own money train to not only get the money, but the insurance on the money before the bank examiner finds out.
 34. Love Bound aka Murder on the High Seas (0:59:38)
A gold-digging woman gets a huge amount of money by accusing a wealthy man of having an affair, and when his son sets out to expose the gold digger, he encounters love and murder on the high seas.
 35. Love in High Gear (1:01:09)
A hilarious pre-code comedy involving a girl with an old boyfriend who turns out to be a jewel thief, and her jealous fiance.
 36. The Man Called Back (1:14:39)
A surgeon falls in love with the wife of a London playboy and when he is poisoned she will go to prison for his death unless the doctor can prove her innocence.
 37. Manhattan Tower (1:06:13)
Love, lust, crime and comedy during an eight hour workday inside the Empire State Building.
 38. The Midnight Warning (1:01:26)
A New York doctor staying in Chicago for the 1932 Presidential Nominating Convention is shot in his hotel room and it is up to his famous detective friend to unravel the mysterious reasons behind the shooting.
 39. The Mistress of Atlantis (1:16:03)
An explorer discovers the city of Atlantis not buried in the sea but under the sands of the Sahara Desert where the Mistress of Atlantis has him in her power.
 40. The Monster Walks (0:59:26)
A murderous ape roams a mansion on a dark and stormy night.
 41. The Most Dangerous Game (1:02:31)
A mad wild game hunter lures unsuspecting victims to his remote island and hunts them for sport.
 42. Mr. Robinson Crusoe (1:10:31)
A wealthy Park Avenue adventurer on the way to a hunting trip in the South Pacific swims to a deserted island to see if he can live the Robinson Crusoe adventure.
 43. The Mummy (1:13:09)
 44. Officer Thirteen (0:59:24)
Tom and Sandy are best friends and motorcycle policemen. When Sandy gets killed by a gangster, and the corrupt justice system lets him go, Tom vows revenge on the death of his buddy.
 45. Out of Singapore (0:59:12)
A crusty old sailor plans to blow up his ship to collect insurance money but the two women in his life have the upper hand.
 46. The Phantom Express (0:55:00)
Is a Phantom from the netherworld causing train accidents?
 47. The Phantom Fiend (1:02:30)
The first sound version of the famous novel about Jack the Ripper after Alfred Hitchcock's silent version in 1927.
 48. Police Court (1:00:44)
A famous actor becomes an alcoholic and loses his career, and his son tries to help him stop drinking and resume his career during Great Depression era America.
 49. Pride of the Legion (0:29:48)
Only a 30 minute condensed version remains of this cops and robbers tale about rum-runners, cop killers, and Rin Tin Tin.
 50. Probation (1:06:06)
Janet, a rich young girl engaged to a man-about-town playboy is forced to oversee the probation of a fellow who got arrested for beating up a man that was after his kid sister, who happens to be the man about to marry Janet.
 51. Rain (1:33:18)
The classic W. Somerset Maugham tale of a prostitute, sailors and missionaries stranded together on the South Seas island of Pago Pago.
 52. The Reckoning (1:01:01)
A young girl in love with a safe cracker tries to get him to go straight, but they have great difficulty escaping a New York City policeman.
 53. Red Haired Alibi (1:07:21)
A young girl in the big city is swept off her feet by a wealthy man who hires her to be his companion, and she doesn't know until it is too late that he is a notorious gangster.
 54. The Savage Girl (1:01:59)
A jungle goddess is captured by an African safari, and rescued by a savage gorilla.
 55. The Secrets of Wu Sin (1:03:10)
The Oriental gangster group called the Tong has an assassin who must kill the managing newspaper editor whose reporters are revealing the inner workings of the gang.
 56. The Sign of Four (1:12:45)
Four master criminals are after the Treasure of Monte Cristo, and the lady that they believe holds the treasure needs the help of Sherlock Holmes and Watson to avoid death.
 57. Sinister Hands (1:05:08)
A wealthy man invites a group of friends over to be part of a seance, and when he is murdered, everyone present has a motive to kill him.
 58. Slightly Married aka A Strange Marriage (1:08:00)
A drunk playboy tries to be gallant to an indigent girl in court and winds up married to her, and things get really interesting once he is sober.
 59. Speak Easily (1:20:59)
Buster Keaton is a naive college professor that believes he has inherited a fortune, and goes off to experience the wild side of life by funding a Broadway show.
 60. The Stoker (1:10:01)
A New York businessman is about to lose his company and his wife, and .
 61. A Strange Adventure aka The Wayne Murder Case (0:59:52)
An old millionaire is murdered in a room full of relatives before he can sign his last will and testament.
 62. Strangers of the Evening (1:05:37)
This murder mystery comedy's advertising tag line is "SNOOKIE, TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED?" . . . "Well, the Cops Said I Killed A Man - And They Got Mad When I Asked Them, 'Did I?'"
 63. Tangled Destinies (0:56:08)
An airliner is forced to land in the desert and when the thirteen passengers take refuge in an empty mansion, they will encounter murder, theft, deception, love and mystery.
 64. There Goes the Bride (1:17:00)
A young bride runs away to Paris and hides out with an engaged bachelor who will desperately try to keep his fiancé from discovering the young runaway.
 65. They Never Come Back (1:02:19)
A prizefighter is injured before he gets the chance at the championship, and may never fight again.
 66. The Thirteenth Guest (1:08:49)
Thirteen years after a dinner party for thirteen guests, someone is methodically killing the thirteen guests one by one.
 67. Three Broadway Girls (1:18:38)
Three best friends compete with each other to wed a wealthy man.
 68. Tombstone Canyon (0:58:51)
The advertising tagline for this cowboy adventure is Packing a long-barreled Colt and a dynamite wallop, Ken Mason rides herd on a desperate gang in the lone gulch. Ken Maynard is on the trail of the masked phantom of Tombstone Canyon.
 69. Trapped in Tia Juana (0:59:21)
A young lady is kidnapped and falls in love with infamous bandit El Zorro, not knowing that is is the long lost twin brother of her fiancé.
 70. Two Fisted Law (0:56:53)
Tim McCoy, John Wayne, Walter Brennan and Alice Day star in this rough and tumble western cowboy adventure.
 71. Unholy Love (1:14:44)
A young blonde girl from the wrong side of the tracks marries a wealthy doctor, but has too much passion for just one man.
 72. Uptown New York (1:14:52)
A popular romantic novel drama brought to life on the big screen about an imperfect girl in an imperfect world.
 73. Vanity Fair aka Indecent (0:00:00)
Thackeray's legendary novel “Vanity Fair,” about Becky Sharp, comes to life with Myrna Loy in her first starring role.
 74. West of the Divide (0:52:50)
John Wayne is Ted Hayden, who impersonates an outlaw in order to infiltrate a gang and discover which of them killed his father.
 75. When the West was Young (0:55:58)
An evil gambling hall owner means to own the entire valley, and the Naab ranch is the only thing in his way.
 76. White Zombie (1:06:45)
A young couple plans to wed in the exotic West Indies, but before the wedding nighte can begin, the bride is turned into a White Zombie.
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1933  (78 films)
 1. Ace Cinemagazine, Bobbin About (0:08:34)
An 8 minute movie short about making lace, where Angels fear to thread, miniatures, latex and it's uses, and other unique things.
 2. Alimony Madness (1:06:03)
The second wife of a talented architect is on trial for murdering the man's first wife.
 3. The Barber Shop (0:21:22)
W.C. Fields is a barber in this comedy classic that manages to injure most of his customers and capture a bank robber.
 4. The Big Chance (1:00:02)
A crime boss has big plans for boxing champ Frankie, but when Frankie falls for a church-going girl, the big plans may run into trouble.
 5. Broken Dreams (1:08:10)
Randolph Scott is Dr. Morley, a man who abandoned his newborn son, but six hears later fights for custody from Mom and Pop Miller, who have raised him as their own.
 6. By Appointment Only (0:56:25)
A doctor raises an orphan daughter of a patient that died, and the girl soon grows to compete for the doctors love with his fiancee.
 7. Channel Crossing (1:06:03)
A wealthy businessman is faced with the end of his company and possibly his life if he cannot cross the English Channel and reach Paris in time.
 8. Cheating Blondes (0:48:57)
A blonde involved in a murder hides from the cops by pretending to be her twin sister, but the reporter that she refused to marry will try to uncover her deceit.
 9. The Constant Woman, or Hell in a Circus (1:10:50)
A fast paced poverty row adventure about life in a circus.
 10. Corruption (1:00:05)
Tim Butler is elected Mayor of the big city and vows to end political corruption, but finds most of it resides with the machine that got him elected.
 11. A Cuckoo in the Nest (1:21:57)
Major Bone and his wife go off in search of their daughter's husband, who is spending the night at a country inn with a woman who is married to a Member of Parliament.
 12. Damaged Lives (1:09:29)
A young businessman about to be married has a one night stand with a woman who may have given him a life-ending disease.
 13. Diamond Trail (0:57:38)
Speed Morgan, a brash and brave newspaper reporter poses as a gangster to help expose the gang of diamond racketeers.
 14. Don Quixote (0:55:21)
An old man in Spain trades his land and wealth for books, and becomes convinced that he must change the world by bringing back the age of knights.
 15. Dora's Dunking Doughnuts (0:19:42)
Shirley Temple helps her school teacher make a radio commercial for Dora's Dunking Doughnuts.
 16. The Druggist's Dilemma (0:16:48)
Bobby Clark and Paul McCullough try to succeed as soda jerks.
 17. The Dude Bandit (0:54:02)
'Ace' Cooper pretends to be a coward during the day, but becomes the fearsome "Dude Bandit" at night to uncover the killer of his best friend and partner.
 18. Ekstase (1:28:57)
Filmed and released first in Czechoslovakia, it contains the first known fully nude female scene, the first female orgasm, and the first lady to smoke afterwords. It was banned in the U.S. for many years.
 19. The Emperor Jones (1:15:16)
A black man learns business strategies from the head of a railroad line while working as a Pullman Porter, and later becomes the Emperor of a small Caribbean Island.
 20. Falling For You (1:22:01)
A lady newspaper columnist competes with a wanna-be reporter for a news story on the gal that ran away from marriage with the Archduke.
 21. The Fatal Glass of Beer (0:18:28)
W.C. Fields in a spoof of the Yukon melodrama movies of the day.
 22. The Flaming Signal (0:59:05)
An airplane pilot crashes on a South Seas Island that is home to a young missionary daughter and an evil drunkard trading post owner.
 23. Forgotten (1:06:24)
A man builds a very successful business but when he is old his sons kick him out and put him in the poor house while they enjoy the luxuries of the wealth he built.
 24. Friday the Thirteenth (1:22:40)
This drama opens with a bus crash on a thundery night in London. After the crash, Big Ben moves backwards, as we go back three hours and meet all of the passengers of the bus.
 25. The Ghost Camera (1:04:03)
When a man finds an expensive camera and develops the film in an attempt to discover the owner and return the camera, a murder is revealed, one clue at a time.
 26. The Ghoul (1:20:12)
An Ancient Curse Is About To Be Unleashed with the strangling hands of The Ghoul!
 27. Gigolettes Of Paris (1:01:07)
A young girl in Paris becomes a gigolette, flirting with any man to get jewelry and money from him before dumping him for her next victim.
 28. Glad Rags to Riches (0:09:47)
Nightclub star La Bell Diaperina is saved from her mean nightclub owner by her hometown farm boyfriend Elmer.
 29. Goodbye Love (1:04:44)
A gold-digging woman chases after a fellow she thinks is a wealthy man, but in reality is only a servant.
 30. Her Secret (0:52:11)
A wealthy Chicago father sends his party-drunk son to the Arizona desert to get him away from booze where he meets a girl from Georgia.
 31. High Gear (1:01:42)
When a race car driver crashes and his navigator dies, Mark loses his nerve and quits racing, and it takes a pretty reporter and the orphan son of his racing navigator to get him back into racing.
 32. His Private Secretary (0:59:59)
John Wayne is the carefree son of a wealthy man that does not approve of the lady that John picks for a wife, so she will become her father-in-law's personal secretary to convince him that she is the woman for his son.
 33. I Cover the Waterfront (1:01:03)
The daughter of a San Diego fisherman who smuggles Chinese people into the U.S. falls in love with the newspaper reporter who is determined to expose her father's smuggling operation.
 34. In The Money (1:02:23)
A free spending family during the Great Depression loses their fortune and must find a new way to earn money.
 35. In The Wake of the Bounty (1:00:31)
Errol Flynn's first motion picture, filmed in the South Seas by an Australian film company.
 36. The Intruder (0:53:50)
A killer and six suspects are stranded on a small island in the South Pacific, along with a gorilla and a wildly screaming cave-man.
 37. Jungle Bride (1:02:45)
When a steam ship sinks off the coast of Africa, a girl is stranded on an isolated jungle island with an accused cop killer and his buddy.
 38. The Kennel Murder Case (1:12:55)
Private Detective Philo Vance discovers that an apparent suicide was really murder, but has trouble finding out which of the seven suspects was the killer.
 39. Kid in Africa (0:07:56)
Shirley Temple is saved from the cannibal stew pot by a young Tarzan.
 40. Kid in Hollywood (0:09:34)
Shirley Temple is first rejected by the studio as an actress and is hired to scrub floors, but when the star refuses to leave her dressing room Shirley gets her big chance.
 41. King Kong (1:39:58)
 42. Laughing at Life (1:00:09)
McHale is on the run from the law, and winds up in South America leading a band of rebels that plan to kill him when the rebellion is over.
 43. A Man of Sentiment (1:07:50)
A man and woman fall in love at first sight, but everyone in their universe tries to keep them apart except one old fool with a sentimental heart.
 44. Merrily Yours (0:20:34)
Sonny takes the new neighbor girl to the rich kid's party and the rich kid makes fun of Sonny so he can take the new girl away from him.
 45. Mickey's Race, or Mickey's Derby Day (0:10:55)
Mickey McGuire races his Kentucky mule against Stinky Davis and his quarter horse at the Toonerville County Fair.
 46. Mickey's Touchdown (0:18:14)
U.C.L.A. championship football coach Howard Jones helps Mickey McGuire's team beat Stinky Davis and his team.
 47. Murder on the Campus (1:09:25)
A man is murdered while ringing the chimes at 9pm while he is the only person in the campus bell tower.
 48. Oliver Twist (1:10:54)
The classic Dickens tale of a young orphan in 1830's London that is taken by gangsters after being abused in a orphaage.
 49. On Your Guard (0:56:52)
An ex-con just out of prison goes to a small country town to rob their bank, but instead protects some children from a land swindler and goes straight.
 50. One Year Later (1:06:24)
A new husband is wrongly convicted of killing his boss because he believed that his boss was having an affair with his wife.
 51. Playthings of Desire (0:49:44)
A wealthy playboy dumps his New York City girlfriend to marry a blonde beauty, but when he takes her to Florida for the winter, one of his old girlfriends wants to continue their relationship and she doesn't mind his new wife being around.
 52. The Pointing Finger (1:06:49)
The Curse of the Pointing Finger extends to eight Lords of Edensore, and Ronnie Rollestone is about to take his place as Lord of Edensore when a man who seems to be an imposter steps into the picture claiming to be Ronnie.
 53. Polly Tix in Washington (0:09:47)
Temptress Polly Tix tries to get the new Senator to change his vote on the big castor oil vote with her kisses and a big frosted cake.
 54. The Private Life of Henry VIII (1:33:55)
After divorcing his first wife, Henry VIII goes on to marry five more women in this docu-drama adventure.
 55. Rainbow Over Broadway (0:51:02)
A family in Kansas City gets their big chance at fame and fortune in New York.
 56. Riders of Destiny (0:52:46)
John Wayne is Singin' Sandy Saunders, an undercover government man investigating a outlaw gang that is after the local ranchers.
 57. Riot Squad aka Police Patrol (1:00:27)
Two police detectives fight over a pretty blonde while her gangster boyfriend marks them for death.
 58. Sagebrush Trail (0:53:29)
John Wayne is John Brant, in prison for murder, but he escapes and searches for the real killer among a band of outlaws.
 59. Secret Sinners (1:02:20)
Two chorus girls in the follies at a New York City theater search for love and the man of their dreams.
 60. Sensation Hunters (1:10:53)
An aspiring singer joins a group of hoochie coochie girls performing in Panama, searchiong for fame, love, and a sensational lifestyle.
 61. The Shadow Laughs (1:03:16)
A man in the shadows kills a bank guard during a robbery, and then kills the bank robber and the cab driver in the getaway car, and would never be caught unless a cocky newspaper reporter can track him down.
 62. A Shriek in the Night (1:06:37)
Ginger Rogers is a newspaper reporter that joins a rival reporter to solve mysterious murders in one apartment building.
 63. The Sin of Nora Moran (1:03:28)
A young woman willingly faces the electric chair for a murder committed by another.
 64. Sing Sinner Sing (1:05:51)
A torch singer on a gambling ship marries a drunk millionaire, and her gangster boyfriend is out for revenge.
 65. Skyway (1:08:57)
A brash fly-boy pilot takes a job at a bank to impress his girlfriend and is framed for a large bank theft.
 66. A Study in Scarlet (1:11:19)
Sherlock Holmes uncovers a secret society that divides any dying members assets among the surviving members, and someone is killing them off, one by one.
 67. Sucker Money (0:59:13)
Self-described as a true life photo play exposing the psychic racket.
 68. Tarzan the Fearless (0:00:00)
Tarzan saves Mary's father from the High Priest of Zar, god of the emerald fingers.
 69. Tomorrow at Seven (1:01:43)
A crime novelist in search of the Black Ace killer in Chicago may become the next victim of the mysterious murderer.
 70. Twin Husbands (1:08:23)
A man wakes up in a strange mansion with a new name, a new wife, and a mystery to solve.
 71. The Vampire Bat (1:02:37)
When bodies start appearing with no blood left, the towns folk believe that a vampire has visited them, but they cannot discover who the vampire really is, as town folk continue to die.
 72. Via Pony Express (0:58:10)
Senorita Castelar will lose her family ranch unless the pony express rider can deliver a letter from the Supreme Court in time.
 73. What the Stars Foretell for the Children of Aquarius (0:08:06)
An 8 minute movie short by the Sunday Express Astrologer foretelling the fortunes of the children of Aquarius.
 74. What's To Do? (0:17:46)
Young Sonny Rogers is elected class President but the rich kid he beat arranges for his dad to get a job out of town to get rid of him.
 75. Women Won't Tell (1:04:48)
A lady and her daughter who live in the town dump inherit a fortune when the old gal claims that the wealthy factory owner who just died was the little girl's father.
 76. The World Gone Mad (1:11:00)
The District Attorney is murdered, and a hot shot reporter helps uncover the stock fraud that got him killed.
 77. Zane Grey's Man of the Forest (0:57:18)
Evil Clint Beasley wants Gaynor's ranch and his niece, and will murder Gaynor to get them both.
 78. Zane Grey's To The Last Man (1:05:54)
The U.S. Civil War is over, but the war between the Hayden's and the Colby's rages on in this Zane Grey drama.
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1934  (97 films)
 1. 'Neath the Arizona Skies (0:54:31)
A gang of outlaws is out to kidnap a little girl worth fifty thousand dollars but John Wayne will protect her if he can.
 2. 365 Nights in Hollywood (1:15:00)
A washed-up movie director working for a bogus acting school discovers a new hot blonde actress and tries to make a come-back movie starring the girl he wants to marry.
 3. Aunt Sally (1:20:51)
Cicely Courtneidge has a body built for comedy, but she wants to become part of the big new nightclub featuring London's most beautiful barely-dressed girls.
 4. The Back Page (1:02:26)
A young girl reporter takes over a small town newspaper and discovers that corruption and manipulation of the news is not only a big city problem.
 5. Beggars in Ermine (1:10:18)
Two steel mill tycoons battle each other for control of the big steel mill.
 6. The Black Abbot (0:53:05)
While watching for the ghost of the Black Abbot in haunted Monk's Hall, the wealthy estate owner disappears without a trace.
 7. Blue Steel (0:50:32)
A local rancher tries to take over all of the ranches because of a rich vein of gold running through them.
 8. Bob Hope in Going Spanish (0:19:43)
Bob Hope and his intended bride visit a small Mexican village where they each find a Spanish mate to replace each other on a day when it is impossible to insult anyone.
 9. The Camels are Coming (1:11:13)
A British airplane pilot tries to help the Egyptian Air Force find and stop drug smugglers in the desert.
 10. Chu-Chin-Chow (1:41:34)
Poor woodsman Ali Baba discovers a secret cave used by 40 Thieves that is filled with gold and treasures.
 11. City Limits (1:05:04)
At the height of the Great Depression, a wealthy but unhappy and unhealthy President of the railroad falls off of his private railroad car and discovers how to live healthy and happy, thanks to a couple of out-ot-work tramps.
 12. Crimson Romance (0:58:11)
Two best friends who are ace airplane pilots may be forced to fight each other when the War to End Wars begins.
 13. The Dude Ranger (1:03:31)
An Easterner inherits a cattle ranch and discovers that the cattle is systematically disappearing, so he signs on anonomously as a ranch hand to find out what the problem is.
 14. Everything's Ducky (0:21:01)
Clark and McCullough are dor-to-door cookware salesmen who try to cook a meal for a luncheon party.
 15. Flirtation (0:54:28)
When a farm boy goes to the big city to sell his cheese he meets a burlesque dancer who convinces him to pretend to be her husband while her mother is visiting.
 16. The Ghost Walks (1:03:27)
On a dark and stormy night, the people in a secluded mansion begin disappearing, one by one, as a ghost stalks the house.
 17. The Girl O' My Dreams (1:02:51)
A light hearted look at college life in 1934 with future acting greats Arthur Lake and Lon Chaney Jr.
 18. Girls Will be Boys (1:07:20)
When the granddaughter of the Duke of Bridgewater discovers that her grandfather hates girls, she impersonates a young boy when she visits him.
 19. Green Eyes (1:08:01)
The wealthy host of a costume masquerade party is found dead on the floor of a closet after the third dance.
 20. Happy Landing (1:01:09)
Two border patrol pilots compete for the attention of the Colonel's daughter, and one of them is tricked into transporting bank robbers to the other side of the border.
 21. His Double Life (1:07:38)
A famous painter is mistaken for his butler, and nobody believes that he is still alive after the butler dies.
 22. Hollywood Mystery (0:53:43)
A movie studio pretends to hire a real hoodlum to star in their next gangster movie, but the fake gangster is suddenly threatened by a real mobster who wants to kill him.
 23. Honor of the Range (1:01:38)
Sheriff Ken's evil twin brother helps frame Ken for robbery, and then kidnaps his girl.
 24. Hotel Anchovy (0:17:51)
The three Ritz brothers are hired to help a lady sell her hotel for a profit.
 25. House of Mystery (1:01:23)
There is a fortune in Hindu treasure in this mansion, but everyone that wants to own the treasure is killed by a curse, or maybe . . . .
 26. The House of Rothschild (1:26:37)
The young House of Rothschild battles Napoleon and finances Europe with family unity, industry and integrity.
 27. I Can't Escape (0:55:28)
An ex-convict marries a party girl and tries to go straight, but unknowingly gets a job with crooks who will frame him.
 28. I Hate Women, aka Framed for Murder (1:06:49)
A reporter who is fed up with women protects the widow who is suspected of killing her husband and discovers the real killer.
 29. In Love With Life (0:51:28)
Professor John Sylvestus Applegate needs a job, and he becomes the private tutor to a young boy who is being taken in by his sour old grandfather. Gramps is sending his daughter away, never to see her son again, as the price for bringing up junior in a wealthy environment.
 30. In Old Santa Fe (1:03:49)
Kentucky tangles with a city girl, and gets framed for murder and almost loses his horse 'Tarzan'.
 31. Inside Information (0:48:59)
Tarzan the dog shows that he is smarter than his owner as he helps to clear his owner, who is framed for theft by a gangster real estate mogul.
 32. Jane Eyre (1:02:57)
After a troubled childhood in an orphanage Jane Eyre becomes a governess who falls in love with her employer, but the horrifying mysterious screams in the night from the forbidden part of the house will dash her dreams.
 33. Jimmy Durante in Palooka (1:25:46)
Joe Palooka wants to be a boxer like his father, fighting the men and playing with the girls.
 34. King Kelly of the U.S.A. (1:06:42)
A crooner falls in love with the Princess of a small European Kingdom.
 35. The Lawless Frontier (0:49:42)
John Tobin chases after the Mexican bandit that killed his parents.
 36. Little Friend (1:16:07)
A young girl watches her parents' relationship fall apart and she tries everything she can think of to try to get them back together again.
 37. Little Men (1:14:37)
Two young boys living in the streets without a home find a family to become a part of in the Plumfield School run by Professor Bhaer and his wife Jo.
 38. Lost in the Stratosphere (1:05:22)
Two pioneers of flight chase every girl they meet and every flying challenge that they can find in this amazing story about the early days of aviation.
 39. The Lost Jungle (1:08:37)
Clyde Beatty leads a rescue team to the deepest jungle in search of his lost girlfriend.
 40. The Loudspeaker (1:08:40)
The life of the party comic from small town Burlap, Pennsylvania becomes a radio star in New York City, but his giant ego keeps the girl of his dreams away.
 41. The Lucky Texan (0:54:24)
Two buddies strike gold and the bad guys try to kill them and frame them for murder and take over their gold claim.
 42. The Man From Hell (0:54:35)
A man fresh out of prison for robbing a stage coach goes home to clear his name, but everyone in town seems to want him dead.
 43. The Man from Utah (0:51:24)
John Wayne is rodeo rider John Weston, who hunts for the killers of rodeo riders before they can win at a roving rodeo run by outlaws.
 44. Manhattan Love Song (1:09:37)
When wealthy sisters lose their fortune, their driver and maid teach them how to live on the cheap.
 45. Marie Galante (1:24:03)
A myterious saboteur is planning to blow up the Panama Canal while the U.S. Fleet is passing through, and suspicion falls on Spencer Tracy and a young French girl.
 46. The Marines are Coming (1:10:53)
Marine Lieutenant Wild Bill Traylor competes with 'by the book' Marine Captain Benton for the same girl, but when the chips are down they fight for each other and the proud heritage of the Marines.
 47. Mickey's Medicine Men (0:18:14)
The Mickey McGuire gang puts on a medicine show selling snake oil to help pay for Uncle Nemo's hospital bill.
 48. Mickey's Rescue (0:18:35)
It is little brother Billy's birthday, but before the party can begin Billy is given to a wealthy couple to adopt, and the kid try to find him and rescue him.
 49. Midnight (1:13:22)
A jury foreman is the key to sending a young woman to the electric chair for killing her cheating husband, and his world turns upside down when, on the night of the woman's execution, at midnight as the condemned woman is dying, his young daughter kills her boyfriend for dumping her, and she may also go to the chair.
 50. Money Means Nothing (1:03:42)
A wealthy New York City girl falls in love with a poor working man from Hackensack.
 51. The Moonstone (0:46:32)
On a dark and stormy night in Yorkshire a priceless yellow diamond necklace is stolen from the young woman who inherited it.
 52. The Moth (1:01:34)
A sexy young rich girl blows through her fortune, runs away to New Orleans and unwittingly becomes an accomplice to a pair of jewel thieves during Mardi Gras.
 53. Murder at the Museum (1:05:05)
In 1934 a 'museum' was what we would today call a circus side-show or freak show. When there is a murder at this one, a reporter and the daughter of the primary suspect team up to uncover the real killer.
 54. Murder in the Clouds (1:00:35)
Gangsters steal a top secret weapon from an exploding plane and kidnap the sister of one of the pilots.
 55. Mystery Liner (1:02:17)
Spies, murder and a top secret remote control vacuum tube aboard a steamship combine with a scotch drinking granny in this first class whodunit.
 56. Mystery Ranch (0:52:30)
A best-selling New York author of western novels visits a dude ranch and clashes with the young lady running the ranch.
 57. Night Alarm (1:01:08)
Bruce Cabot is a reporter who tries to prove that a wealthy man is burning his buildings for the insurance money, while falling in love with the weathy man's daughter.
 58. The Ninth Guest (1:07:12)
Eight people invited to a party at a skyscraper penthouse are murdered, one every hour.
 59. Of Human Bondage (1:22:38)
This was the film that made Bette Davis a true star. Her over-the-top, theatrical performance was passed over for a Best Actress Oscar nomination, although she was an unofficial write-in candidate.
 60. Our Daily Bread (1:13:42)
A group of out-of-work Great Depression families band together to create a new village of prosperous farmers.
 61. Pardon My Pups (0:18:16)
Shirley Temple is Sonny's kid sister, and when Sonny gets a prize pup for his birthday instead of the used motorcycle that he wanted, he runs away from home.
 62. Peck's Bad Boy (1:07:56)
Henry Peck and his son Bill are not only father and son, but best friends, but when Aunt Lily arrives, Billy's world turns upside down.
 63. The Private Life of Don Juan (1:26:52)
Douglas Fairbanks' final motion picture is this situation comedy as the famous ladies man, Don Juan.
 64. The Quitter (1:07:10)
A single mother who raised two boys and built a successful newspaper discovers that her husband is not dead.
 65. Randy Rides Alone (0:52:27)
Randy is accused of robbery and murder, and with the help of Sally Rogers must find the real culprits to clear himself.
 66. Range Warfare (0:53:44)
There is a new sheriff in town, and the old sheriff that has been in cahoots with the outlaws is in for a heap of trouble.
 67. The Red Ensign (1:06:04)
The British merchant shipping industry is failing, and a new radical ship design is needed to jump-start the British shipping industry.
 68. The Rise of Catherine the Great (1:32:56)
Catherine the wife of Peter, demented Czar of Russia will either die at his hand or become Empress of Russia by military coup.
 69. The Road to Ruin (1:04:13)
A Coming of Age drama about a school girl learning to smoke, drink, gamble, and party with the boys.
 70. The Scarlet Letter (1:09:35)
Nathaniel Hawthorn's classic tale of adultery and mystery in puritan early America.
 71. The Scarlet Pimpernel (1:32:51)
A mysterious stranger helps the French Noblemen who are oppressed by the infamous Robespierres oppressive rule, the self appointed dictator of France that put his enemies to the guillotine.
 72. Secrets of Chinatown (0:52:21)
After the murder of a Chinese doctor on Vancouver Island, police discovered the secret society of the black robe, and the mysterious Eyes of Lao-Tsee.
 73. She Had To Choose (0:59:12)
A new girl in town competes with a wealthy local girl to get the attention of Bill, so she dates the wealthy girl's brother to get even, and it leads to blackmail, murder and deceit.
 74. Shirley Temple in Managed Money (0:19:20)
Shirley Temple is Sonny's younger sister Mary Lou, who helps her big brother earn enough money to attend military school.
 75. Shock (0:55:50)
A newlywed husband is shell-shocked during battle in World War One and loses all memory of his past life and his new wife.
 76. Sing Sing Nights (0:59:26)
A war correspondent is found dead with three bullets from three different guns. Professor Varney, a celebrated criminologists, searches for the one that really killed the man with his truth machine.
 77. Sixteen Fathoms Deep (0:56:53)
The rich guy in town sabotages a Greek sponge diver's boat so that he can force the young sponge diver's girlfriend to marry him instead.
 78. Sons of Steel (1:03:49)
Two boys grow up together, one with every luxury that wealth can provide and the other with only the basic needs of life obtained by hard struggle.
 79. St. Louis Woman (1:01:27)
A college football star gets kicked out of school after a fight in the nightclub of Missouri Nightingale St. Louis Lou.
 80. The Star Packer (0:54:40)
John Wayne, as U.S. Marshal John Travers, captures the Shadow and his gang, who have been terrorizing a small western town.
 81. Stolen Sweets (1:11:26)
One of the wealthiest girls in America falls in love with an insurance salesman just before her wedding to one of the wealthiest men in the world.
 82. A Successful Failure (1:00:43)
Uncle Dudley's family wants him to make more money, but his boss at the newspaper thinks he is at the end of his usefulness.
 83. Take the Stand (1:10:33)
A muck-raking reporter is killed while broadcasting his nightly radio program of gossip while alone in a locked studio, and the men who want him dead wait outside the locked room.
 84. Ticket to a Crime (1:03:42)
A broke private eye takes his secretary to a country club party for a discussion with his first big client but the client is killed before they can chat.
 85. Tiger Bay (1:03:08)
A British upper crust man visits the poorest slums in the South Pacific in search of love, and discovers death and destruction on the way.
 86. Tomorrow's Children (0:52:29)
A young woman must agree to be sterilized to prevent her family from losing their welfare income.
 87. Tomorrow's Youth (1:00:24)
When dad gets mixed up with a gold-digger, his little boy manages to get dad and mom back together again with his court room antics.
 88. The Trail Beyond (0:54:53)
John Wayne and his college buddy head to the Canadian Wilderness in search of a lost gold mine and the young lady who doesn't know that she has inherited the mine.
 89. Twisted Rails (0:46:59)
A mad man called 'The Wrecker' is causing trains to crash into one another.
 90. Wagon Wheels (0:58:45)
Randolph Scott leads a wagon train of settlers across the Rocky Mountains to Powder River.
 91. Waltzes from Vienna (1:16:43)
Alfred Hitchcock directed this story of the lives of Johann Strauss the elder and Johann Strauss the younger.
 92. The Way of the West (0:47:54)
The cattle men and the sheep men are having a range war, and it is up to undercover agent Wally Wales and little Bobby Parker to save the ranch and catch the bad guys.
 93. Will Rogers in Judge Priest (1:20:42)
A mild-mannered small town Kentucky Judge tries to help a man who gets involved in a fight with the town barber.
 94. The Woman Condemned (1:01:04)
A cocky newspaper reporter tries to help a pretty blonde lady in night court, and winds up married to her, just before she is found holding the murder weapon in the living room of a dead brunette radio star.
 95. Woman in the Shadows (1:08:57)
John Bradley served his time in prison for hitting a man in a brawl that later died. Now he just wants to be left alone, but a woman running from her wealthy husband will cause him more trouble than he can handle.
 96. A Woman's Man (1:06:52)
A movie star has a love affair with a boxer training for the big fight while her playboy boyfriend is out of town.
 97. Young and Beautiful (1:07:58)
The WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1934 parade through a story about the most promising female movie stars and their brush with fame.
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1935  (103 films)
 1. The 39 Steps (1:26:04)
When a Canadian man visiting London tries to help a mysterious woman, she is suddenly murdered, and our hero is accused of the crime. He must go on the run to not only clear his name, but to prevent a spy ring from stealing top secret information.
 2. Alias John Law (0:50:01)
John and his deaf buddy Bootch help the marshall capture the Kootney Kid and his gang.
 3. Bar 20 Rides Again (1:00:27)
Hopalong Cassidy and the boys from the Bar 20 ranch ride north to help a rancher who is being rustled out of his cattle by the mysterious outlaw named Nevada.
 4. Becky Sharp (1:23:24)
A romantic war drama based on the story of 'Vanity Fair' by William Thackeray.
 5. Border Vengeance (0:56:26)
Sharp shooting bronc busting rodeo champion Muley Kid helps Sally Griswold and the local ranchers when outlaws take over the Griswald ranch.
 6. Born to Battle (0:55:11)
Cyclone Tommy, a trouble-making cowboy, is hired by a ranch owner to find and get rid of the cattle rustlers who are stealing all his cattle.
 7. Born to Gamble (1:02:41)
Wealthy Carter Mathews tells the story of how gambling has destroyed his family, and has certainly been the cause of the Great Depression.
 8. Boys Will Be Boys (1:12:50)
Legendary British comedian Will Hay in his first role as a muddled school teacher, takes charge of the Narkover school for boys.
 9. Bride of Frankenstein (1:14:47)
 10. Bulldog Jack (1:09:45)
When the real Bulldog Drummond is put in hospital by a car crash, Jack Pennington pretends to be Bulldog Drummond and is thrust into a crime adventure he may not be prepared for.
 11. The Bushwhackers (0:57:17)
Prodigal son Tom returns to the ranch to discover that his father has been murdered, and he is next.
 12. Captured in Chinatown (0:52:40)
Tarzan the Police Dog helps his reporter owner to solve the theft of jewels in Chinatown and prevent another deadly family feud from erupting.
 13. Car of Dreams (1:08:49)
A young girl in London during the Great Depression window shops for a new Rolls Royce and not only gets the car, but the man of her dreams who owned the car.
 14. Cheers of the Crowd (1:01:23)
A carnival con-man helps a publicity man put a Broadway theater on the front page of the newspapers, but when the con-man's fame grows, his past may catch up to him.
 15. Circumstantial Evidence (1:07:18)
A hot-shot reporter plans a fake murder to show that circumstantial evidence is not enough to prove guilt, but when the fake murder victim is really killed, the reporter is quickly sentenced to death.
 16. Cowboy Holiday (0:54:29)
Big Boy Buck Sawyer searches for the bandit 'Juarez Kid' so that his friend the sheriff won't lose his job.
 17. Crime Unlimited (1:10:40)
A vast crime organization is untouchable by the New Scotland Yard and no one has ever seen the genius maniac who controls the crime ring.
 18. Cyclone of the Saddle (0:52:01)
Two outlaws are convincing the Injuns to attack wagon trains and it is up to Cyclone Andy to find them and make peace with the Injuns.
 19. Dandy Dick (1:10:10)
Will Hay is Vicar Jedd who, against his principles, bets on a horse in the Derby to win enough money to fix the church spire.
 20. Danger Ahead (0:58:56)
A nightclub operator swindles an old ship captain and his young daughter, but a plucky newspaper reporter saves the day in this action packed crime thriller.
 21. The Dawn Rider (0:55:25)
John searches for the man that killed his father and wounded him, and competes for the affections of his nurse.
 22. Death from a Distance (1:10:22)
A police Lieutenant tries to solve a mysterious murder in a closed planetarium despite the efforts of a lady newspaper reporter who is also determined to discover the killer.
 23. The Desert Trail (0:54:24)
John Wayne is a rodeo champ that is falsely accused of robbery and must find the real criminals to clear his name.
 24. The Eagle's Brood (0:58:33)
Hopalong Cassidy travels to Hell's Center in search of the young grandson of the notorious Mexican bandit called El Toro.
 25. Emil and the Detectives (0:59:14)
A gang of children plays detective on a merry romp through London to capture the man who stole all of Emil's money.
 26. The Evil Mind (1:08:03)
A man seems to have a telepathic mind that can predict danger and distress.
 27. False Pretenses (1:04:22)
A poor girl meets a broke millionaire and they team up in a scheme to get new wealth.
 28. A Fire Has Been Arranged (1:08:58)
When jewelry store burglars get out of prison and discover that a department store has been built over the spot where they hid their loot, a fire must be arranged.
 29. Foolish Hearts (0:18:05)
An 18 minute promo short for Tony Martin and Phyllis Brooks, featuring Lucille Ball as the blonde hat check girl before she became famous.
 30. The Ghost Goes West (1:18:43)
An American millionaire buys a haunted Scottish castle and moves it to Florida, ghost and all.
 31. The Ghost Rider (0:54:49)
A man everyone thought was dead returns to terrorize the outlaws that stole his ranch many years ago.
 32. The Girl Who Came Back (1:06:31)
A New York girl who is a master criminal and counterfeit engraver tries to go straight when she moves to California, but the gang finds her and makes her the fall-girl for a huge bank robbery.
 33. Great Gog Gold (1:10:23)
Wall Street genius John Hart teams up with two lawyers to get wealthy by destroying struggling businesses during the Great Depression.
 34. Happiness C.O.D. (1:09:01)
A family facing financial ruin discovers that together they can find everything that they need to be happy, including plenty of money.
 35. Harmony Lane (1:22:40)
The story Stephen Foster, the Father of American Music, from rise to fame to his tragic death at the age of 37.
 36. The Headline Woman (1:15:15)
A group of reporters help a disgraced beat cop become a Police Lieutenant by feeding him scoops so he can capture gangsters in exchange for inside information in the police department.
 37. Hong Kong Nights (0:57:05)
U.S. Customs undercover agents battle a gun runner in the inscrutable and mysterious Macao and Hong Kong.
 38. Hopalong Cassidy (0:59:52)
Bill Cassidy joins the Bar 20 ranch as a cowhand just as trouble breaks out with the neighboring Meeker ranch.
 39. Keeper of the Bees (1:15:26)
After a WWI veteran learns the he only has six months to live, he meets a strange man called the Keeper of the Bees, and his protoge 'Little Scout,' who changes or dying man's outlook on life.
 40. Kentucky Blue Streak (0:59:13)
A proud Kentucky horse farm widow needs to win the Kentucky Derby to save the farm, but son and jocky Johnny is in a California jail.
 41. Ladies Crave Excitement (1:09:16)
A bored wealthy girl enjoys the excitement of the newsreel cameramen on the chase of good disaster film, and the attention of one newsman in particular.
 42. The Lady in Scarlet (1:05:14)
A private detective is hired to discover the killer of a wealthy antiques dealer, and finds blackmail and more in this noir detective mystery.
 43. Late Extra (1:08:46)
A young cub newspaper reporter and his girlfriend help Scotland Yard solve a murder and capture a cop killer.
 44. The Law of 45's (0:54:30)
A crooked lawyer kidnaps a wealthy man and uses his money to swindle the ranchers out of their land, but Big Boy Williams saves the day with his big 45's.
 45. Lend Me Your Husband (1:00:13)
A married man runs away with the wife of his best friend, and has the blessing of his wife, but not his mother-in-law.
 46. Little Pal aka The Healer (1:07:19)
Doc Holden's love for a high society girl and her world threatens his medical practice in his small country home town.
 47. Live Wire (0:58:11)
Archaeologists discover a vase from a lost civilization and hire the sailor that found the vase to lead them to the spot.
 48. Losers End (0:58:42)
Jack doesn't smoke, and Jack doesn't drink anything stronger than Ginger Ale, but pretty Lolita likes him and he sure can fight the outlaws in this little Western Mexican town.
 49. The Love Test (1:01:18)
A geeky girl chemist turns into a hot and sensuous woman when the other chemists plot to have one of them pretend to fall in love with her to prevent her from being promoted to head chemist.
 50. Make a Million (1:05:37)
A college professor loses his job because of his ideas about business and wealth and cannot return until he has a million dollars to prove that his ideas work.
 51. Man of the Moment (1:10:33)
After a wild bachelor party the bachelor and a suicidal girl head to Monte Carlo to either win a fortune or end it all by jumping into the sea together.
 52. Me and Marlborough (1:20:12)
A feisty British barmaid pretends to be a man so she can join the Duke of Marlborough to fight the French in Flanders.
 53. Men of Action (0:55:04)
Construction work on a large dam is sabotaged by a crooked banker and his henchmen.
 54. Midnight Phantom (0:56:47)
A new police chief tries to clean up the corruption in the big city, but is soon murdered, and most of the suspects are cops.
 55. Murder by Television (0:54:04)
Someone turns an experimental television camera into an interstellar death-ray, killing the inventor.
 56. Mutiny Ahead (0:59:31)
Beverly Hills playboy gambler Kent Brewster gets tangled with a jewel thief, robber sailors, and a pretty young society girl searching for a gold treasure.
 57. The Mystery Man (1:00:36)
A hot shot Chicago reporter finds himself in St. Louis and broke, and accused of murder.
 58. Never Too Late (0:52:44)
Gangsters and a mysterious blonde are after stolen pearls, and Detective Dick Manning is after the gangsters and the mysterious blonde.
 59. Now or Never (0:54:15)
An identical look-alike to a diamond thief is on the run from the hoodlums and the police.
 60. One Frightened Night (1:05:35)
An eccentric millionaire decides to divide his fortune among his relatives at midnight, but will they all survive until midnight?
 61. Paradise Canyon (0:53:09)
John Wayne is a Federal Agent who joins a medicine show to hunt for counterfeiters on the Arizona-Mexico border.
 62. The Passing of the Third Floor Back (1:26:40)
Strange things begin to happen in a London boarding house when a mysterious stranger rents the room on the third floor back.
 63. The Perfect Clue (1:03:55)
When a wealthy older man asks his young lady companion to become his wife, his daughter runs away and forms an alliance with an ex-con.
 64. The Phantom Cowboy (0:50:05)
We have a good twin and a bad twin, one of which becomes the 'Phantom' and with the help of a brother and sister team cleans up the town.
 65. The Phantom Light (1:12:22)
The lighthouse in this small Welsh village is haunted, and death awaits anyone who dares to investigate.
 66. Racing Luck (0:54:33)
A corrupt businessman horse racer will do anything legal and illegal to keep horse racer Dan Morgan from winning the big race.
 67. Rainbow Valley (0:47:17)
It's time that Rainbow valley had a proper road for automobiles instead of only horse trails, but the town outlaw wants to prevent John Wayne from building it at any cost.
 68. Rainbow's End (0:58:45)
A prodigal son that cannot get along with his father helps a ranch lady get the goods on dad's corrupt partner.
 69. The Red Blood of Courage (0:46:04)
A group of outlaws in the Canadian Northwest try to force a young lady to sign over her rights to her Uncle's oil-rich property.
 70. Rip Roaring Riley (0:53:01)
Rip Roaring G-Man Ted Riley stops a mad man who has duped an unwitting professor into creating a gas that can kill all life on earth.
 71. Roaring Roads (0:55:46)
David Morton, heir to a fortune, is kept very sheltered until he runs away and becomes a race car driver at the behest of a pretty young lady, despite gangsters who want him out of the race.
 72. Rocky Mountain Mystery aka The Fighting Westerner (1:05:28)
Zane Grey's novel "Golden Dreams" comes to life with Randoplh Scott and Ann Sheridan in this tale of gold mines, love, murder and treachery.
 73. Rough Riding Ranger (0:56:21)
Rex Lease infiltrates a gang of silk smugglers who are using carrier pigeons to communicate.
 74. Sanders of the River (1:26:56)
When Sandi Sanders, British Commissioner of African territory leaves for a year's holiday, a couple of rogues get the tribes to fighting each other as they sell them gin and guns.
 75. Scrooge (1:17:14)
An early Brithish motion picture of Charles Dickens famous Christmas Eve ghost story.
 76. The Shadow of Silk Lennox (1:00:09)
A local gangster and his mob rob the town bank and get away with it until the G-Men come to town.
 77. Shadows of the Orient (1:07:12)
Two cops are on the trail of a Chinatown gang that is smuggling Chinese immigrants into the country.
 78. Shirley Temple's Birthday Party (0:01:28)
Lowell Thomas narrates moving pictures taken during a studio birthday party for the biggest entertainer in the world of 1935.
 79. A Shot in the Dark (1:09:05)
Based on the novel "The Dartmouth Murders" mysterious deaths at a college are investigated by an amateur sleuth.
 80. The Silent Passenger (0:54:09)
A man is accused of killing the blackmailing scoundrel who is running away with the man's wife.
 81. Sinful Cargo (0:53:02)
G-man Alan O'Connor heads to Hollywood in this crime drama from an independent film company about an independent film company that smuggles Asians into the country.
 82. Skull and Crown (0:53:32)
Rinty helps Border Patrol agent Bob Franklin capture the killer of his sister.
 83. Skybound (0:57:19)
Pilots in bi-planes patrol the border and battle with jewel smuggline gangsters.
 84. Social Error (0:59:18)
A wealthy college boy who has just been kicked out of school for being a troublemaker thinks he sees a young heiress being kidnapped, so he follows her and tries to rescue her.
 85. Society Fever (1:07:03)
The Prouty family has a hard time making ends meet when their famous author father dies, and when a young man who wants to buy their house arrives, everything goes more crazy than usual.
 86. Speed Devils (0:59:49)
A political corruption drama, and 60 minute commercial for Perfect Circle car parts, sponsored and paid for by the Perfect Circle Company, a Hagerstown, Indiana bicycle factory turned automobile engine parts company.
 87. Streamline Express (1:10:02)
Think 'Love Boat' on a super-fast train making a non-stop trip from New York to California, with lovers, would-be lovers, adulterers and criminals. The characters are priceless and the laughs are plentiful.
 88. Sundown Saunders (1:03:33)
A ranch foreman wins his own ranch in a horse race but on the way to his new ranch is framed for murder, and then discovers that the ranch has also been sold to another fellow.
 89. Sunset Range (0:51:29)
Big city gangsters hide their loot in the luggage of a lady heading west, and run into difficulties when they try to recover thier money.
 90. Symphony of Living (1:12:59)
A concert violinist has an accident that destroys his hand, and his children leave him to become homeless when he can no longer pay their way in the world.
 91. Texas Terror (0:51:33)
The small town Sheriff turns in his badge when he thinks he killed his best friend for robbing the Wells Fargo office.
 92. TheRiverside Murder (1:03:49)
A British murder mystery based on a French novel.
 93. Things Are Looking Up (1:16:22)
In England during the Great Depression the lady that owns a circus takes the place of her runaway twin sister who teaches at an all-girls school, with hilarious results.
 94. Thoroughbred (1:02:35)
A lunch counter girl and her unemployed boyfriend win a nag that can run like the wind in a dice game but a gangster fixes the race to prevent their horse from winning.
 95. Toll of the Desert (0:51:32)
A father and his young son are separated during an Indian raid, and while the father becomes an outlaw, the son grows up to be a Deputy Sheriff.
 96. Tombstone Terror (0:53:30)
Cowboy Jimmy Dixon returns to his home ranch and discovers that his twin brother Duke is part of a rustling gang, so he assumes Duke's identity and takes over his women and goes after the rustlers.
 97. Transatlantic Tunnel (1:33:08)
A tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean from England to America is attempted.
 98. The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1:18:43)
Sherlock Holmes wants to retire to his country estate, but Professor Moriarty challenges him one more time, and Holmes once more amazes Inspector Lestrade, Dr. Watson, and us.
 99. Valley of Wanted Men (0:59:17)
Three men framed for robbery escape prison and each searches for the man who framed them, but for very different reasons.
 100. Waterfront Lady (1:08:20)
A playboy gambling ship operator takes the rap for a murder that his boss committed, and while hiding from the cops on the waterfront, meets the lady of his dreams.
 101. When a Man's a Man (1:06:05)
A penniless playboy from New York City heads to California with the last of his cash, but gets stuck in on an Arizona ranch that has no water for its cattle.
 102. Women Must Dress (1:13:12)
When a glamorous flirt takes her husband from her, Linda decides to become the sexy woman that she now believes all men want.
 103. Zane Grey's Thunder Mountain (0:58:56)
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1936  (120 films)
 1. Aces and Eights (1:01:18)
A card shark robs a man of his family home, and another card shark comes to their rescue.
 2. Aces Wild (0:56:07)
A retired Marshall encounters an old enemy when he rides into Durango, and he promises his old enemy that at sundown they will shoot it out and only one of them will see the next morning.
 3. Along Came Love (1:03:07)
Emmy Grant is a simple shop clerk with dreams, and when she spots the man of her dreams, she will try anything to get his attention in this lovable romantic comedy.
 4. The Amateur Gentleman (1:21:59)
The son of an innkeeper masquerades as a Gentleman to find out which of the Gentry stole a priceless pearl necklace and framed his father.
 5. The Amazing Adventure of Ernest Bliss (1:01:55)
A bored wealthy man atempts to live for one year without his riches, working with his wits and his muscle, but with none of his inherited wealth.
 6. Ambush Valley (0:47:45)
Farmers and Cattlemen are feuding in Paradise Valley, and the Marshal is caught in the middle.
 7. As You Like It (1:36:13)
Sir Laurence Olivier plays the part of Orlando in this 1936 epic production of William Shakespear's love story.
 8. August Weekend (1:02:34)
A wealthy man invites several people to his country estate for the weekend.
 9. The Avenging Hand (1:05:16)
A Chicago gangster heads to London for a vacation, and teaches the Brits in a classy hotel how to solve a murder before he's finished.
 10. Behind the Mask (0:55:42)
A priceless relic is stolen at a New Year's Eve party by a mysterious man wearing the costume of a fellow who was planning to elope with his girlfriend after the party.
 11. Below the Deadline (1:08:38)
A girl working for a diamond importer in lower Manhattan and her policeman boyfriend are framed for robbery and murder, below the deadline of Canal Street.
 12. Beware of Ladies (1:01:58)
A hot-shot lady reporter gets more than she bargains for when she tries to help a stiff but honest politician win an election by changing his image to the ladies.
 13. The Big Show (0:53:03)
Gene Autry thwarts gangsters at the Texas Centennary Celebration and rodeo.
 14. Blazing Justice (0:54:53)
Bill Cody helps a rancher's daughter get back the mortgage money that an outlaw stole from her father.
 15. The Bold Caballero (1:06:35)
Zorro is accused of murder by the corrupt Commandante and must prove his innocence.
 16. Border Caballero (0:53:30)
Tim searches for the killers of his buddy, along with his buddy's girlfriend.
 17. The Border Patrolman (0:58:56)
Parents of a young girl hire a border patrolman to watch over their wayward daughter when she gets involved with Mexican jewel theives.
 18. Brilliant Marriage (1:04:19)
When a wealthy heiress discovers the terrible family secret that has been hidden from her since birth, her world is turned upside down.
 19. Call of the Prairie (1:04:04)
Hopalong Cassidy returns to the Bar 20 ranch and discovers that his buddy and sidekick Johnny has robbed and shot the ranch owner.
 20. Captain Calamity (1:00:37)
Captain Calamity encounters trouble when everyone on a small South Seas island becomes convinced that he has a treasure of gold doubloons aboard his schooner.
 21. Caryl of the Mountains (0:57:52)
This is a lovable movie starring Rin Tin Tin Jr., a dog that was smarter then most of the people around him. In spite of the bad Canadian accents and the RCMP errors, you'll enjoy this tale of a dog and some criminals.
 22. Cavalcade of the West (1:00:16)
Two young brothers grow up in the wild west, one becoming a Pony Express rider, and the other a bandit robbing the Pony Express.
 23. Cavalry (1:02:54)
The Civil War ends, and Captain Ted Thorne is sent west to protect the builders of the new telegraph lines against outlaws and Indians.
 24. The Crime Patrol (0:59:11)
 25. The Crooked Trail (0:59:31)
A NEW SADDLE AND GUN SAGA! Jim Blake saves Harve Tarlton's life, and then becomes his partner in a gold mining claim. Jim trusts Harve completely, but Harve is a bad egg that must be exposed.
 26. Dancing Pirate (1:23:45)
A dancing teacher from Boston is kidnapped and put aboard a pirate ship.
 27. Daniel Boone (1:15:49)
Daniel Boone fights Indians and renegades to settle in the hills of Kentucky.
 28. The Dark Hour (1:08:37)
When a wealthy uncle is murdered, a young police detective and a retired cop work together to solve the mystery.
 29. The Drag-Net (0:58:54)
An upper crust playboy lawyer who is forced by his father to work as a lowly Assistant District Attorney gets tangled up with big city gangsters when a girl is murdered at a nightclub he is partying at.
 30. Earthworm Tractors (1:08:45)
Alexander Botts tries become a tractor salesman to earn enough money to marry his childhood sweetheart.
 31. Easy Money (1:05:51)
A lawyer works for an insurance company to expose a phony accident racket and discovers that his brother is one of the gangsters.
 32. Ellis Island (1:06:38)
A bank robber being deported from Ellis Island knows where the stolen money is hidden, and everyone is after him and the loot.
 33. Everything is Thunder (1:13:40)
During WWI a Canadian soldier escapes from a prison camp near Berlin and falls in love with a Bavarian Blonde prostitue who tries to help him escape from Germany.
 34. A Face in the Fog (0:55:13)
The actors in a Broadway play are being killed by a hunchback fiend firing frozen bullets.
 35. Fast Bullets (0:56:52)
Texas Ranger Tom convinces young outlaw Jimmy to help him infiltrate and capture the murdering Travis gang.
 36. Fear (1:08:57)
When a woman suddenly becomes very wealthy, she leaves her doughnut shop partner and heads for high society.
 37. Forbidden Music (1:04:05)
The true story of a Princess who outlaws music in her kingdom, and the Police Chief who smuggles musical instruments to the peasants
 38. Gambling with Souls (1:08:15)
A young housewife in search of money for a new wardrobe becomes entangled in a gambling house brothel.
 39. Ghost Patrol (0:56:07)
A mad scientist has invented a machine that can make planes crash when he aims it at them and Tim infiltrates the gang in order to bring them to justice.
 40. Ghost-Town Gold (0:53:03)
The Three Mesquiteers discover stolen bank money hidden in an old Ghost-Town and try to get it back to the bank it was stolen from and capture the robbers.
 41. Go Get 'Em Haines (0:56:12)
A newspaper reporter chases a corrpupt businessman aboard a steamship headed for Europe, but before he can get his story, the fleeing businessman is murdered.
 42. Great Guy (1:06:11)
There is crime and excitement in the Department of Weights and Measures as James Cagney takes charge.
 43. Hats Off (1:00:35)
This musical comedy hits all the right notes. It was made by a small studio called Grand National. They were producing films that were as good as the major studios, but shortly after this film, they got Jimmy Cagney to star in a film the went horribly over budget, to the tune of about $800,000, an unheard of amount for 1936, and the studio went bankrupt.
 44. Heart of the West (0:57:16)
Hopalong Cassidy and Johnny help a young rancher and his sister when a cattle rustler threatens them.
 45. Hearts in Bondage (0:52:38)
Two friends are divided by war as we re-live the famous battle of the first iron-clad ships, the Monitor and the Merrimack during the U.S. Civil War.
 46. Hopalong Cassidy Returns (1:13:51)
Hopalong Cassidy becomes Sheriff of Mesa Grande, but the lady who owns the casino saloon will try to stop him at any cost.
 47. House of Secrets (1:08:15)
An American visiting England meets a beautiful girl that won't tell him anything about herself before she disappears.
 48. I Conquer The Sea! (1:06:57)
A Nordic story of community, discrimination and bigotry, forbidden love, hunting whales and more.
 49. I'll Name the Murderer (1:08:32)
A newspaper gossip columnist who 'burns the scandal at both ends' hunts down a killer who committed two almost perfect murders.
 50. In the Soup (1:09:41)
A nit-wit solicitor in need of funds mistakenly rents his flat to two different people at the same time and when the maid and butler quit he and his wife will pretend to be the hired help for both tenants.
 51. It Couldn't Have Happened, But it Did! (1:10:01)
The producers of a Broadway play are murdered, and the author of the play tries to solve the crime.
 52. Jack of All Trades (1:13:01)
An out of work man creates his own job at a London bank and convinces the money men of England to finance his imaginary business project.
 53. Juggernaut (1:01:44)
The wife of a wealthy man and an evil doctor scheme to kill the wealthy man to get his money.
 54. King of the Pecos (0:54:37)
John Wayne brings law and order to the wild Texas Pecos territory and avenges the murder of his parents with a law degree and his six shooter.
 55. Lady Luck (1:04:10)
Beautiful Young Mamie Murphy thinks that she has won a large sweepteaks until an old wash woman appears with the same name, and the winning ticket. The two women team up so that each can get what she really wants.
 56. Last of the Warrens (0:52:53)
While Ted Warren is a fighter pilot in WWI, his friend back home steals his ranch, his cattle, and his girl.
 57. The Law Rides (0:56:23)
Cowboy Bruce Conway is left in the desert to die by the outlaw that killed his girl friend's brother and stole the dead man's gold mine.
 58. Let's Sing Again (1:06:41)
Young Bobby Breen runs away from an orphanage and joins a travelling carnival, and is discovered by his real father.
 59. Little Lord Fauntleroy (1:40:43)
A little boy born in Brooklyn discovers that he has inherited a fortune in England that is his on the condition that he never see his mother again.
 60. A Man Betrayed (0:52:46)
A young salesman is framed for murder and turns to gangsters to help him prove his innocence.
 61. Man of the Frontier (0:55:18)
Gene Autry takes a job trying to protect a dam that outlaws are trying to destroy.
 62. The Man Who Changed His Mind (1:02:07)
An eccentric scientist discovers how to move the mind of one person into the body of another.
 63. The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1:21:52)
Meek and mousey sales clerk George discovers that he has almost unlimited power, and everyone wants to tell him what to do with his amazing abilities.
 64. The Mandarin Mystery (0:52:41)
While trying to woo a beautiful young lady, amateur detective Ellery Queen solves a locked room murder mystery.
 65. Mariners of the Sky, or Navy Born (1:07:57)
Three Navy fliers battle a wealthy family for custody of an orphan of their Navy buddy.
 66. Melody in May (0:19:32)
Singing star Ruth Etting helps a small town teen boy get his secret sweetheart away from the boy she is dating.
 67. The Milky Way (1:27:27)
The world thinks that a skinny bespeckled milk man has knocked out the world middle weight champion boxer . . . . Twice!
 68. Motive for Revenge (0:59:17)
Barry's mother-in-law nags him until he becomes a bank robber so that he can take care of his wife and mother in law in the style that his mother in law demands. After prison he wants revenge, but things get more complicated than he can handle.
 69. Murder at Glen Athol (1:07:17)
Murder, gangsters and more await a famous detective that is invited to a party at a local mansion.
 70. Murder in the Red Barn (1:06:32)
A young pregnant girl is killed in the red barn of the town squire and her gypsy boyfriend is accused of the crime.
 71. Murder With Pictures (1:10:05)
Noir mystery crime thriller with a witty leading man and a dark, serious and mysterious lady accused of murder.
 72. My Man Godfrey (1:33:22)
In this Depression Era comedy, a wealthy family rescues a 'forgotten man' that lives at the city dump. He becomes their new butler, and throughout the movie teaches them how to be grateful in a desperate world.
 73. Night Cargo (0:54:04)
A man searching for his long lost love roams the South Seas, not realizing that she is very near to him.
 74. Oh Susanna! (0:53:16)
A bandit tosses Gene Autry off the train and assumes his identity, framing Gene for murder.
 75. One Rainy Afternoon (1:18:48)
A French actor mistakenly kisses the wrong lady in a dark cinema, and the Paris Purity League has him put in jail as a monster masher.
 76. The Phantom of the Range (0:58:15)
A dead rancher may be haunting his ranch to protect his burried treasure.
 77. Phantom Patrol (0:53:59)
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are after a desperate American criminal masquerading as a famous author in the Canadian north woods.
 78. Phantom Ship (1:01:22)
In the midst of a harrowing storm, the mates on this ship discover that someone among them is murdering them one by one.
 79. Pilot X (1:07:19)
A crazed demon pilot is shooting down airplanes and the only clue is the large 'X' painted on his plane.
 80. Postal Inspector (0:56:52)
This is the only musical that Bela Lugosi acted in. Postal Inspectors battle a flood to capture the gangster that stole a shipment of cash.
 81. The President's Mystery (0:52:54)
President Franklin D. Roosevelt challenged 6 great authors with creating the story of a man who disappears with a fortune, never to be found again, this story was the result.
 82. Prison Shadows (1:07:22)
A boxer who seems to kill all of his opponents with his dynamite right discovers that his girlfriend is poisoning all of his opponents.
 83. Red Lights Ahead (1:06:44)
Grandpa teaches his lazy grandchildren the value of working for what you want in life.
 84. Reefer Madness (1:08:18)
Drug dealers host parties with jazz music and dancing to entice young people to get addicted to 'reefers'.
 85. Rembrandt (1:24:03)
The life and times of Rembrandt, who lived a life than few called 'normal. '
 86. Revolt of the Zombies (1:02:20)
An expedition heads into the jungles of French Cambodia to discover the secret of a regiment of Zombie soldiers that helped fight in World War One.
 87. Ride, Ranger, Ride (0:53:05)
Gene Autry is a Texas Ranger that works undercover to prevent a band of Commanches from robbing an Army transport.
 88. Rip Roarin' Buckaroo (0:53:46)
A boxer that didn't like rigged fights in the big city trades his city ways for the life of a cowboy, and encounters corruption on the ranch.
 89. Rogue of the Range (0:56:04)
A cowboy G-man robs a stage so that he can be put in jail next to the leader of an outlaw gang.
 90. The Rogues Tavern (1:09:18)
A police detective and his fiancé travel to a small tavern-hotel across the state line to get married, but before the Justice of the Peace can arrive to marry them the other guests at the tavern are murdered one by one.
 91. Romance Rides the Range (0:59:35)
An opera star vacationing on his ranch discovers that some outlaws have sold a worthless deed to his ranch to an unsuspecting lady and her brother.
 92. Seven Sinners (1:09:30)
A cocky American detective follows a crime wave through Europe with a sexy cohort.
 93. Shadow of Chinatown (1:11:06)
A lady representing European traders are upset that Chinese merchants in Chinatown are selling more goods than them, so she hires a mad chemist to put the Chinese businesses out of business.
 94. Sitting on the Moon (0:53:01)
A song writer for movies falls in love with a down-and-out actress, and her career takes off while his slowly seems to be dying.
 95. Song of Freedom (1:13:23)
Paul Robeson is a worker on the docks of London with a song in his heart that takes him back to the small island of his ancestors.
 96. Song of the Gringo (1:01:34)
In Tex Ritter's first motion picture, he goes undercover and pretends to be an outlaw to infiltrate a gang that is terrorizing gold miners.
 97. Stampede (0:56:12)
A rancher will lose his ranch if a horse buyer headed to see him is killed before he can get to the ranch and buy his horses.
 98. Taming the Wild (0:57:00)
A rich heiress has fun running away from the cops, her family, gangsters and the man hired to look after her.
 99. Tango (1:09:19)
A society boy wants to marry young orphan Treasure, but his family works hard to keep them apart.
 100. Things to Come (1:32:51)
This is the story of 100 years, Everytown is destroyed by a futuristic army, and life then continues under a futuristic 'Boss.' This is H.G. Wells at his best.
 101. Three of a Kind (1:13:02)
Three con men try to swindle a wealthy businessman and his daughter.
 102. Three on the Trail (1:04:11)
Hopalong Cassidy and Johnny are left to die in the desert after a reward is posted for them Dead or Alive.
 103. The Three Stooges in Disorder in the Court (0:16:37)
Larry Curly and Moe help a dancer prove that she didn't murder Kirk Robbin.
 104. Ticket to Paradise (1:06:24)
A man on his way to closing a million dollar deal has an accident and gets amnesia.
 105. Trail Dust (1:15:49)
A rogue rancher and his henchmen try to stop Hopalong Cassidy and his cowhands from bringing their cattle to a starving town.
 106. Trapped by Television (1:03:25)
Science flashes into action . . . thunders out of the laboratories with the underworld's newest foe - Television!
 107. Tudor Rose (1:19:11)
Lady Jane Grey, a teenage girl from the England countryside becomes Queen of England for nine days.
 108. Two Minutes to Play (1:08:15)
Football fathers hold grudges that may keep one of their sons from playing football in the biggest game of the season, and the blonde hired by an opposing team supporter may keep the other son out of the game.
 109. What Becomes of the Children (0:56:52)
Dad searches for money and power, mom enjoys a life of wealthy leisure, and the kids are hungry for parental love that they cannot find.
 110. When Knights Were Bold (1:14:56)
A fun loving man becomes Lord of Beechwood and inherits a castle full of stuffy upper crust relatives and one beautiful lady who he tries to impress.
 111. Where There's A Will (1:16:37)
A miserable failure as a soliciter, Benjamin Stubbins becomes an unwitting accomplice in a bank robbery, before accidentally helping to capture the robbers.
 112. Wild Brian Kent (0:55:42)
Spoiled rich man Brian Kent needs to grow up, and ranch girl Betty Prentice needs help saving the ranch, and both get just what they need and more when they meet.
 113. Wildcat Trooper (0:58:04)
A Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman tries to end a murderous feud between two fur trapping men in the remote Canadian wilderness.
 114. Windbag the Sailor (1:21:30)
Will Hay's exaggerated bragging gets him into a boat load of trouble when he is mistaken for an experienced sea captain and talked into commanding an important shipment.
 115. Winds of the Wasteland (0:55:43)
Two Pony Express riders buy a stage line franchise when the Pony Express shuts down, and discover that the town that their stage services is a ghost town with only 2 people living in it.
 116. Winterset (1:17:11)
The son of an innocent man who was put to death returns to Brooklyn in search of the gangsters who committed the murder that his father was punished for.
 117. Wolves of the Sea (1:03:42)
A young heiress stranded on a deserted island is saved by a schooner full of rebellious, sex-starved sailors.
 118. Yellowstone (1:03:13)
A father-daughter reunion in Yellowstone Park is spoiled by a strange murder.
 119. Zane Grey's Desert Gold (0:54:18)
Indian Chief Moya has a secret gold mine, and Chet Kasedon will stop at nothing to find out the location of the mine and steal the gold.
 120. Zane Grey's Drift Fence (0:55:32)
Zane Grey's classic tale of a city dude that has trouble taking over his ranch.
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1937  (116 films)
 1. The 13th Man (1:09:10)
After putting twelve gangsters behind bars, the crime-busting District Attorney is mysteriously murdered by his next crime target, and reporter Swifty Taylor tries to discover the identity of the 13th man.
 2. Anything for a Thrill (0:57:58)
The young brother of a newsreel photographer tries to get into the newsreel business by getting the first-ever film of a wealthy heiress.
 3. Atlantic Flight (0:59:27)
An airplane crime drama featuring flight pioneers Dick Merrill and Jack Lambie, who were the first to fly across the Atlantic non-stop and return non-stop a day later.
 4. Bank Alarm (1:00:28)
G-man O'Connor and G-woman Bobbie Reynolds are on the trail of a gang of bank robbers and counterfeiters terrorizing Los Angeles.
 5. Bill Cracks Down (0:53:03)
Two men fight over control of the Steel Mill and also compete for the love of Susan Bailey, the secretary.
 6. Blake of Scotland Yard (1:10:59)
Blake of Scotland Yard battles the evil scientist Scorpion, who has stolen a new destructive death ray.
 7. Boots and Saddles (0:53:16)
A young British boy inherits the ranch that Gene Autry works at, so Gene and Smiley talk the boy out of selling the ranch in favor of teaching him to be a cowboy.
 8. Borderland (1:21:10)
Texas Rangers arrest Hopalong Cassidy for cattle rustling and order him out of the territory before sundown.
 9. Boys Will Be Girls (1:06:44)
A British man will inherit a fortune if he is able to stay away from booze, cigars and women for the weekend.
 10. A Bride for Henry (0:58:46)
While her bride groom is sleeping off a wild bachelor party, the angry bride marries the best man to get revenge.
 11. Brief Ecstacy (1:05:43)
A young man and woman fall instantly in love after a romantic evening, but events conspire to keep them apart.
 12. Bulldog Courage (1:00:38)
The son of an outlaw killed by the Sheriff returns as an adult and seeks vengeance on the corrupt mine owner that caused his father's death.
 13. Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (0:56:56)
Bulldog Drummond's new girlfriend is kidnapped and Drummond is lead on a puzzling search for her that may end in his death.
 14. Bulldog Drummond Escapes (1:06:21)
Bulldog Drummond tries to free a young heiress that is being held in the mansion next to his country estate.
 15. Bulldog Drummond's Revenge (0:54:58)
On his way to Switzerland to get married Bulldog Drummond stumbles onto a spy ring that wants to steal a new British secret explosive compound.
 16. Circus Girl (0:53:00)
When a trapeze performer drops his partner during the final circus show of the year, the disabled partner vows revenge, but the girl that they both love may get caught in the middle.
 17. Clipped Wings (1:00:35)
Two flying brothers get involved with oil smuggling from Mexico to Texas.
 18. Come On, Cowboys (0:53:09)
The circus is in town, and one of the owners is making and passing counterfeit money, and the Three Mesquiteers hunt him down.
 19. Damaged Goods (0:58:57)
The story of a yong man who contracts V.D. a month before his wedding from girl at his bachelor party.
 20. Danger Valley (0:51:22)
Jack and his buddy Lucky leave the cow country to search for adventure in the hot desert, and help a desert girl whose land deed was stolen by an outlaw.
 21. Dangerous Holiday (0:52:42)
Young Violin prodigy Ronnie Kimall is making a fortune, but his relatives are sucking all of his money from him, and forcing him to perform more and more every day so that they can make more money from him.
 22. Dark Journey (1:15:38)
During WWI, a British spy and a German spy meet and fall in love.
 23. Dental Follies (0:10:54)
A man with a bad toothache goes to a dentist that provides live entertainment to take the patient's mind off of his pain.
 24. The Devil Diamond (1:00:36)
A retired jewel cutter is hired to cut a cursed diamond into smaller jewels, but a gang of thieves will try to steal it first.
 25. Doctor Syn (1:17:37)
A village of smugglers in Kent tries to outwit the King's tax collectors when he comes searching for smuggled wine and brandy.
 26. The Duke Comes Back (0:52:40)
If a prize fighter wins the big fight he can save the family from disgrace and prison for the papa, but his wife and young boy will be killed unless he takes a fall.
 27. Escape by Night (1:04:27)
A gang running from the law hide out on a farm with a blind man, his daughter and his dog, and decide that farm life is better than big city crime.
 28. Exiled to Shanghai (0:52:56)
A newsreel reporter, his company and his girlfriend get tangled up in a television swindle.
 29. The Fighting Deputy (0:48:39)
Alice tells deputy Bentley that she will not marry him if he becomes Sheriff and chases her brother, the outlaw known as Scar Adams.
 30. Fire Over England (1:29:09)
It is 1588, Spain and England are compteting for world trade, and only war will decide which country will prevail.
 31. Flying Fists (0:58:13)
A heavyweight boxer agrees to take a dive so he can pay for an operation for his girlfriend's father.
 32. Forlorn River (0:56:03)
An outlaw and his buddy help the Sheriff foil the plans of a horse thief who is impersonating a horse buyer for the Army.
 33. Fury and the Woman, or Lucky Corrigan (1:05:17)
A tough Irishman tries to help a logging company owner on Vancouver Island who is being sabotaged by a nearby competitor.
 34. Girl Loves Boy (1:12:53)
A girl in a small town falls in love with the irresponsible spoiled brat rich-kid who only wants to have a good time.
 35. The Gold Racket (1:04:26)
The U.S. has gone off of the gold standard, and the price of gold has risen high enough that gangsters can make more money smuggling gold instead of booze into the country, and the new 'G-Men' must get the bad guys.
 36. Good Morning, Boys! (1:14:41)
Will Hay as teacher Benjamin Twist takes his class of rowdy boys to Paris and become involved with the theft of the Mona Lisa.
 37. Gunsmoke Ranch (0:52:48)
When the Three Mesquiteers spot a crook that they remember from the past helping flood victims move to the Gunsmoke Ranch, they know that he is up to something no good, but can they find out what it is in time to help?
 38. Helltown, Born to the West (0:55:25)
Dare takes a shine to his buddie's girlfriend, but when his buddy hires him to head up a cattle drive, Dare loses the front money to some cardsharks and makes a bad impression on the lady.
 39. High Hat (1:05:44)
A washed up Opera singer finds a new career and love doing pop songs on the radio.
 40. Hills of Old Wyoming (1:18:22)
When Lone Eagle is murdered, the Indians go on the warpath and capture Hopalong Cassidy and his two side-kicks, and intend to make them pay for the murder of the Chief's brother.
 41. The Hit Parade (1:06:21)
In Great Depression America musicians and Vaudeville performers show their stuff in this romantic adventure.
 42. Hittin' The Trail (0:57:11)
Horse trader Tex Randall is mistaken for the Tombstone Kid, and then framed for horse rustling by the owner of the Lucky Dollar Saloon.
 43. Hollywood Cowboy (1:02:18)
A couple of Hollywood actors on location in Wyoming get tangled in a range war pitting big city gangsters against cattle ranchers.
 44. Home Run on the Keys (0:09:09)
Baseball legend Babe Ruth tells about his famous home run in the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs , and then helps a famous songwriter and composer perform an original melody about baseball.
 45. Hoosier Schoolboy (1:00:33)
Mary Evans travels to Ainsley, Indiana, a small farming town surrounded by dairy farms. There is a milk strike going on, and the dairy farmers are fighting for a better existence, and the fellow that owns the dairy intends to ruin the farmers to get a lower price. Into this mix we toss a young troubled boy with a war veteran father who is discarded by the town as a no-good drunkard.
 46. Hopalong Rides Again (1:01:45)
Hopalong Cassidy leads a cattle drive through the same outlaw infested hills that a year earlier had stampeded his herd and killed some of the cowhands.
 47. Island Captives (0:52:52)
A girl whos father is murdered is stranded on a South Seas island with the son of the man who had her father killed.
 48. It Happened Out West (0:55:25)
A New York lawyer goes to Arizona to help a lady ranch owner who is being swindled out of her silver rich ranch land.
 49. Jim Hanvey, Detective (0:53:08)
A retired detective country farmer helps a young couple recover a stolen necklace and get out of a murder rap by uncovering the real killer.
 50. King Solomon's Mines (1:20:21)
Alan Quatermain helps a lady search for her lost explorer fathe, and they find not only the mines of King Solomon, but love for each other.
 51. Lady Behave (0:53:07)
It is Mardi Gras, and wild Clarice gets drunk and gets married to a millionaire playboy . . . even though she is already married to another man.
 52. Larceny on the Air (0:52:58)
A Doctor is trying to stop medical quacks from selling bogus medicine over the radio to the masses. The female lead, Grace Bradley, married William 'Hopalong Cassidy' Boyer in 1937, after completing this film.
 53. The Law Commands (0:55:58)
Tom Keene plays a country doctor who helps homesteaders in Johnson County Iowa stop the night riders who are driving them out by exchanging his doctor's bag for a Sheriff's badge.
 54. Lawless Land (0:55:10)
A Texas Ranger hits town just as the sheriff is shot in the back by a mysterious outlaw.
 55. Love From A Stranger (1:26:46)
Carol wins a fortune in the Fench Lottery, and the wealthy woman falls in love with a handsome man with a mysterious past.
 56. Make A Wish (1:15:56)
Basil Rathbone is composer Johnny Selden in this delightful musical about child musicians at a summer camp.
 57. Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (1:26:28)
A Merry-Go-Round of musical performances by the best nightclub entertainers of 1937 New York City, with an appearance by rookie ball player Joe DiMaggio.
 58. Meet the Boy Friend (0:53:22)
Tony Page is the heart-throb radio singer nicknamed "America's Boy Friend" and his agent tries to keep him from falling in love so he won't lose his female fan base.
 59. Midnight Menace, or Bombs Over London (1:12:48)
A group of arch-criminal businessmen employ a mad scientist to build remote control automatic airplanes that will bomb London at midnight on November 5 unless a cartoonist from a London newspaper can stop them.
 60. Mile a Minute Love (0:57:09)
The young inventor of a speedboat super-charger is sabotaged by a con-man pretending to be a Spanish Count.
 61. A Million to One (0:58:20)
An Olympic loser trains his son to win the trophy that he couldn't keep, but the daughter of the winner may spoil the son's plans to win the 1936 Olympics Decathlon event.
 62. Millions (1:05:24)
Two feuding British millionaires try to destroy each other's business while their children fall in love with each other.
 63. Murder at the Baskervilles (1:05:37)
Twenty years after solving the Hound of the Baskervilles, Sherlock Holmes and Watson return for a holiday, but soon discover a double murder to solve.
 64. Murder is News (0:55:16)
A famous radio reporter that dishes the town gossip discovers that one of the men he covered is dead, and he may be next.
 65. The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen (0:59:15)
 66. Navy Blues (1:07:18)
Three Navy buddies on leave in New York City bet their buddy that he cannot get a date with a homely librarian.
 67. Navy Spy (0:55:15)
Foreign spies kidnap a Navy scientist who created a secret formula for airplane fuel.
 68. Night Ride (1:08:37)
Two truck drivers start their own trucking company with the help of an Italian pub owner, but their former boss will do anything to put them out of business for good.
 69. Non-Stop New York (1:11:55)
A British chorus girl sees a gangster before he kills a henchman and is targeted for death by the gangster on a non-stop airplane trip from London to New York City.
 70. North of the Rio Grande (1:10:31)
Hopalong Cassidy goes to Cottonwood Gulch to avenge the death of his kid brother.
 71. Nothing Sacred (1:13:43)
Fredric March is a hot-shot New York newspaper reporter that brings small town terminally ill Hazel Flagg to the big city to enjoy her final days, but discovers that her diagnosis is wrong, and she isn't going to die soon.
 72. O-Kay for Sound, 1937 (1:22:44)
The smash hit stage show featuring the legendary Crazy Gang from the London Palladium brought to the big screen in 1937.
 73. The Outer Gate (1:03:10)
A unique crime drama about two men with opposite moral values and the girl who loves them both.
 74. Paradise Express (0:52:39)
A trucking company run by gangsters is doing everything it can to put the small local railroad out of business.
 75. Paradise Isle, A Romance of the South Seas (1:10:22)
A blind artist shipwrecked on a South Seas island finds trouble in paradise, and a tropical beauty that helps him regain his sight.
 76. Park Avenue Logger (0:50:59)
A Park Avenue millionaire industrialist sends his pampered sissy son to a lumber camp in Oregon to toughen him up.
 77. Portia on Trial (0:51:36)
A powerful New York City newspaper titan uses every bit of power that he has to stop a female lawyer from defending the killer of his son.
 78. Range Defenders (0:50:58)
The Three Mesquiteers help a young cow rancher who was framed for murdering a sheep rancher.
 79. Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (0:56:09)
Between songs, Renfrew of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tracks counterfieters smuggling phony money across the border into the U.S.
 80. Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel (1:16:26)
The pregnant wife of Sir Percy Blakeney is kidnapped to Paris and sentenced to die by guillotine in a scheme to capture the Scarlet Pimpernel.
 81. Rhythm in the Clouds (0:52:57)
A homeless aspiring song writer tries to convince everyone that she is the song-writing partner of a famous vacationing composer.
 82. Rich Relations (1:05:19)
Nancy Tilton gets a job as a stenographer and is wooed by a suave 'ladies man' but it is really the boss that loves her for herself.
 83. Riders of the Whistling Skull (0:52:23)
A young girl searching for her lost archeologist father in the remote southwest encounters devil-worshiping Indians and walking killer mummies in her search for the city of gold guarded by the cave of the whistling skull.
 84. Riding on Air (1:06:41)
A Romantic Crime Adventure about competing reporters trying to get the scoop on a new invention that can control airplanes from the ground.
 85. The Roaming Cowboy (1:00:45)
Cowboys Cal and Fuzzy find a young boy who watched his father being killed, and when they help the boy find the killer they discover there are more ranchers targeted for death.
 86. Roll Along Cowboy (0:54:37)
Two cowboys stop in Arizona on their way to Chicago to help a widow lady save her ranch from the bad guy.
 87. Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm (0:53:28)
Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette are mistaken for wanted outlaws The Apache Kid and Black Jim.
 88. Rustler's Valley (0:59:51)
Hopalong Cassidy's pal Lucky is accused of robbing the bank when he gets wind of a plot to buy all the ranches in Rustler's Valley.
 89. Sea Racketeers (0:53:04)
Two sailors chase two girls and accidentally capture fur smugglers aboard a gambling ship.
 90. Secret Valley (0:52:51)
A New York City gangster chases his new bride out to Reno, Nevada where she wants a divorce, and he wants revenge because she ran away from him.
 91. The Shadow Strikes (1:01:41)
When The Shadow stops the attempted burglary of a lawyer's office, he accidentally gets involved in the murder of one of the lawyer's clients.
 92. The Silver Trail (0:54:31)
Bob Crandall gets help from a female bandit to discover what happened to his partner, who disappeared after discovering a rich vein of silver.
 93. The Singing Buckaroo (0:50:06)
The Singing Buckaroo and his Indian friend Maneeto help a beautiful blonde girl keep stolen money out of the hands of a gangster.
 94. Slaves in Bondage (1:09:12)
Mothers, warn your daughters - evil men in the big city are luring small town girls into the city to ensnare them into dancing half-naked and worse.
 95. Small Town Boy (0:58:21)
Small town fellow Henry Armstrong finds a thousand dollars that nobody claims, but will it change his life for the better or worse?
 96. Something to Sing About (1:26:56)
A famous New York band leader heads to Hollywood to make a movie and become a star, but it may destroy his relationship with his torch-singer girlfriend.
 97. A Star is Born (1:50:34)
The original technicolor Oscar winning motion picture blockbuster about the rising and falling fortunes of a Hollywood couple.
 98. Storm in a Teacup (1:26:02)
A young reporter in Scotland falls in love with the daughter of the politician wants to put a widow's dog to death over the price of a dog license.
 99. Sweetheart of the Navy (1:01:38)
Cecilia Parker is Joan Whitney, nightclub singer and Sweetheart of the Navy.
 100. Swing High, Swing Low (1:22:28)
Carole Lombard fights to get her man back from Dorothy Lamour in this Oscar Hammerstein drama.
 101. Swing it, Professor (0:59:35)
Swing band leader Pinky Tomlin is a meek old-fashioned music professor from a small Illinois university goes to New York City and gets involved with Racketeers and Swing Music.
 102. Telephone Operator (0:52:52)
A pair of telephone operators find romance and adventure, and save lives when a disastrous flood hits the valley.
 103. Texas Trail (0:58:39)
Hopalong Cassidy wants to lead his men into battle with Teddy Roosevelt when the Spanish-American war begins, but the Army has other plans for Hoppy.
 104. Three Legionnaires (1:03:33)
World War One has ended, but two American soldiers stationed in a small Russian village and a rat salesman from Iowa don't know the war is over, and they help an escaped Russian Princess get away from her Bolshevik captors.
 105. Thunder in the City (1:18:36)
Edward G. Robinson is a brash salesman from New York who loses his job and goes to London and puts together a huge sales deal in hopes of making a financial killing.
 106. The Ticket of Leave Man (1:10:31)
British film about a man who is wrongly convicted of being a serial killer.
 107. Tough to Handle (0:58:29)
Grandpa buys a phony lottery ticket from a local hood, and Frankie Darrow is the newspaper boy that gets to the bottom of the racket.
 108. Trouble in Texas (1:01:48)
Tex Ritter is the next rodeo star to be mysteriously killed unless he can uncover the bandits behind the devious plot.
 109. Under the Red Robe (1:22:01)
Carninal Richelieu sends a talented swordsman to kill his enemy the Hugenot Duke of Fiox, but the swordsman falls in love with the Duke's sister instead.
 110. What Price Vengeance? (0:56:10)
A sharp-shooting police officer turns coward when he has a chance to shoot at fleeing gangsters, and a little boy will be blinded by the gangsters as a result.
 111. When Thief meets Thief (0:58:33)
A jewel thief cat burglar falls in love with one of the women that he robs after she catches him in the act and shoots him.
 112. With Words and Music (1:16:46)
A bookie gets revenge on a dime-a-dance girl who cons him out of a bundle of money.
 113. The Wrong Road (0:53:05)
A young couple rob the bank where one of them works, cleverly hide the cash, then confess, and do their prison time.
 114. Yodelin Kid from Pine Ridge (0:53:10)
A Georgia cattle rustler blames the Georgia turpentiners of stealing cattle and only Gene Autry can figure out who the real bad guys are.
 115. Young and Innocent (1:22:37)
A young man accused of murder enlists the aid of the Chief Constable's daughter to help him evade the police and track down the real killer.
 116. Youth On Parole (0:53:09)
A gang of jewel thieves frame a young man and woman for their burglary, and after doing their prison time the couple decides to hunt down the gangsters who framed them.
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1938  (95 films)
 1. Affairs of Cappy Ricks (0:55:51)
When Cappy returns home from a long sea voyage, this crusty old sea captain discovers that his world ashore has turned upside down.
 2. Alf's Button Afloat (1:25:45)
Aladdin's magic lamp is melted down and made into buttons, and Alf from the comedy Crazy Gang has one.
 3. Algiers (1:39:06)
A jewel thief from Paris hiding out in the Casbah falls in love with a temptress who may be the one to lure him out of the Casbah and into the hands of the police.
 4. Bank Holiday (1:22:06)
A London nurse goes on a holiday weekend with her boyfriend to the seashore to consummate their love and devotion.
 5. Bar 20 Justice (1:04:48)
Hopalong Cassidy
 6. Barefoot Boy (0:59:57)
The big-shot bully son of an ex-con lives with a farm family for the summer and the honest and simple small town values rub off.
 7. The Beachcomber (1:27:16)
Love blooms for a drunken beach bum and a frumpy, proper missionary lady when they are stranded together on a deserted South Seas island.
 8. Billy the Kid Returns (0:53:23)
Roy Rogers looks exactly like the dead outlaw Billy the Kid, so Sheriff Pat Garrett uses him as a decoy to capture some renegade ranchers.
 9. Born to be Wild (1:04:56)
Two renegade truck drivers battle bandits, gangsters and a young mysterious woman to get a load of dynamite delivered to a small town.
 10. Breaking the Ice (1:19:39)
Bobby Breen is a young Mennonite from near Philadelphia who runs away from home to find his fortune.
 11. Bulldog Drummond in Africa (0:58:01)
Colonel Neilsen of Scotland Yard is kidnapped by a foreign spy on the eve of Drummond's wedding and Drummond, his fiance, butler and buddy Algy take off for Africa to rescue him.
 12. Bulldog Drummond's Peril (1:05:58)
The day before his wedding Bulldog Drummond gets a gift of a perfect diamond created by a British scientist, but before the wedding takes place the diamond is stolen and Drummond is off on another deadly adventure.
 13. Call of the Yukon (1:06:29)
Can a wolf-dog find love with a beautiful collie, or will the St. Bernard get the collie's attention? And what about those bears!
 14. Cassidy of Bar 20 (0:56:52)
Hopalong Cassidy travels to New Mexico to help his old girlfriend defend herself and her ranch from the villain rancher Clay Allison.
 15. Climbing High (1:15:17)
A wealthy businessman falls in love with a poor girl in London, but a titled gold-digging Lady schemes to marry him for his money.
 16. Convict 99 (1:24:19)
Will Hay is an incompetent headmaster who loses his job, and mistakenly gets a new job as the head of a prison, but is mistaken for a dangerous criminal when he arrives.
 17. Crackerjack (1:16:00)
An English gentleman burgler steals from the wealthy to fund charity, but a French girl who used to be in the Secret Service may discover his identity.
 18. Crashing Through Danger (1:01:27)
Three electric company linemen move in with one sexy single girl, and the sparks will fly.
 19. Danger on the Air (1:06:00)
A mean but wealthy radio show sponsor is murdered and it is up to Benjamin Franklin Butts to solve the mystery.
 20. The Devil's Party (1:05:21)
Five childhod friends risk being torn apart by murder, deception, deceit and lies.
 21. The Divorce of Lady X (1:30:44)
A romantic comedy mix-up with a divorce lawyer and the lady he loves.
 22. The Drum (1:33:01)
A British military epic film about a young Indian boy who beats secret messages on his drum to aid a rebellion against British domination.
 23. The Duke is Tops (1:15:10)
A small town show promoter fires his star singer so that she can perform on Broadway, but they both discover that they are better together than apart.
 24. The Duke of West Point (1:48:55)
An American who grew up in Britain and graduated Cambridge returns to the States to join the Military Academy at West Point and discovers that life at West Point is very different from life in Britain.
 25. The Edge of the World (1:14:53)
A man and woman on a remote Scottish Isle fall in love, but the fates put many disasters along their route to happiness.
 26. Female Fugitive (0:55:11)
The wife of a trucking company owner is on the run from police after hijackings and murders happen to her husband's competition, and her husband is nailed for the crimes, with her as an accessory.
 27. The Feud Maker (0:54:46)
Texas Ryan is asked to help an old outlaw buddie in a battle against new settlers but Tex may help the settlers instead of the cattle men.
 28. The Frontiersmen (1:13:47)
Hopalong Cassidy and a young school marm try to tame a school room full of wild youngsters while a cattle rustler steals the Bar 20 herd.
 29. Gang Bullets (1:01:36)
"Big Bill" Anderson may be the smartest gangtster in the country, and no District Attorney is smart enough to get the goods on him . . . maybe.
 30. Gang Smashers (0:56:54)
This is the last known surviving copy, now shared with the world and never in danger of disappearing, thanks to Bill Coleman, who donated this copy from his private collection. An undercover Harlem police woman poses as a cabaret singer to help capture a protection racket gangster.
 31. Gangs of New York (1:06:53)
A New York City gangster is about to get out of prison and take over his old gang, but the cops have a different idea.
 32. Gangster's Boy (1:18:39)
When an East Coast gangster Knuckles Kelly joins his wife and son in California, his son quickly turns from the most popular boy in high school to the most disliked boy.
 33. Hawaii Calls (1:02:57)
Bobby Breen sings his way to Hawaii where he encounters foreign spies and more reasons to sing.
 34. Heart of Arizona (1:07:53)
Hopalong Cassidy helps outlaw Belle Starr escape from the Sheriff and reach her daughter in Gunsmoke Canyon.
 35. Held for Ransom (0:57:29)
A wealthy candy maker is kidnapped, but when his ransom is paid, he is still not released, and suspicion falls on the nephew who would take over the business if the old man is not returned, and it is up to a young female detective to discover the truth.
 36. Here's Flash Casey (0:55:13)
Flash Casey is a newspaper photographer always in hot water and living on the edge of danger.
 37. Hey Hey, U.S.A. (1:27:57)
Another comedy romp by master of comedy Will Hay, who is on an ocean liner headed for the U.S. with Kidnappers.
 38. The Hollywood Stadium Mystery (0:52:56)
A man whistling a strange tune is the only clue to the murder of a boxer.
 39. The Hooded Terror (1:08:39)
A mysterious hooded group of gangsters is terrorizing England, and master detective Sexton Blake is the only man who can stop them.
 40. In Old Mexico (1:06:56)
Hopalong Cassidy is lured to Mexico by an escaped prisoner who wants to kill him as revenge for putting him in prison.
 41. International Crime (1:03:56)
Lamont Cranston is 'The Shadow,' and he searches for the killer of a wealthy banker with his assistant Phoebe Lane, and his cab driver side-kick.
 42. Invisible Enemy (0:51:49)
A British playboy must woo the wife of a villanous Russian tycoon to save the world from war.
 43. Kate Plus Ten (1:15:51)
A Scotland Yard Inspector tries to foil the plans of England's master criminal Kate Westhanger and her ten henchmen.
 44. King of the Newsboys (1:09:00)
An 11th Avenue girl dumps her poor boyfriend to party with an uptown hoodlum, but the poor boyfriend makes good and turns the tables on the girl who dumped him.
 45. Knight of the Plains (0:56:51)
An outlaw businessman cons a tenderfoot investor from the East into running the hard working ranchers off of their land.
 46. The Lady Vanishes (1:35:59)
A young girl meets an older woman on a train trip who disappears, and the young lady cannot make anyone believe that the older woman was even on the train.
 47. Law of the Underworld (1:00:35)
A young couple in love become part of a gang of jewel thieves after they are robbed in the park by one of the gangsters.
 48. Letter of Introduction (1:43:03)
A young aspiring actress learns that she is the long lost daughter of the most famous actor on Broadway, but he refuses to tell the world who she is.
 49. Lightning Carson Rides Again (0:53:39)
Tim McCoy poses as a Mexican bandit to infiltrate a gang of outlaws that has framed his nephew.
 50. Little Tough Guy (1:23:11)
A young boy whose father is in prison joins a gang of boys who create their own crime wave on the gritty streets of New York.
 51. The Marines Come Thru (0:57:15)
Foreign spies are after a new bomb release invented by a Marine pilot and two madcap Marine mechanics save the day.
 52. Mark of the Avenger, or The Mysterious Rider (1:07:23)
Zane Grey story about the oulaw Pecos Bill who returns to his home to right the wrong from his past.
 53. Millionaire Merry-Go-Round (1:13:24)
A millionaire in London falls for a poor girl with a great singing voice, but his gold-digging past girlfriend tries her best to ruin the relationship.
 54. Mr. Boggs Steps Out (1:07:26)
Oliver Boggs is a nerd that knows all kinds of 'useless' trivia, and when he wins $1,500 guessing the number of beans in a barrel, he quits his job and searches for fame, fortune and love in the small town of Peckham Falls.
 55. Mr. Wong, Detective (1:08:27)
Detective James Lee Wong must solve the murders of men who all die while locked alone in their office.
 56. My Old Kentucky Home (0:59:35)
A Kentucky Gentleman must decide between his childhood sweetheart and a New York City professional singer.
 57. The Old Barn Dance (0:55:13)
Horse rancher Gene Autry fights a villain more devastating than sheep ranchers, more dangerous than horse thieves . . . Tractor Salesmen!
 58. Partners of the Plains (1:07:00)
Hopalong Cassidy may have met his match when the strong-willed London owner of the ranch he is working for determines to make Hopalong her love-slave.
 59. Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus (1:05:09)
Young Bill Peck and his friends find adventure, intrigue and excitement at the circus.
 60. The Port of Missing Girls (1:02:28)
A woman falsely accused of murder stows away on a ship headed for a South Seas island that is popular as a hideaway from the law.
 61. Pride of the West (0:53:13)
Hopalong Cassidy and young Dick Martin foil the plot of the town banker and real estate agent from stealing all the ranches.
 62. Prison Train (1:03:02)
The new D.A. has it out for Frankie, and when he accidentally kills a rival's son, he is sent to the pen on the Prison Train, where his rival tries to kill him.
 63. Pygmalion (1:35:17)
Professor Henry Higgins, a confirmed bachelor, creates the perfect woman by teaching Eliza Doolittle, a poor London gutter snipe, to speak and act and look like a Princess.
 64. The Rage of Paris (1:17:20)
A young girl in Paris that is out of work and down on her luck decides that she needs to find a wealthy man to marry.
 65. Rawhide (0:58:17)
Lou 'Iron Horse' Gehrig, legendary New York Yannkee slugger becomes a rancher out west before the 1938 spring training and helps lawyer Smith Balew clean up a protection racket that is robbing the local ranchers.
 66. Rebellious Daughters (1:09:49)
Two girls run away from their small town home to find excitement, independence and danger in the big city.
 67. The Renegade Ranger (0:59:20)
A Texas Ranger is ordered to bring in a renegade rancher who is fighting corrupt govenrnment officials who took his ranch away from him.
 68. Romance of the Limberlost (1:16:02)
A young girl living in the Indiana Limberlost Swamp faces hardship, bigotry, ridicule and despair as she tries to build a better life.
 69. Romance on the Run (0:53:07)
An insurance office secretary follows a suave private detective who is following a pair of jewel thieves being followed by a Police Lieutenant.
 70. Sex Madness (0:51:57)
A drama to warn all young girls and the fathers of young daughters that there is only one big danger in this world for them - Men!.
 71. Shadows over Shanghai (1:05:15)
An American newspaper reporter helps a young woman smuggle a valuable amulet out of Shanghai, with a Russian spy and a Chinese spy hot on their trail.
 72. Sinners in Paradise (1:03:33)
A handful of people, including a Senator, an heiress, a gangster, and a hard-boiled blonde beauty are marooned on a tropical island in the South Pacific.
 73. Six-Gun Trail (0:55:25)
Tim McCoy is Captain William 'Lightning Bill' Carson, who pretends to be a Chinese jewel buyer to catch cowboy jewel thieves.
 74. Slander House (1:05:36)
The lives, loves and scandals of the women in a beauty treatment spa in 1938 New York City.
 75. Songs and Bullets (0:55:49)
A singing cowboy and his side-kick get arrested by a corrupt town Sheriff and are accused of rustling the ranchers' cattle.
 76. Songs and Saddles (0:47:21)
1938 radio singing star Gene Austin helps rancher Pop Turner when the town banker tries to take over his ranch and kill him.
 77. Spirit of Youth (1:05:46)
Legendary boxer Joe Louis stars in a movie about his career.
 78. St. Martin's Lane aka Sidewalks of London (1:25:24)
A middle aged street performer takes in a homeless teen girl and teaches her to dance and sing with him on the sidewalks of London, and when she becomes a famous stage actress he becomes a homeless drunk.
 79. Sunset Murder Case (1:00:25)
Fan Dancer Sally Rand's final motion picture - Kathy O'Connor becomes a stripper to find the killer of her father.
 80. Swing it, Sailor! (1:02:14)
Two Navy buddies go after the same gal while on shore leave in a madcap comedy adventure.
 81. Tarzan and the Green Goddess (1:07:26)
Lord Greystroke recounts the adventure of Tarzan and the Green Goddess, a statue that has the formula for a powerful explosive hidden inside. After finding and getting the goddess, it is stolen from him by master villain Raglan.
 82. Tarzan's Revenge (1:10:01)
Beautiful young Eleanor goes on safari with her parents, and becomes the object of desire for both Tarzan and a native tribal chief.
 83. The Terror of Tiny Town (1:01:15)
The first and probably the only full motion picture with a cast of little people riding Shetland ponies in a cowboy western adventure.
 84. The Terror (1:09:58)
A mad criminal haunts a bed and breakfast mansion.
 85. They Drive by Night (1:19:40)
A demented killer is strangling dance hall girls, and a hapless ex-con is accused and chased by the police.
 86. To the Victor, or Owd Bob (1:15:05)
A heartwarming story of a crabby old sheep herder and his attempt to save his dog, who the village believes to be a killer.
 87. Under the Big Top (0:58:25)
Penny's bossy aunt pushes her to be the best trapeze artist in the world, but trouble arises when Penny falls for her partner.
 88. Under Western Stars (1:04:42)
The first Roy Rogers movie, about farmers coping with drought and dust next to a dam and lake owned by a man that will not share his water.
 89. The Villiers Diamond (0:49:41)
A jewel thief and his fence invite out-of-work strangers to spend the week so they can frame one of the guests with burglary.
 90. Wanted by the Police (0:57:24)
A young boy fresh out of high school gets his first job working on cars at a nearby auto garage, but trouble begins when he discovers that he is working on stolen cars and his boss is a gangster.
 91. Where the West Begins (0:54:31)
Singing cowboy Jack Manning is in a tough spot when outlaws frame him for rustling - but he shoots his way out in a rousing fight-to-the-finish.
 92. While New York Sleeps (1:00:43)
A practical joker nightclub owner mixed up with murder and bond theft is seemingly killed by a dancer at the club, so her boyfriend reporter tries to find the real killer.
 93. Wives Under Suspicion (1:08:37)
A district attorney prosecuting a man for killing his wife while she was with another man suspects that his own wife may be seeing someone else.
 94. Young Fugitives (1:07:48)
An old man that the town doesn't have time for suddenly gets fifty thousand dollars as the last surviving soldier of the Civil War, and suddenly becomes everyone's best friend, including a fellow that intends to steal all of his money.
 95. The Young in Heart (1:31:13)
Four fortune hunters pretend to be a family so they can con wealthy people out of their money.
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1939  (75 films)
 1. Abe Lincoln of the Ninth Avenue (1:04:23)
A street tough teen with a gangster brother in New York emulates the spirit of Abraham Lincoln as Christmas nears.
 2. The Arizona Kid (0:56:39)
Outlaws are pretending to help the Confederacy during the Civil War, but are actually just robbing for themselves, and Roy Rogers is a Confederate officer that tries to stop them.
 3. Arrest Bulldog Drummond (0:57:07)
A mad scientist has invented a machine that will cause anything it is aimed at to exploder, and only Bulldog Drummond can keep it out of the hands of evil.
 4. Ask a Policeman (1:14:14)
Will Hay stumbles his way through another adventure as a policeman who stages a crime so that he can take credit for solving it, but soon becomes embroiled in a real crime that only he and his men can thwart.
 5. Back Door to Heaven (1:23:32)
A man that spent most of his youth in trouble and in jail discovers that it is very difficult to change his ways as an adult.
 6. Bad Boy (1:05:20)
John Fraser becomes a gangster to satisfy the demands of his high-maintenance wife, despite the warnings from his mother.
 7. Boys' Reformatory (0:59:57)
Tommy and Eddie get mixed up with the gangster owner of the local pool hall and wind up in a prison farm for boys.
 8. The Bronze Buckaroo (0:55:38)
Bronze Buckaroo Bob Blake and his pals head to Arizona to help a ranch owner who has been kidnapped by a neighboring rancher.
 9. Bulldog Drummond's Bride (0:56:20)
Bulldog Drummond's wedding day is delayed by a bank robbery in London.
 10. Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (0:54:17)
Bulldog Drummond is going to get married tomorrow . . . if he can keep from getting involved in a murder mystery and a hidden treasure.
 11. Buried Alive (1:13:50)
A model prisoner hoping to get out of prison and begin a new life finds himself strapped into the electric chair instead of getting paroled.
 12. Code of the Cactus (0:56:40)
Gangsters from Chicago discover that there is good money in rustling cattle with big trucks, and 'Lightning' Bill Carson is the man to out-rustle the rustlers.
 13. Convict's Code (1:02:44)
Dave Tyler is out on parole, and he may get killed before he can uncover the man who framed him for bank robbery.
 14. Daughter of the Tong (0:53:21)
A sultry, secretive Chinese woman heads the Tong, a crime syndicate infiltrated by the F.B.I.
 15. The Days of Jesse James (0:53:04)
Roy Rogers infiltrates the Jesse James gang after a local bank is robbed.
 16. The Devil's Daughter (0:51:26)
Harlem born Sylvia Walton inherits a banana plantation in Jamaica, but when she takes it over, her half sister who ran the plantation but was left out of the will swears revenge.
 17. Double Deal (0:58:23)
A gambler and a safe-cracking gangster compete for the attention of a nightclub singer, and murder will complicate things.
 18. Down the Wyoming Trail (1:02:23)
Tex is hired to play Santa Clause on Christmas Eve, and when another man dressed as Santa murders a man, Tex is accused and must fight to clear his name.
 19. Escape to Paradise (1:00:42)
Bobby Breen sings his way through this South American paradise as wealthy playboy Kent Taylor runs away from dizzy blonde Penelope and chases exotic Juanita.
 20. Eternally Yours (1:29:39)
She wanted an apron and a house full of children and he wanted the star-studded life of fame and fortune.
 21. The Face at the Window (1:04:28)
A deranged killer is loose in Paris and no one is safe from his horrible murdering hands.
 22. Fighting Mad (0:54:18)
The Mounties are on the trail of bank robbers and a pretty young lady that the robbers have kidnapped.
 23. The Fighting Renegade (0:53:30)
A government agent framed for murder pretends to be Mexican renegade El Puma while trying to clear his name.
 24. The Flying Deuces (1:07:58)
Oliver falls in love with the beautiful innkeeper's daughter, but when he discovers that she is already married, he joins the Legion to forget her, and drags Laurel with him. After many bumbling episodes in the Legion, they are put in front of a firing squad. Will this be the end of Laurel and Hardy????
 25. Frontier Pony Express (0:52:47)
Roy Rogers is a pony express rider that secretly works for the government trying to uncover Confederate Civil War spies in the north.
 26. A Girl Must Live (1:27:59)
A girl's boarding school runaway goess to London to find a career on stage and battles her gold-digging chorus girl roommates for the love of the Earl of Pangborough.
 27. The Gorilla (1:06:03)
A Ritz is afraid of nothing . . . . but . . . THIS . . . IS . . . SOMETHING!
 28. The Great Commandment (1:20:12)
A rebellious zealot who is part of an underground movement to attack the Romans who are oppressing them meets the King of Kings.
 29. Gulliver's Travels (1:16:21)
A full color, full length animated movie of the story of Gulliver's adventure to the South Seas island of Lilliput.
 30. Heroes in Blue (0:55:19)
Three men in an Irish family get involved with the law, gangsters and murder in this big city crime adventure.
 31. In Old Caliente (0:53:16)
Roy Rogers and Gabby are accused of a crime committed by a local gang of outlaws, and must clear themselves.
 32. Inspector Hornleigh (1:12:54)
Inspector Horneigh of Scotland Yard investigates a murder that becomes three murders and the theft of secret papers from the Chancellor.
 33. Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday (1:23:00)
Sergeant Bingham volunteers to die in hospital to help uncover an insurance caper, and Hornleigh ends up in hospital also.
 34. The Invisible Killer (0:59:16)
Someone is killing their enemies with only a phone call, and reprter Sue Walker helps her boyfriend Lieutenant Jerry Brown solve this sci-fi gangster murder mystery.
 35. Irish Luck (0:50:48)
When a lady is accused of murder in a big hotel, bell boy Buzzy O'Brien comes to her aid in this detective murder mystery.
 36. Jamaica Inn (1:38:28)
A nineteen year old orphan girl travels to the Jamaica Inn, run by her aunt and uncle, only to discover that they are the head of a cut-throat smuggling gang of outlaws.
 37. Law of the Pampas (1:10:23)
Hopalong Cassidy and Lucky Jenkins deliver a herd of cattle to an Argentina rancher and discover that someone is murdering members of the rancher's family.
 38. Law of the Wolf (0:56:05)
Young Johnny and his dog Rinty help an escaped convict prove his innocence and trap the real killer.
 39. The Little Princess (1:32:47)
A wealthy father must go to war, so he puts his little girl in an exclusive private school for girls, run by a nasty headmistress.
 40. Long Shot (1:07:28)
Kindly old Henry Sharon's horses never win at the track because someone is sabotaging his races, but when he discovers the treachery he has one last chance, but it is a long shot.
 41. Love Affair (1:25:51)
After a torrid love affair aboard ship, before parting to their different lives, Michel and Terry decide to meet atop the Empire State Building in six months if they still love each other.
 42. Lying Lips (1:12:24)
When beautiful nightclub singer Elsie refuses to join a private parties and date the customers, she is framed for murder.
 43. Made for Each Other (1:32:31)
John and Jane fall in love at first sight and are convinced that they were made for each other, but after a few years of hard times they decide to split up on New Year's Eve.
 44. Meet Doctor Christian (1:07:52)
Doctor Christian can handle all of the woes of little River's End, except maybe those of young Patsy Hewitt and her father.
 45. Mercy Plane (1:12:09)
When a female flyer and her co-pilot crash in the High Sierras, the only airplane that can save them is an experimental plane that has been stolen by gangsters.
 46. The Mill on the Floss (1:20:01)
The children of two feuding families carry the family grudge to the next generation in a small British town.
 47. Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1:10:42)
Mr. Moto, Chinese sleuth, must prevent foreign conspirators from setting mines in the Suez Canal in an effort to start WWII.
 48. Mr. Wong in Chinatown (1:10:34)
A young Chinese Princess is hit with a poison dart in Mr. Wong's living room, writing a cryptic message as she lays dying, that only Mr. Wong can interpret.
 49. Mutiny in the Big House (1:19:49)
When a prison chaplin tries to help a young man that forged a check and went to prison, the cell mate uses the young man unknowingly to help him plan an escape.
 50. The Mystery of Mr. Wong (1:10:24)
Death follows famous detective James Lee Wong as he searches for the stolen jewel, "The Eye of the Daughter of the Moon."
 51. Nancy Drew, Reporter (1:07:46)
High school girl Nancy Drew gets a school assignment to write a cute story for the local newspaper, but she and her friend Ted decide to solve a murder mystery instead.
 52. Navy Secrets (0:59:23)
Fay Wray is a spy for the Navy trying to capture enemy spies that are after a new Navy Range Finder.
 53. On the Night of the Fire (1:28:52)
When a local barber finds a pile of money sitting in an empty room with no one around he thinks he has hit a bit of luck . . . and he has . . . but will it be good luck?
 54. Outlaw's Paradise (0:52:30)
Good guy Captain William Carson notices that he looks just like outlaw Trigger Mallory, and takes his place in the gang to try to capture them, but the tables are turned when Trigger gets out of jail and exposes Carson's deception.
 55. Panama Patrol (1:06:27)
Government Secret Agents try to crack the code for secret messages about a planned sabotage bombing, but there is a double agent among them who will help the enemy keep one step ahead of them.
 56. Paradise in Harlem (1:24:54)
Comedian Lem Anderson witnesses a gangster killing and is on the run for his life. Years later he returns to pick up his show business career, but the gangsters are still watching for him.
 57. The Phantom Creeps (1:18:20)
Bela Lugosi is a mad scientist that has the power to destroy the world.
 58. Port of Hate (0:55:38)
Two partners who discover a wealthy bed of black pearls near a South Seas Island are threatened by corrupt businessmen who want to steal their pearls and a beautiful young woman on a mysterious mission.
 59. Range War (1:05:24)
Hopalong Cassidy becomes a stage coach bandit to infiltrate an outlaw gang.
 60. Religious Racketeers (1:08:12)
Ten years after her husband's death Bess Houdini, Mrs. Harry Houdini, stars in a movie that exposes holy men who claim to communicate with the dead.
 61. Renegade Trail (0:57:22)
Hopalong Cassidy helps a widow rancher and her young son when cattle rustlers try to steal her herd.
 62. Rough Riders Round Up (0:53:10)
Roy and his friends join the Arizona border patrol, and uncover a gold smuggling ring from Mexico, but are captured and almost killed.
 63. Silver on the Sage (1:07:23)
While Hopalong is away, Lucky Jenkins and Windy Halliday take a herd of Bar 20 cattle to the Lazy J, but before they can get paid for the cattle, rustlers steal the cattle and Lucky will be put in jail to await the hangman's noose.
 64. Sky Patrol (0:58:49)
The adventures of the first flying border patrol pilots as they chase smugglers and kidnappers.
 65. Sorority House (1:03:52)
A girl from a small town goes to college and meets a boy who helps her get invited into the best sorority on campus.
 66. Southward Ho (0:53:06)
Roy Rogers discovers that the government tax collector is also the area's biggest bandit.
 67. Star Reporter (1:00:07)
The District Attorney's daughter Barbara likes Warren, the son of a newspaper baron, but the D.A. discovers that Warren's father may be one of the biggest crime bosses in the city.
 68. Sunset Trail (1:08:23)
Hopalong Cassidy pretends to be a tenderfoot milquetoast gentleman on a dude ranch to help the widow owner discover who killed her husband.
 69. Tailspin Tommy in Danger Flight (0:59:56)
Gangsters force Tailspin Tommy's airplane to land in a remote meadow so they can steal the payroll money he is delivering.
 70. Trigger Pals (0:53:40)
When Lucky inherits half of a cattle ranch, the daughter of the owner, who owns the other half, wants to sell the ranch to a cagey, lying outlaw.
 71. Undercover Agent (0:49:40)
Racketeers are unsuccessful at making book on the horses, so they sell fake sweepstakes tickets to unsuspecting working class folk.
 72. Water Rustlers (0:54:49)
A neighboring rancher has blocked the river, preventing singing cowgirl Shirley Martin from getting getting water for the cattle on her ranch.
 73. Way Down South (1:01:19)
An evil lawyer tries to keep the son of a plantation owner from inheriting his fathers estate.
 74. Wolf Call (1:00:42)
A New York City playboy discovers the girl that he cannot live without when he visits the family radium mine in Western Canada, but he may not survive when the mine workers try to get rid of him.
 75. The Zero Hour (0:51:45)
A Broadway actress is torn between her love for the two men in her life.
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1940  (79 films)
 1. 21 Days (1:11:53)
A man who accidentally kills another man must decide what to do when a vagrant is tried for the killing - should he flee with his girlfriend or confess to the murder?
 2. The Ape (0:57:28)
Boris Karloff is Dr. Adrian, a mad scientist trying unorthodox methods to cure a crippled young girl.
 3. Band Waggon (1:15:55)
British comedian Arthur Askey brings laughs to the big screen as he stumbles upon a secret Nazi television setup, and proceeds to put on a show for them.
 4. Beyond Tomorrow (1:23:56)
Two lonely people in New York City are introduced to each other by three elderly wealthy men on Christmas Eve.
 5. Billy the Kid's Gun Justice (1:01:27)
Billy the Kid and his pals escape a Sheriff's posse and while hiding out in a new town discover that a town businessman is selling ranches he doesn't own to unsuspecting settlers and then driving them out to sell the ranches again, so he uses his guns and his fists to make things right for the settlers.
 6. Brittish Intelligence (1:00:18)
The British Secret Service knows that someone in their inner circle is giving the enemy vital war information, but they cannot discover the identity of the secret spy.
 7. The Carson City Kid (0:53:29)
Roy Rogers pretends to be outlaw Carson City Kid as he searches for his brother's killer.
 8. The Case of the Frightened Lady (1:20:12)
A young lady working in a gothic mansion is terrified for her life as strange things happen.
 9. Chasing Trouble (0:59:41)
Frankie is the son of a cop working as a bell boy in a hotel, and he just can't seem to stay out of trouble.
 10. The Courageous Dr. Christian (1:06:23)
Wealthy widow Stewart will help Dr. Hersholt provide for the poor folk in Squatters Town . . . but only if he will marry her!
 11. The Cowboy from Sundown (0:53:51)
Henchmen for the local banker make the Sheriff believe that the ranchers' cattle is sick so that they cannot sell the cattle and pay off their loans.
 12. Danger on Wheels (1:00:01)
 13. Desert Escape (1:04:23)
Bill Carver gets framed by some gangsters, but gets away and makes a new life for himself in Tempe, Arizona - until the gangsters find him and get him involved with a bank robbery in town.
 14. The Devil Bat (1:08:14)
Sharp Fanged Blood-Sucking DEATH Dives from MIDNIGHT SKIES! The master of film noir horror, Bela Lugosi, creates a giant, evil, murdering Devil-Bat.
 15. Doctor Christian in Remedy for Riches (1:05:37)
Doctor Christian exposes a confidence man who is trying to fleece the good people of River's End.
 16. Dr. Christian Meets the Women (1:05:51)
This old movie shows us that quick weight loss was a desire of women even in the 1940's, as Dr. Christian exposes a charlatan professor with a miracle diet pill.
 17. Dr. Kildare's Strange Case (1:16:47)
Dr. Kildare takes a horrible chance in order to save the career of a brain surgeon that wants Dr. Kildare's girlfriend
 18. Dreaming Out Loud (1:05:10)
Radio show stars Lum and Abner are the center of misadventure once more as they run their general store in a small Arkansas town.
 19. Drums of the Desert (1:03:36)
An American soldier working for the French Foreign Legion falls in love with his best friend's fiancé.
 20. The East End Kids in Boys of the City (1:02:06)
The East End Kids are sent to the country where they get tangled up with a haunted house and murder.
 21. East Side Kids (1:00:05)
One of the boys from the tough Bowery becomes a cop and helps clear his older brother who was framed for murder.
 22. The Fargo Kid (1:03:20)
Tim Holt, The Fargo Kid, is mistaken for an outlaw in this cowboy comedy adventure.
 23. Friendly Neighbors (1:05:31)
Leon, Elviry, Cicero and Violey head out on the Ozarks trail in search of a better life.
 24. Gang War (0:50:23)
A Harlem gangster knocks off his rival gangsters one by one until only hoodlam Lew Baron remains.
 25. Gaslight (1:24:01)
In a wealthy part of London Paul Mallen tries to drive his wealthy wife mad while he is on an unknown mission and the light from the gas lamps will provide the solution.
 26. The Girl in the News (1:14:07)
A young nurse is framed for two murders and everyone thinks that she is a serial killer, except for one man who believes in her innocence.
 27. Half A Sinner (0:59:29)
It is spring break, and shy schoolteacher Anne decides to dress sexy and go into the big city to find adventure.
 28. Haunted House (1:08:51)
A teenage boy and girl search for clues to the real killer of an old lady who had a hidden treasure in her spooky house.
 29. Her First Romance (1:16:57)
A frumpy book-worm girl becomes a beautiful young lady with the help of the housekeeper, despite the efforts of her step-sister to keep her from growing up.
 30. Hidden Gold (1:00:29)
Hopalong Cassidy and his side-kick help capture stage coach bandits who only rob the gold shipments of one man - a reformed outlaw.
 31. His Girl Friday (1:31:43)
Walter Burns, intrepid newpaper editor of a large Chicago newspaper, gets a visit from his ex-wife Hildy informing him that she is going to marry insurance salesman Bruce, so Walter uses every trick he can think of to delay her departure for the wedding.
 32. Hold That Woman (1:03:43)
A skip-tracer tries to take back a radio that a lady didn't finish paying for, but crooks have hidden stolen diamonds inside the radio, and the chase is on in this romantic comedy crime adventure.
 33. Isle of Destiny (1:22:23)
An adventurous lady airplane pilot tangles with gun-runners on a South Seas island and two Marines come to her rescue.
 34. Laddie (1:09:17)
A heartwarming story about a young farm boy from a big family who falls in love with the daughter of an upper crust British family that moved nearby, but they will have nothing to do with farm hicks like Laddie.
 35. The Last Alarm (0:53:25)
Just as Jim is planning his retirement from the fire department, his friend is killed in an arson fire, and Jim must hunt down his friend's killer.
 36. Li'l Abner (1:10:26)
Oh, Happy Day! It's Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae and Mammy and Pappy Yokum right out of your favorite cartoon strip!
 37. The Light of Western Stars (1:05:01)
A wealthy girl from Boston goes west to stop her brother from marrying the wrong girl, and finds her own mate in the process.
 38. Little Men (1:23:06)
Louisa May Alcott's famous tale of the Plumfield School for boys. If you look closely, you will recognize many of the buildings and street views from Gone With The Wind, including the best close-up view of the front porch of Tara.
 39. Lovers and Luggers, or Vengeance of the Deep (1:07:26)
The son of the Lord Mayor of London travels to a South Seas island to dive for a large pearl at the insistence of the woman he loves.
 40. Mad Youth (1:03:21)
A wealthy young girl and her mother both fall in love with the same man - but he's just a gigolo.
 41. Midnight Limited (1:01:52)
The Phantom is robbing and killing on the Midnight Limited from New York to Montreal, and railroad detective Val Lennon becomes bait to catch the killer.
 42. Misbehaving Husbands (0:58:39)
The owner of a department store takes a broken mannequin to a repair shop on his 20th wedding anniversary, and his wife is convinced that he is cavorting around town with a beautiful blonde.
 43. Mr Wong, Doomed to Die (1:07:26)
When a powerful shipping magnate is killed, only Mr. Wong and a young lady reporter can solve the mystery.
 44. Mr. Wong in The Fatal Hour (1:06:19)
Police Captain Smith's best friend is murdered, and Detective James Lee Wong discovers who the cop killer is with the help of reporter Bobbie Logan.
 45. Mystery in Swing (1:04:54)
The star trumpet player from the CeePee Johnson orchestra is murdered just before he is to leave for Hollywood and a big career in the movies.
 46. Neutral Port (1:28:20)
A crusty sea captain steals an enemy supply ship after his ship is sunk by a U-boat during the opening days of World War II.
 47. Night Train to Munich (1:35:09)
A British spy outwits a German spy on the eve of WWII and helps a scientist and his daughter escape the Nazis.
 48. No, No, Nanette (1:26:34)
Niece Nanette tries to keep Aunt Susan from discovering all of the girls that her Uncle Jimmy flirts with.
 49. One Million B.C. (1:20:23)
A stone-age man discovers a shell clan woman near the ocean and together they return to the rock clan and help them survive wild pre-historic beasts and the eruption of a giant volcano.
 50. Our Town (1:29:36)
The lives, loves and deaths of the folk in a small New Hampshire town.
 51. Phantom of Chinatown (1:00:36)
Detective Jimmy Wong is at it again, solving a murder involving the theft of an ancient Chinese scroll.
 52. Phantom Rancher (1:00:47)
Cowboy Ken Mitchell inherits his Uncle's ranch and discovers that his Uncle was the most hated man in the valley.
 53. Police Rookie (1:03:58)
The son of a murdered policeman searches for the killer, but may become the next target of death.
 54. Pride of the Bowery (1:00:24)
The East Side Kids are at it again - Muggs joins a C.C.C. camp to train for boxing, but his bad attitude quickly gets him into trouble.
 55. The Ranger and the Lady (0:53:03)
Roy Rogers is a Texas Ranger that helps a lady that is being charged a fee to use the Santa Fe trail in this tale of the first 'turnpike pay road.'
 56. Roy Rogers in Colorado (0:56:04)
Roy Rogers is sent to stop gangsters that are terrorizing the area so that Union troops can return to the east where they are needed to fight in the Civil War.
 57. Saloon Bar (1:12:26)
It's Christmas, and a good customer of a local bar has been wrongly convicted of a crime and is scheduled to die in the morning. His friends at the bar set out to prove his innocence in time to save him.
 58. Santa Fé Marshal (1:05:22)
Santa Fé Marshal Hopalong Cassidy goes undercover as a traveling medicine show mind reader to discover who the ringleader of a small town band of outlaws is.
 59. Santa Fe Trail (1:49:29)
Before the Civil War begins, a U.S. Cavalry Officer from the North and a U.S. Cavalry Officer from the South are stationed in Bloody Kansas, where the war of John Brown is tearing the state apart.
 60. The Showdown (1:04:54)
Hopalong Cassidy helps a local rancher and her niece when a European Baron tries to rustle the best horses from the ranch.
 61. Sky Bandits (0:55:55)
Gangsters force a scientist to create an electric radio beam gun that shoots down airplanes loaded with gold.
 62. Slightly Honorable (1:25:33)
Lawyer Johnny Webb is framed for the murder of his old girlfriend.
 63. Son of Ingagi (1:02:24)
This is the earliest film that I can find with an all African-American cast that was produced without the typical exaggerated black stereotypes common in early films. It's a great horror mystery thriller of the time.
 64. The Son of Monte Christo (1:42:05)
The richest man in the world dons a mask and fights for the freedom of a nation, and the hand of a princess.
 65. Son of the Navy (1:11:07)
James Dunn is a sailor who is late getting back to his ship, so he teams up with a young boy to hitch hike faster.
 66. Stagecoach War (0:59:34)
Hopalong Cassidy helps capture a gang of singing stagecoach bandits led by a happy fellow called Smiley.
 67. Stolen Paradise (1:22:13)
A 'coming of age' film about a young Catholic boy destined for Priesthood who falls in love with his step-sister and then goes to England to join the R.A.F. to fight in the new war in Europe.
 68. Take Me Back to Oklahoma (1:01:06)
Retired lawman Tex Lawton and his side-kick Slim help a girl who owns a stagecoah line find out who is trying to put her out of business.
 69. That Gang of Mine (1:00:29)
It's a RIOT in RACES! This comedy with the East Side Kids, also known as the Bowery Boys, is about a poor boy that wants to be a jockey, and he and his gang can enter an old man's championship horse if they can raise the entrance fee.
 70. Three Men from Texas (1:12:24)
Texas Ranger Hopalong Cassidy heads to California to help another Ranger trying to clean up a gangster infested town.
 71. Tom Brown's School Days (1:20:13)
Young Tom Brown survives bullying in a British boarding school for wealthy children with the help of the wise headmaster.
 72. Up in the Air (1:01:02)
Sultry radio singer is killed during a radio show rehearsal, and Frankie Darro searches for the killer.
 73. The Villain Still Pursued Her (1:06:28)
A comedy spoof of the silent movies about a dastardly landlord foreclosing on innocent helpless young maiden.
 74. Waldo's Last Stand (0:10:21)
The neighborhood kids put on a show to help Waldo sell lemonade from his lemonade stand.
 75. West of the Badlands (0:53:09)
A wonderfully rich Zane Grey story about an Easterner that is wanted by the law who finds his way to the badlands of Idaho, where he joins an outlaw gang known as The Border Legion.
 76. Where's That Fire? (1:10:32)
British comedian Will Hay leads an incompetent fire brigade through the hazards of upgrading to a modern station house.
 77. A Window in London (1:12:16)
A man on his way to work in downtown London sees a man stabbing a girl in an apartment window, and is the beginning of the wildest day in his life.
 78. Young Bill Hickock (0:52:57)
Bill Hickock and Clamity Jane thwart a foreign spy trying to take over valuable land.
 79. Young Buffalo Bill (0:53:04)
Roy and Gabby are in Santa Fe to help survey the land and establish legal bounderies, but one local rancher will do anything to stop them.
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1941  (99 films)
 1. 49th Parallel (2:01:08)
Six Nazi U-boat seaman stranded in Hudson's Bay try to make their way across Canada to the U.S. border, hoping that the neutral U.S. will protect them.
 2. All-American Co-Ed (0:48:35)
A boy at an all male college pretends to be a girl to get a scholarship at an all girl college.
 3. Arizona Bound (0:52:12)
A retired Marshal drives a stagecoach full of gold and when it is stolen he is accused of masterminding the robbery and sentenced to hang.
 4. Arkansas Judge (1:11:40)
Peaceful Valley's 40th anniversary celebration is ruined when widow Smithers discovers that her life savings have been stolen by someone in the small rural town.
 5. Bad Man of Deadwood (0:52:47)
Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes try to bring honesty to a town controlled by outlaws.
 6. Billy the Kid, Wanted (1:00:09)
Billy the Kid breaks his buddy Fuzzy out of jail in Paradise Valley, and then goes after the crooked businessman that is cheating everyone in the valley.
 7. Blonde Comet (1:04:52)
A beautiful young lady drives race cars and wins races all over Europe, but can she make the grade in the U.S.?
 8. The Blood of Jesus (0:56:40)
When a young wife is accidentally killed by her husband, she must decide whether to spend her eternity in Heaven or Hell.
 9. Border Vigilantes (0:58:39)
Hopalong Cassidy discovers that the head of the town vigilante committee is also the head of the outlaws.
 10. Borrowed Hero (1:01:50)
An assistant District Attorney uses gangland style antics to break up a crime syndicate.
 11. Bowery Blitzkrieg (1:02:52)
Young policeman Tom Brady tries to keep the young boys of the tough Bowery neighborhood out of trouble, but the local gangsters have other ideas.
 12. Broadway Limited (1:14:46)
A movie star borrows a baby to change her image, but the baby that she borrows may be the kidnapped child of a millionaire.
 13. Caught in the Act (0:59:27)
The foreman of a construction company gets arrested on his daughter's wedding day when he is mistaken for a local gangster.
 14. Cheers for Miss Bishop (1:33:59)
This old movie classic is a heart-warming story about the adult life of a country school teacher, Ella Bishop, and her journey through her marvelous life.
 15. City of Missing Girls (1:11:11)
Young girls are going missing, and one is even murdered. The new talent agency is suspected, but who can get the evidence?
 16. Cottage to Let (1:26:07)
The inventor of a new bombsight for the war effort is in danger when strangers move into the cottage next door.
 17. Crook's Tour (1:17:13)
Two British men on a holiday tour in the Middle East are mistaken for Enemy spies and given a gramophone record containing secret information about an oil pipeline sabotage caper.
 18. Dangerous Lady (1:02:49)
A private eye and his lawyer wife get tangled up in the murder of a judge.
 19. Desperate Cargo (1:02:22)
Crooks aboard the Caribbean Cruiser rob the safe and take the passengers hostage, and it's up to the Purser, two showgirls and a newspaper reporter to save the day.
 20. Doomed Caravan (1:01:17)
Hopalong Cassidy helps a lady when her freight line is attacked by bandits who want to run her out of business.
 21. Double Cross (1:02:35)
A cop is framed for murder by the gangster gal that he is in love with.
 22. East of Piccadilly (1:15:16)
A madman is strangling working girls in Soho and a nosey lady reporter may become his next victim.
 23. Escort Girl (0:56:00)
A young girl retuning home from finishing school discovers that her mother runs the biggest escort service in Hollywood an
 24. Fiesta (0:44:22)
José plots revenge when his childhood sweetheart returns to the hacienda with another man that she intends to marry instead of José.
 25. Flying Wild (1:03:02)
The East Side Kids are hard at work in an aviation factory building airplanes and discovering foreign spies.
 26. Forbidden Trails (0:59:18)
Two ex-convicts who Marshall Buck Roberts put in prison are out now and aiming to kill the Marshall that put them behind bars.
 27. Forced Landing (1:05:34)
A pilot flying on a South Pacific Island falls for the girlfriend of the local Colonel who sends him on a suicide mission.
 28. The Forgotten Village (1:05:06)
John Steinbeck wrote this docu-drama about the small pueblo of Santiago, Mexico as it clashes and evolves from ancient ways to the ways of the new world.
 29. Fugitive Valley (1:00:00)
Crash Corrigan and Dusty King become outlaws to infiltrate Fugitive Valley and capture The Whip.
 30. Gambling Daughters (1:02:45)
Students at an all-girls college get revenge on crooked gamblers who force them to steal priceless jewelry from their parents.
 31. The Gang's All Here (1:01:06)
Frankie and Jefferson are happy to get good jobs as truck drivers until they learn that someone is sabotaging the trucks and killing the drivers.
 32. Gangs Inc. (1:08:05)
An orphan girl who takes the rap for a crime committed by her wealthy boyfriend becomes the Queen of Crime who controls both the gangsters and the politicians.
 33. Gasbags (1:13:43)
The Crazy Gang is a British Comedy Troupe that accidentally invades Germany, with hilarious results.
 34. Ghost Story (1:21:19)
Originally named 'Spellbound,' this tale of a man being inhabited by an evil spirit was re-issued as The Spell of Amy Nugent, Ghost Story and Passing Clouds.
 35. The Ghost Train (1:21:22)
Arthur Askey provides the laughs with his Vaudville routines as a group of eccentric train passengers stranded in an empty train station deal with the arrival of a train full of ghosts.
 36. Hard Guy (1:05:14)
Vic runs a nightclub that dangles pretty women in front of wealthy single men in order to marry them off, followed by a high-priced annulment.
 37. Harvard Here I Come (1:03:53)
Retired boxer Slapsie Maxie is given a lampoon award from the Harvard Lampoon for being a perfect moron, and decides to get revenge by getting educated at Harvard.
 38. Hedda Hopper's Hollywood (0:09:28)
A visit with Hedda Hopper at her home, then her first movie short premier in Milwaukee, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Hollywood Motion Picture Home and finally ending the evening at the famous Mocambo nightclub.
 39. Highway Hell, or Hitchhike to Hell (0:54:50)
A pimp and his six girls try to take over the Wagon Wheel rental cabins and bar from the old fellow that runs the place.
 40. I Thank You (1:17:33)
During a time of WWII Blitz in London, British comedian Arthur Askey gathers out of work entertainers and puts on a show.
 41. In Old Cheyenne (0:53:11)
Roy Rogers is Steve Blane, a newspaper reporter from New York City who goes to Cheyenne in search of a story about outlaw Arapahoe Brown.
 42. In Old Colorado (1:02:50)
Hopalong Cassidy, Lucky Jenkins and California Carslson head to Colorado to purchase cattle from Ma Woods, but some local outlaws rob them and rustle the cattle.
 43. Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It (1:23:28)
Scotland Yard Inspector Hornleigh and his partner Bingham are told to join the Army to find the soldiers that were pilfering army goods, but they stumble onto a Nazi spy ring and murder mystery instead.
 44. The Invisible Ghost (1:02:51)
The Doctor's wife leaves him, and he becomes a homicidal maniac, terrorizing the town.
 45. Jesse James at Bay (0:52:48)
Railroad tycoons lure poor families to work and develop wasteland with the promise to sell it to them cheap, but then ignore the farmers and sell the land at great profit.
 46. Jungle Man, or Drums of Africa (1:01:37)
A man takes his fiancé and her father on a jungle adventure in search of the lost city of the dead.
 47. King of the Zombies (1:07:11)
As World War Two is beginning, an enemy agent in the Bahamas is creating zombie spies.
 48. Law of the Timber (1:03:47)
A young girl running a lumber operation must discover who the scoundrel is that will kill to keep her from filling a company-saving lumber order.
 49. Let's Go Collegiate (1:01:40)
A small college has the chance to get a star athlete, but when he is drafted for the military, the fellows find a substitute to impersonate hims.
 50. Love on the Dole (1:34:03)
During the depths of a business depression in England, a young girl from Hankey Park decides to become the paid mistress of a wealthy man so she can support her family.
 51. Major Barbara (2:00:38)
A millionaire and a Salvation Army worker experience each other's life for one day, and both are forever changed.
 52. Meet John Doe (2:02:06)
This is a classic Frank Capra story, showcasing Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwicyck at their best. A poor man agrees to impersonate a fictional man that is threatening suicide, and as his fame increases, so do the sub plots and the complications.
 53. Melody for Three (1:05:01)
Mary Stanley never told Johnny's father that he was a father, and Dr. Christian encourages her to let Johnny's father know about Johnny, no matter what the outcome.
 54. The Miracle Kid (1:07:24)
Al Bolger is the publicity man for two competing businesses, and the owners of the two businesses used to be married to each other, but they cannot stand each other today.
 55. Miss Polly (0:43:51)
Midville is living in the Victorian past but Miss Polly and her magic love-potion bottle of wine will change things forever.
 56. Murder by Invitation (1:04:48)
Her family takes their wealthy matriarch to court to have her declared insane so they can split her money, but when that doesn't work she invites them to her estate to discuss things, and they are murdered, one by one.
 57. Murder on Lenox Avenue (1:17:26)
A Harlem apartment house is the center of attention in this crime murder mystery.
 58. Murder With Music (0:56:59)
Some of the pioneers of American Jazz and Swing display their talents in a showcase of music and mahem.
 59. Nevada City (0:53:06)
It is stagecoach service vs the railroads in the 1860's, and someone is sabotaging them both, so that they fight each other, and only singing cowboy Roy Rogers can save the day.
 60. Niagara Falls (0:43:04)
A wonderful romantic comedy with the humor of comedy stars Slim Summerville and Zasu Pitts.
 61. No Hands on the Clock (1:14:20)
A private detective on his honeymoon in Reno Nevada gets mixed up with three beautiful women and murder.
 62. Old Bill and Son (1:39:33)
As WWII begins in England old Bill, a WWI veteran manages to get into the war along with his young son Bill and they head to France to fight the new war.
 63. Outlaws of the Desert (1:05:39)
While in Arabia to purchase horses, Hopalong Cassidy and Sheik Suleiman use an Apache trick to capture an attacking Sheik and his men after first foiling a kidnapping plot.
 64. Parachute Battalion (1:15:06)
Premiering three months before Pearl Harbor, this movie inspired young Americans to join 'Uncle Sam's Most Dangerous Game.'
 65. Penny Serenade (1:59:35)
All a young couple in love wants is their very own family, and it seems to be the only thing that they cannot have.
 66. Pimpernel Smith (1:55:38)
An absent-minded Cambridge archeology professor leads a double life as an adventurer who secretly takes Nazi prisoners back to England.
 67. Pirates on Horseback (1:05:50)
Hopalong Cassidy and his buddies search for the secret gold mine with the help of an eagle at sunset.
 68. Pot O' Gold (1:25:31)
Jimmy Stewart tries to end the feud between his music-hating Uncle Charlie and the big band next door.
 69. Power Dive (1:07:27)
Fans of vintage aircraft will love this noir thriller about a secret new airplane made out of plastic.
 70. Red River Valley (0:53:01)
Singing cowboy Roy Rogers gets put in jail for kidnapping the Sheriff and his daughter, while the bad guys convince the town to give away their rights to the water behind the new dam.
 71. Reg'lar Fellers (1:04:31)
A group of small town kids save the grumpy rich lady by capturing two criminals who rob her.
 72. Riders of the Timberline (0:55:43)
Hopalong Cassidy and Johnny Nelson ride to the mountains to help a man and his daughter save their logging business from someone who is sabotaging their efforts.
 73. Riding the Sunset Trail (0:55:26)
 74. Road Show (1:27:00)
A wealthy bachelor playboy pretends to be crazy in order to avoid the clutches of a pretty young gold-digger in this slapstick comedy.
 75. Roar of the Press (1:10:22)
In this wonderful old movie, Wally and Jean get married after only knowing each other for a few days, and Jean gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that Wally is 'married' to his job at the newspaper.
 76. Robot Pilot (1:06:27)
Spies try to steal a new 'robot pilot' that can fly an airplane remotely that has just been created by a U.S. inventor.
 77. Saddle Mountain Roundup (0:58:20)
The mysterious killer called The Raven is on the loose, and the Range Busters must prevent him from killing an old man and his Chinese helper.
 78. Secret Evidence (1:00:36)
Linda has it all when her boss, attorney David Harrison, is promoted to assistant District Attorney, and asks Linda to marry him. The only problem is Linda's old beau, who just got out of prison and wants to force Linda into a life of crime with him.
 79. Secret of the Wasteland (1:02:45)
Hopalong Cassidy discovers a secret oasis town in the middle of the desert inhabited by Chinese-Americans who have a rich gold mine, and the bad guys will try to steal it from them.
 80. Shadows on the Stairs (0:57:57)
There are multiple murders and disappearing tenants in a London rooming house filled with many clues and suspects, but very few answers.
 81. The Sheriff of Tombstone (0:52:57)
The mayor of wild Tombstone Arizona sends for a hired gunslinger to clean up the town, but this gunslinger actually works to help the mayor take over the town for his own means. This is a great family oriented western, and is fun for all ages.
 82. Sign of the Wolf (1:07:27)
When dog-breeder Judy Weston's plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness, dog Grey Shadow runs for help, but later is framed by fur thieves as a killer wolf and is going to be shot.
 83. South of Panama (1:01:26)
A reporter in Panama is mistaken for a scientist with a secret camouflage formula and is chased by international spies.
 84. Spooks Run Wild (1:04:07)
this Halloween season horror-comedy could be titled, 'The East End Kids meet Bella Lugosi.'
 85. Stick to Your Guns (1:02:07)
Hopalong Cassidy and California Carleson join cattle rustlers working out of the Snake Butte mountains until the Bar 20 cowboys can come to their aid.
 86. Sundown (1:26:28)
In the heart of Africa, a mysterious woman living with the natives helps British soldiers defeat gun smugglers intent on war.
 87. Sunny (1:35:16)
It is Mardi Gras week in New Orleans, the music is flowing, the fun is free and love is in the air.
 88. Swamp Woman (0:59:54)
A fan dancer goes to her home in the Suwannee swamps and discovers that her younger sister is about to marry an escaped convict.
 89. Tanks a Million (1:15:34)
Dodo Doubleday with his photographic memory goes from private to sergeant in one easy mis-step, much to the chagrin of career Sergeant Ames.
 90. That Uncertain Feeling (1:23:32)
A lady visits a psychoanalyst to get rid of her attacks of the hiccups, but may get rid of her husband instead.
 91. They Meet Again (1:07:06)
Doctor Christian hosts a birthday party for a young motherless girl, but before the party is over, dad is accused of stealing from the bank he works for and is sent to prison.
 92. Topper Returns (1:28:19)
When a killer mistakenly murders the girlfriend of an heiress, the murdered girl's ghost can only be seen by a meek banker, and together they hunt for the killer.
 93. Twilight on the Trail (0:55:06)
Hopalong Cassidy and his pals pretend to be English dude detectives trying to help a rancher discover who is rustling all the cattle in the valley.
 94. Uncle Joe (0:50:41)
In order to get his daughter away from a suitor that he doesn't like, dad sends Clare to visit her Uncle Joe in the country, where she enjoys a summer adventure.
 95. Underground Rustlers (0:55:11)
It is September of 1869 and some wall street traders run up the price of gold and threaten to topple the government, and in addition, they rob all of the gold shipments headed to the mint to save the day, so Uncle Sam recruits the Range Busters to get the gold rustlers.
 96. Western Mail (0:54:04)
Someone is robbing the Federal mail trains and Tom Keene must infiltrate the gang to round up the bandits.
 97. Wide Open Town (1:17:53)
Cattle Rustlers have stolen the Bar 20 herd, so Hopalong Cassidy, Lucky Jenkins and California Carson trail them to the town that is ruled by the rustlers and their boss, beautiful and deadly Belle Langtry.
 98. The Wolfman (1:09:55)
 99. Zis Boom Bah (1:01:33)
Hard-boiled Vaudeville star Grace Hayes plays herself in this 'Lets put on a show' college adventure.
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1942  (77 films)
 1. 'Neath Brooklyn Bridge (1:00:44)
The East Side Kids at their best. You will laugh till you cry watching this romantic crime comedy.
 2. The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine (0:52:44)
A radio station believes that a retired safe cracker and his henchman are now living in a small mid-western town, and they are offering ten thousand dollars to the person who can discover the identity of infamous safe-cracker Jimmy Valentine.
 3. American Empire (1:20:42)
Two men are determined to build the largest cattle empire in the nation.
 4. Arizona Stage Coach (0:56:36)
The Range Busters head north to hunt down the hombres that are robbing Wells Fargo stage coaches headed for Arizona.
 5. Baby Face Morgan (0:59:13)
Ed Morgan, son of a notorious mob boss, is tricked into becoming the head of the mob when his father suddenly dies, but he is kept in the dark about the real business in this old movie about romance and crime.
 6. Back Room Boy (1:18:54)
A BBC employee is exiled to a remote island after making a big mistake, and finds himself in the middle of a shipwrecked crew of beautiful girls that are disappearing one at a time.
 7. The Bashful Bachelor (1:16:16)
Lum wants to propose to Geraldine, but Abner delivers the proposal note to old widow Abernathy by mistake, who is excited beyond belief.
 8. The Battle of Midway (0:18:08)
This movie, produced by the U.S. Navy, edits actual film from the battle shot by director John Ford, who was wounded as he filmed, but never stopped his camera, capturing the reality of the Japanese attack of Midway on June 4, 1942.
 9. Billy the Kid Trapped (0:54:40)
Outlaws are pretending to be Billy the Kid and his side-kicks and the real Billy the Kid must bring them to justice to save himself from the hangman's noose.
 10. Black Dragons (1:01:45)
Japan attacked Pearl Harbor three months ago, and now horror actor Bela Lugosi acts in his only 'spy' movie as he uses his powers of horror against fifth columnists.
 11. Bob's Busy Day aka Going Spanish (0:10:17)
The 1934 20 minute Bob Hope debut comedy short with some singing edited out.
 12. Bombs Over Burma (1:05:24)
A young Chinese girl risks her life to keep a supply line open against the daily attacks by Japan.
 13. Boot Hill Bandits (0:56:16)
The Range Busters help a local Sheriff capture bandits who are filling boot hill with bodies as they rob and cheat the townsfolk.
 14. Bowery at Midnight (1:01:35)
Bela Lugosi funds a soup kitchen by running a gang of thieves and murderers, while an old doctor/assistant brings the dead men back to life.
 15. Bullet Scars (0:59:03)
Regis Toomey is a doctor who is kidnapped and forced to work on a wounded bank robber in this gangster crime thriller.
 16. The Corpse Vanishes (1:03:10)
The advertising tag lines for this Bela Lugosi thriller are KIDNAPPED BRIDES Are The Victims Of His Terror! Prepare to shudder when you see the strange practices of this doctor who sacrificed beautiful women for the sake of a mad love!.
 17. The Dawn Express (1:02:19)
Two U.S. chemical companies are developing a secret formula for making gasoline much more powerful, and a Nazi spy ring stops at nothing to get the formula.
 18. Eyes in the Night (1:19:35)
Edward Arnold plays Mac Maclain, a blind detective who investigates a murder and discovers espionage against the WWII war effort.
 19. The First of the Few (1:53:46)
The true story of aircraft designer R.J. Mitchell, who, after encountering Hitler during a holiday in Germany decides that he must design a new airplane for Britain, the 'Spitfire'.
 20. Flying Tigers (1:37:16)
John Wayne heads the all star cast telling the true story of the famous Flying Tigers fighter pilots in the skies over China.
 21. Freckles Comes Home (0:59:03)
A Chicago gangster fleeing the law is murdered while hiding out in a small Indiana town, and his henchmen come after him to finish the job of robbing the town bank.
 22. Girls' Town (1:05:34)
A tall, blonde beauty contest winner goes to Hollywood to become a star, but her kid sister is the one that the famous director really wants.
 23. Hard Steel (1:22:26)
A steel mill worker becomes the big boss and rules his men with a ruthless heart of steel.
 24. Hay Foot (0:45:40)
A madcap Army comedy with Sergeant 'Dodo' Doubleday in trouble again.
 25. Hillbilly Blitzkrieg (1:02:48)
A beautiful foreign spy tries to steal the plans for a secret army radio controlled rocket from Snuffy Smith and Barney Google.
 26. Horace Takes Over (1:05:43)
Small town Horace wants a wedding night in a big New York City hotel with his new bride before he goes off to war, but what he gets is gangsters, dead bodies and stolen loot.
 27. I Live on Danger (1:05:24)
A hot-shot radio reporter helps the sister of an accused killer prove his innocence.
 28. In Which We Serve (1:49:29)
The story of the British Battleship HMS Torrin is told in flashback by the men that fought WWII with her.
 29. Inside the Law (0:56:45)
A mob of con artists headed by grandma and grandpa commit the perfect crime when they rob a bank, but later decide to go straight.
 30. The Jungle Book (1:44:55)
Rudyard Kipling's famous story of Mowgli the jungle boy who battles a killer tiger and the men who want to learn where the secret jungle temple of treasure is located.
 31. Jungle Siren (1:05:35)
The advertising for this movie was SHE'S A ONE-GIRL LOVE-BLITZ! It took this American he-man to teach her the manual of ARMS...and what a pupil she made!
 32. King Arthur Was A Gentleman (1:34:23)
Arthur Askey plays Arther King, who enlists in England's Army, and soon fancies himself as King Arthur of legend.
 33. Lady from Chungking (1:08:30)
A Chinese rebel girl infiltrates the invading Japanese hotel to help the resistance and save two American airmen that have been shot down over China.
 34. Lady Gangster (1:01:16)
A failed actress helps gangsters rob a bank, but before she goes to prison, she steals the loot from the gangsters and hides it.
 35. Law of the Jungle (1:01:06)
An archeologist and his gentleman's gentleman help a Brooklyn singer who is stranded in the jungles of Africa and being chased by WWII enemy spies.
 36. Let the People Sing (1:40:13)
The leaders of the small town of Dunbury, England are torn between turning the town music hall into a museum or a plastics factory showroom, but the people still want a music hall.
 37. Let's Get Tough (1:02:08)
Those East Side Kids take on a gang of Japanese spies. The 'East Side Kids' made several light comedy movies in 1942, and this one takes on WWII, with the standard All-American message of the day.
 38. The Living Ghost (0:59:52)
Private Eye Nick Trayne and beautiful Billie chase a zombie killer through a haunted house filled with a wacky family.
 39. Lost Canyon (0:58:59)
Hopalong Cassidy and California Carson try to help side-kick Johnny prove that he didn't rob the town bank.
 40. Lucky Ghost (1:00:47)
Two out of work men win a nightclub in a craps game with the owner, but the ghosts sleeping in the graveyard next door decide to scare them out of business.
 41. The Mad Monster (1:16:37)
A mad scientist develops a serum from a wild wolf that will change his assistant into a blood-thirsty werewolf who goes on a killing spree.
 42. Man From Headquarters (1:04:01)
A reporter helps crack a ring of gangsters for the cops, but may not live long enough to testify against them.
 43. The Man With Two Lives (1:04:37)
The soul of a killer in the electric chair seems to pass into the body of a young banker's son, turning him into a homicidal maniac.
 44. Men of San Quentin (1:16:45)
A crooked deputy warden plans havoc among the guards and inmates in the infamous San Quentin Prison.
 45. Miss V From Moscow (1:06:05)
A female Nazi spy in Paris is killed and replaced by a lookalike girl from Moscow.
 46. Mr. Wise Guy (1:09:16)
The East Side Kids are sent to reform school in this romantic crime comedy, and reform school will never be the same.
 47. Next of Kin (1:15:38)
A WWII spy adventure produced for the British Armed Forces that Winston Churchill wanted to ban from the public until convinced by the director to let the 'Next of Kin' watch the movie.
 48. Outlaws of Boulder Pass (0:59:55)
Outlaws control the pass and everything that goes through it, and the Lone Rider battles them with his trusty side-kick, Fuzzy.
 49. The Panther's Claw (1:10:33)
Byron Foulger is befuddled wig maker Everett P. Digberry, who is accused of blackmail and murder.
 50. The Pay Off (1:12:05)
Hot shot reporter Brad McKay is on the trail of the city's big crime boss, but he may not put the clues together fast enough to save his life.
 51. The Power of God (0:54:12)
In 1847 a group of German immigrants in Missouri and Ohio began the organized churches patterned after the teachings of Martin Luther. This is a story about their vision of Christianity in the practical lives of some folk in a small town.
 52. Prairie Pals (0:58:01)
Three prairie pals bust up a gangster plot to make synthetic gold out of vanadium ore.
 53. Private Snuffy Smith (1:05:53)
The cartoon character comes to life as Snuffy decides to take the Army up on their offer of free clothes, instead of dodging the revenuers after his moon shine.
 54. Road to Happiness (1:14:02)
While Jeff is studying voice in Europe so he can sing opera, his wife divorces him for a millionaire and puts their young son in a military school.
 55. Romance on the Range (0:52:48)
Ranch foreman Roy Rogers tangles with thieves on the ranch and the new ranch owner, a tenderfoot lady from back East.
 56. Roy Rogers in South of Santa Fe (0:52:57)
Roy Rogers, the singing cowboy, helps Carol get her mine started by inviting the wealthy city men that can finance her operation to a special event, but the men wind up getting kidnapped, and Roy is blamed.
 57. Rubber Racketeers (0:55:49)
During World War II when all the new rubber is being used for the military war effort, a defense worker and his buddies bust a rubber racketeer stealing and selling rubber illegally.
 58. Salute John Citizen (1:13:40)
The life and times of the Bunting family in London during the World War II Blitz of London.
 59. Sauce for the Gander (0:57:59)
A wife swaps places with her husband who brags that he could do the housework much better than his wife.
 60. Secret Mission (1:30:05)
British spies infiltrate occupied France during World War II in search of enemy troop information.
 61. Sheriff of Sage Valley (0:52:15)
Outlaw Billy the Kid is being blamed for crimes committed by his brother Kansas Ed, and he becomes Sheriff of Sage Valley while trying to hunt down his brother.
 62. Smart Alecks (1:05:22)
The East End Kids are at it again. What a finish to this romantic crime comedy.
 63. So's Your Aunt Emma (1:02:20)
Two gangsters battle over control of New York City until a little old lady from the country convinces them that she is a bigger gangster than they are, and proves it!
 64. Sunset on the Desert (0:52:58)
When Roy Rogers goes back to his father's town he discovers that he looks exactly like a murdering Deputy on the run.
 65. Sunset Serenade (0:58:04)
Three war time girls inherit a ten ton truck and decide to go into business.
 66. Texas to Bataan (0:53:56)
The Range Busters uncover war spies in Texas and in the Phillipines on the eve of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
 67. They Raid by Night (1:09:18)
British Commandos are sent to Norway to rescue a General being held by the Nazi's, but there is a traiter who betrays them.
 68. Too Many Women (1:06:12)
Richard Sutton tries to juggle three girlfriends at once, but when a fourth woman wants to marry Richard her gangster brother uses his gun to help get his sister into the arms of a frightened Richard.
 69. Trail Riders (0:52:56)
An outlaw forms a vigilante gang that cleans up a small town and then with the competition gone, they rob the town at will until the Range Busters get to town.
 70. Undercover Man (1:05:22)
Hopalong Cassidy and his pals head south of the border in search of outlaws who are crossing the border to get away from the law.
 71. War Dogs (1:03:53)
A World War II docu-drama about the importance of donating dogs to the military for the war effort.
 72. Wildcat (1:11:40)
Johnny Maverick, an oil wildcatter will do whatever it takes to bring in the first well in Antril Bend, a wild town in oil country, filled with adventurous men and designing women.
 73. Wrecking Crew (1:11:00)
A wrecking crew worker seems to be jinxed and everyone around him is hurt or dies, until he meets his lucky charm.
 74. X Marks the Spot (0:52:39)
Private Eye Eddie Delaney is arrested for killing the gangster who killed his father, and only has two days to find the real killer.
 75. A Yank in Libya (1:05:39)
A brash American reporter discovers a German plot to arm the Arabs in a revolt against the British in WWII Libya.
 76. You're Telling Me (0:59:53)
A nit-wit nephew gets a job with a big radio advertising company and must convince a famous jungle explorer returning from an expedition to sign a big radio contract, but the love lives of the explorer and his expedition partner get in the way.
 77. The Young Mr. Pitt (1:52:13)
The story of England's youngest Prime Minister, William Pitt, and the battle against Napoleon Bonaparte.
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1943  (69 films)
 1. Adventure in Iraq (1:04:31)
A pilot and two passengers are stranded in the Syrian desert and condemned to die at the hands of the Sheik's priest.
 2. The Adventures of Tartu (1:43:05)
During World War II a British Secret Agent infiltrates enemy territory with a misson to destroy a secret enemy chemical gas plant.
 3. Aerial Gunner (1:18:53)
It is the middle of WWII, and this is the story of two men that fought each other, the enemy, and fought for the love of the same woman.
 4. The Ape Man (1:03:40)
An experiment gone wrong turns Bela Lugosi into an Ape Man who must drain all of the spinal fluid from a live victim every day to survive.
 5. Bar 20 (0:52:32)
Hopalong Cassidy and his pals ride to California to purchase cattle, but get accused of murder and robbery when the only man who can clear them is killed.
 6. The Bells Go Down (1:25:17)
As World War II begins several young London men join the Auxillary Fire Force without a clue to the horrors of war that lay ahead.
 7. The Black Raven (1:01:09)
A group of strangers is caught in a hotel with a killer in the Black Raven hotel, on a dark and stormy night.
 8. Border Patrol (1:03:03)
Hopalong Cassidy and two more Texas Rangers are sentenced to hang by the Judge in a remote Texas silver mining town run by outlaws.
 9. The Butler's Dilemma (1:15:07)
Sir Playfair's son pretends to be a manservant in his girlfriend's home for three days to work of a gambling debt, but he is really providing an alibi for jewel thief Slippery Jim.
 10. Cattle Stampede (0:56:36)
Billy the Kid and Fuzzy help some ranchers who are being rustled and cheated by Boss Coulter.
 11. City Without Men (1:14:48)
A group of wives and girlfriends of convicted prisoners plan a jail break to get their men out of stir.
 12. Clancy Street Boys (1:05:06)
Mugs is turning 18 today, and the gang gives him a motley group of presents. He discovers that he may be in line to get a fortune, but only if he can produce 6 brothers and sisters for his visiting wealthy uncle.
 13. Colt Comrades (1:04:21)
Hopalong Cassidy and his side-kicks are accused of cattle rustling and chased by vigilantes who will shoot to kill.
 14. Combat America (1:01:45)
Lieutenant Clark Gable follows the 351st Bombardment Group from Missouri to England with battle footage of a bombing raid on Adolf's headquarters.
 15. The Dark Tower (1:33:19)
A European Circus struggles for success when a stranger with hypnotic powers joins them.
 16. Dead Men Walk (1:03:05)
An evil doctor, servant of the devil, comes back to life to avenge his death.
 17. The Demi-Paradise aka Adventure for Two (1:52:12)
A Russian inventor in Barchester, England tries to understand the ways of the British people as World War II begins.
 18. Devil Riders (0:56:27)
Outlaws want to stop the new stage coach from coming through the bad lands, and Billy the Kid helps the town to stop the bad guys.
 19. False Colors (1:04:11)
Hopalong Cassidy and his pals inherit part of a large ranch when the heir is killed by rogues who want to take over the ranch.
 20. The Flemish Farm (1:18:19)
During World War II an Air Force pilot from Belgium ventures deep into enemy territory on a commando mission to recover his regiment's flag that is hidden on a Flemish Farm.
 21. The Gentle Sex (1:28:26)
British females, the 'gentle' sex, pampered and thought of as the weaker sex, step up and fill men's shoes during WWII in a way that womanhood has never seen before.
 22. The Ghost and the Guest (0:55:34)
Their honeymoon is spent in a haunted house with crooks on the loose, and enough merry crime-busting fun to keep you in stitches.
 23. The Ghost Ship (1:09:20)
When sailors mysteriously die aboard the Altair some sailors believe that the ship is haunted by killer ghosts, but the third mate thinks that there may be a madman aboard.
 24. Ghosts on the Loose (1:04:43)
The East End Kids discover what appears to be a haunted mansion next to the new cottage they want to fix up for the newlyweds.
 25. The Girl From Monterey (0:57:51)
Hot blooded Latina Lita Valdez is the toast of Monterey, but when her boxer brother fights her boxer boyfriend, trouble may be the only outcome.
 26. Girls in Chains (1:11:05)
A big city school teacher is fired because her brother-in-law id the big mob boss of the city, and has lots of enemies. She gets a job in a girls reformatory and discovers corruption there also.
 27. Gung Ho! The True Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders (1:26:00)
Seven weeks after Pearl Harbor the Second Marine Raider Battalion was created to attack Pacific islands that were captured by the Japanese.
 28. Haunted Ranch (0:53:42)
The Range Busters search for stolen gold on a ranch that seems to be haunted by ghosts.
 29. Hi Diddle Diddle (1:12:59)
During World War Two, a sailor on a 48 hour leave tries to marry his sweetheart and enjoy a night of wedded bliss.
 30. Hoppy Serves a Writ (1:04:04)
Hopalong Cassidy travels to Oklahoma to lure cattle rustlers back into Texas where he can arrest them.
 31. Isle of Forgotten Sins - Monsoon (1:16:12)
South Sea Sailors, sunken treasure, the girls of an island brothel and a big monsoon combine in this island adventure.
 32. Johnny Come Lateley (1:37:24)
James Cagney is a tramp turned newspaper reporter who fights a corrupt town boss with his fists, his gun, his wit and the help of an old lady and her decrepit newspaper.
 33. Kansan (1:18:41)
A cowboy is elected Sheriff of a small town when he shows the courage to face the James Gang, but his biggest problem as Sheriff may be someone else!
 34. Kid Dynamite (1:06:05)
Leo Gorcey is Kid Dynamite, the East Side champ boxer, and is kidnapped by gangsters before the big fight against the West Side champ.
 35. The Kid Rides Again (0:53:38)
Billy the Kid escapes from a Texas Sheriff and goes to Sundown Kansas to find the outlaws that framed him in Texas.
 36. King of the Cowboys (0:56:10)
America is at war in 1943, and the Governor wants Roy to uncover a spy ring and bring the culprits to justice.
 37. Lady of Burlesque (1:29:59)
There is murder at the opera house turned burlesque theater, and Dixie Daisy , the sizzling new dancer, is right in the middle of the action.
 38. The Last Three (0:42:56)
GET READY FOR ROARS! THEY'RE GOING TO DROP HITLER ON BERLIN . . . When Hal Roach Presents 'That Nazty Nuisance.' This movie was also called 'Double Crossed Fool', and 'Nazty Nuisance' when released in other countries.
 39. Leather Burners (1:06:54)
Hopalong Cassidy and his saddle partner California Carlson get jobs working for the local bad guy so they can uncover his rustling operation.
 40. The Leopard Man (1:06:02)
One by one people are being killed in a small New Mexico town, and an escaped pet leopard is blamed for the violence.
 41. Man of Courage (1:04:56)
A politically ambitious District Attorney puts an innocent mother in prison for killing her husband, who is alive and living with a nightclub singer.
 42. Minesweeper (1:05:43)
A Navy deserter redeems himself after the war begins when he enlists in the Navy under a phony name.
 43. Miss London Ltd (1:34:56)
An Escort service in London finds young ladies to escort war-time military men while they are on leave.
 44. A Night for Crime (1:11:13)
A movie studio publicity man searches for a missing actress and turns up murder and intrigue.
 45. The North Star (1:45:49)
Ukranian villagers resist the Nazi attacks in the summer of 1941 as World War II rages throughout Europe.
 46. The Outlaw (1:55:44)
Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday become friends after the Kid steals Doc Holliday's horse, and then the Kid takes Doc Holliday's girlfriend as well, but Sheriff Pat Garrett is hot on their trail.
 47. The Peterville Diamond (1:25:10)
The bored and neglected wife of a workaholic businessman gets mixed up with a jewel thief when he robs her of the Peterville Diamond.
 48. The Powers Girl (1:33:23)
A photographer helps one sister become a John Powers model and falls in love with her younger sister, but complications may keep them apart.
 49. Riders of the Deadline (1:09:48)
Hopalong Cassidy gets tossed out of the Texas Rangers when he is accused of helping another Ranger escape from jail.
 50. Roy Rogers in Idaho (0:52:41)
A reformed criminal becomes a judge, but is framed by a crooked saloon keeper, and Roy Rogers must prove that the judge is innocent.
 51. A Scream in the Night (0:57:37)
International criminal Johnny Fly kidnaps an American girl in the Orient and steals her huge 'Tear of Buddha' ruby.
 52. Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1:07:46)
During the Second World War, A Swiss scientist invents a revolutionary new bomb sight for airplanes, but Dr. Moriarty has kidnapped the scientist and will sell the device to the enemy.
 53. Silver Spurs (0:53:05)
Roy Rogers is framed for killing a wealthy rancher, and just as he gets close to discovering who framed him, the henchman he is questioning is murdered with Roy's knife.
 54. So This Is Washington (1:02:43)
Lum and Abner decide to help the Government win WWII by giving them their secret recipe for licorice to use as a substitute for hard to find rubber.
 55. Song of Texas (0:50:07)
A man running a travelling rodeo seeks revenge when Roy Rogers leaves the rodeo to run a ranch.
 56. Stage Door Canteen (2:11:06)
All of the stars of Broadway and Hollywood join in this star spangled tribute to the fighting boys of World War II in this romantic musical comedy.
 57. A Stranger in Town (1:06:52)
A Supreme Court Justice wants a vacation hunting ducks in the country, but gets involved with corrupt small town officials.
 58. Submarine Alert (1:06:56)
German fifth columnists have stolen a new experimental short wave radio that can communicate with Japanese submarines and relay shipping information to sink American ships.
 59. Submarine Base (1:04:16)
On a remote island during World War Two, a New York City gangster tangles with a former NYC cop while enemy submarines roam the waters.
 60. Texas Legionnaires (0:53:05)
Famous singing cowboy movie star Roy Rogers returns to his home town to do a radio broadcast, but gets mixed up in a feud between the sheepers and the cattle men, and is accused of murder.
 61. This is the Army (1:54:23)
Boys fighting in World War 1, later watch as their sons and daughters join the fight in World War 2.
 62. Two Weeks to Live (1:13:55)
The "Back-Home" Boys Turn Big-City Jinx-Busters! When Abner is mistakenly told that he only has two weeks to live, they decide that they can make a ton of money by having Abner perform death-defying stunts.
 63. The Underdog (1:01:38)
A young boy and his dog help capture a World War II saboteur.
 64. War of the Wildcats (1:41:59)
In 1906 Oklahoma, a tough oil millionaire and a tougher cowboy fight each other over oil wells and the attention of a pretty school teacher.
 65. We Dive at Dawn (1:32:58)
The men on a British submarine go on a secret mission to sink a new German Battleship.
 66. Western Cyclone (0:59:37)
Billy the Kid is framed for murder and senteced to hang, unless he and Fuzzy can get the goods on the real killer.
 67. Wolves of the Range (0:56:56)
There is terror in Texas as drought threatens the ranchers and a villain wants to grab the ranches at firesale prices, and will commit murder to get what he wants unless the Lone Rider can save the day.
 68. The Woman of the Town (1:25:16)
The story of the woman who convinced Bat Masterson to bury his gun and become a newspaper reporter.
 69. You Can't Beat the Law aka Prison Mutiny (1:03:01)
When a society man-about-town gets sent to prison after being framed for robbery he learns how to prosper in prison, but he may die when a prison break goes wrong.
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1944  (61 films)
 1. Bees in Paradise (1:11:48)
British comedian Arthur Askey is in trouble again as he is stranded on an uncharted island inhabited by women who rule men like a beehive - the Queen is the ruler, and the men work as slaves to serve the ladies.
 2. Bluebeard (1:10:38)
John Carradine plays a mad man who paints a portrait of young girls, and then strangles them to death.
 3. Brand of the Devil (0:56:18)
Three Texas Rangers go to a small town that is run by outlaws and rustlers who leave a pitch-fork 'brand of the devil' as their calling card when they rob and rustle.
 4. Candles at Nine (1:23:08)
A young girl must survive a month in the dark and spooky Breaks Mansion with 6 greedy relatives and a creepy housekeeper in order to inherit the mansion and a fortune.
 5. Career Girl (1:06:52)
Her boyfriend in Kansas City thinks she should be home with him instead of chasing a career on Broadway, but Joan is determined to find success on the stage.
 6. Casanova in Burlesque (0:47:01)
A troup of burlesque stars puts on a show in a rural barn-theater, turning a serious Sheakspear play into a swinging, dancing, jive show.
 7. The Contender (1:02:16)
A truck driver turns professional boxer and the only person that can beat him is a golden-haired gold-digging glamour girl.
 8. The Cowboy and the Seniorita (0:51:27)
Roy is suspicious when a man tries very hard to purchase a seemingly worthless gold mine, and discovers that the mine holds a fortune in gold.
 9. Dangerous Passage (0:56:15)
Joe Beck books passage on a ship going from Hondouras to the U.S. to claim an inheritance, but he discovers that more than one person doesn't want him to arrive alive.
 10. Dark Mountain (0:56:27)
A black market gangster and his wife hide out in an old cabin on Dark Mountain in this noir murder thriller.
 11. Delinquent Daughters (1:09:23)
Three teenage high school girls get mixed up with boys, cars, nightclubs and crime and it will end in death for one of them.
 12. Detective Kitty O'Day (0:59:36)
Red-headed secretary Kitty O'Day goes to her boss' mansion to do some work before he leaves on a trip and when she discovers his dead body she decides to find the killer with the help of her boyfriend Johnny.
 13. Dixie Jamboree (1:08:51)
The last show boat on the Mississippi River has a medicine man captain that is mistaken for an infamous bootlegger and is chased by the mob.
 14. Enemy of Women (1:25:33)
The story of Doctor Paul Joseph Goebbels and Maria Brandt, the woman scorned, as the Nazi party tries to conquor the world.
 15. English Without Tears (1:23:09)
An heiress falls in love with her butler, and chases him until he catches her.
 16. A Fig Leaf for Eve aka Desirable Lady (1:08:27)
Eve, a nightclub singer that wants to break into the big time, discovers that she is an heiress to a fortune, if she can prove who she really is.
 17. Forty Thieves (1:00:27)
Outlaws stuff the ballet box and Sheriff Hopalong Cassidy is replaced by a new sheriff with forty bandits that want to kill Hopalong Cassidy.
 18. Frontier Outlaws (0:57:23)
Billy the Kid is accused of murder and put in jail as he tries to help a small town rid itself of the outlaws controlling it.
 19. Gambler's Choice (1:05:23)
Two boys and a little girl grow up in trouble, one boy becomes a cop, one boy becomes a gambler, and the girl is loved by both.
 20. Gangsters of the Frontier (0:54:20)
Range Riders Riddle Racketeering Rats in Red Rock - Tex Ritter helps a town rid itself of gold mine racketeers.
 21. The Great Mike (1:10:09)
Family Teen Comedy about a boy, his dog and his horse. The horse, named 'Mike' is entered into races and becomes a winner, despite the odds against him.
 22. Guns of the Law (0:52:34)
Outlaws are forcing ranchers off of their land near Laredo, Texas and it is up to the Texas Rangers with their guns blazing to make it right.
 23. The Hairy Ape (1:30:31)
A tough sailor seeks revenge on a beautiful society girl when with disgust she calls him a filthy beast hairy ape.
 24. The Halfway House (1:31:40)
Ten troubled people visit a small Welsh inn called the Halfway House, not knowing that the proprietors are ghosts.
 25. Hands Across the Border (0:52:31)
The town businessman tries to take the Adams ranch from young Kim Adams, but Roy Rogers will come to her aide.
 26. Hoodlum Girls aka Youth Aflame (0:57:36)
One teenage sister searches for the wild life with a boyfriend who loves nigntclubs and crime, while her younger sister tries to get her to finish high school and forget about nightclubs and crime.
 27. Hotel Reserve (1:24:45)
During the first days of World War II, a young doctor trying to become a French citizen who is on holiday at a French seaside hotel is accused of spying for the enemy, and must become the bait to reveal the real spy.
 28. I Accuse My Parents (1:08:13)
A young man facing a judge on the charge of murder accuses his parents of making him a killer.
 29. I'm From Arkansas (1:05:20)
Folk from Pitchfork, Arkansas show off their hog-calling, singing and dancing, with country and popular performers from 1935.
 30. Lady in the Death House (0:55:24)
A lady waiting to be put to death claims that she was framed by a man who was blackmailing her.
 31. Law Men (0:53:39)
Two U.S. Marshalls are sent to a small town to find and capture an outlaw gang.
 32. The Lights of Old Santa Fe (0:55:39)
Two rodeos are competing for business, and one of them resorts to foul play, until Roy Rogers gets the evidence to stop them.
 33. Lumberjack (1:04:37)
When scoundrels try to cheat Julie out of prime timber land that she inherits form her new husband, Hopalong Cassidy comes to the rescue.
 34. Machine Gun Mama (0:57:28)
Ollie loves Bunny, and Johnny loves Nita, who both work for a Mexican carnival. Nita is a hot Latin performer with a fiery temper, and Bunny . . . is an elephant.
 35. The Memphis Belle (0:42:54)
Fly and Fight with the Crew on an Actual Bombing Mission Over Germany! This is a short documentary about the 25th and final bombing mission of the Memphis Belle, a 'Flying Fortress' B17, on November 7, 1943. All of the cast are actual soldiers, except for Eugene Kern, the narrator.
 36. Men on Her Mind (1:08:21)
A radio singer must decide who she will marry when three of the men in her life propose to her on the night of her radio program premier.
 37. Million Dollar Kid (1:04:09)
The East End Kids save a millionaire from a mugging, and after he befriends the boys they save his daughter from a con-man and his son from being mixed up with gangsters.
 38. The Monster Maker (1:02:17)
A mad scientist injects his enemies with a rogue virus that makes them ugly.
 39. Moonlight and Cactus (0:59:51)
Some sailors on leave go to a buddy's cattle ranch that is now run by girls, but the cattle keep disappearing.
 40. Nabonga (1:11:19)
A man on safari in Africa discovers a woman raised by a giant gorilla who guards a great fortune in stolen jewels and money.
 41. The Navy Way (1:14:11)
Johnny Jersey, a tough boxer inducted into the Navy, finds it difficult to learn to live and work The Navy Way.
 42. A Night of Magic (0:52:38)
A man inherits a mummy from Egypt who comes to life and becomes his wife in this musical revue from 1944 London.
 43. Oath of Vengeance (0:55:11)
Fuzzy St. John gives up ranching for a general store and finds himself in the middle of a war between the ranchers and the farmers.
 44. One Body Too Many (1:15:33)
When a wealthy old man dies suddenly, all of the heirs gathered at his mansion waiting for their inheritance must survive the night to receive their money, with Bela Lugosi as the butler.
 45. Rogues Gallery (0:57:20)
A wise-cracking newspaper reporter and a newspaper photographer stumble across a phantom killer while reporting on a new secret electronic listening machine.
 46. The San Antonio Kid (0:53:18)
Red Ryder and his buddies Happy Jack and Little Beaver foil the plans of the town saloon owner who knows that there is oil on the ranch land and is trying to drive the ranchers out of Maverick.
 47. Seven Doors to Death (1:00:30)
Dead bodies are appearing everywhere. There are seven shops in an alley, and one of the shopkeepers is a killer.
 48. The Song of Nevada (0:52:42)
John's plane makes an emergency landing near Roy Rogers cattle drive, and he joins Roy, not realizing that he died in the plane and he is now a ghost.
 49. Song of the Open Road (1:32:41)
A child movie star runs away from the studio and joins a group of teens traveling the country and helping to harvest crops.
 50. Spook Town (0:56:51)
Three Texas Rangers delivering a box of cash to ranchers deal with outlaws in a ghost town.
 51. Swing Hostess (1:13:34)
Martha Tilton was the lead singer for Benny Goodman, and in this swing time drama she is a singer that gets discovered by a famous band leader.
 52. Texas Masquerade (0:56:32)
Hopalong Cassidy masquerades as a Boston lawyer helping Texas ranchers who are being terrorized by outlaw night riders.
 53. That's My Baby (1:07:23)
This comedy is a wonderful look at vaudeville music and dancing, with many cameo appearances by the comic stars of the day.
 54. Timber Queen (1:05:15)
A returning war vet helps show business nightclub people cut enough timber to save the timber company before the bad guys can stop them.
 55. Time Flies (1:24:03)
A beautiful, young 1944 music hall star uses a time machine to visit England during the days of Queen Elizabeth I.
 56. The Town Went Wild (1:13:45)
Two feuding fathers discover that their baby boys were switched at birth, meaning that one of the boys is about to marry his sister.
 57. Trocadero (1:08:28)
A fictionalized story of how the famous Hollywood Trocadero turned from Speak-Easy to Nightclub after the repeal of Prohibition.
 58. Voodoo Man (1:02:15)
A mad scientist kidnaps young beautiful girls in an attempt to bring his zombie wife back to life using hypnotic Voodoo.
 59. Waterfront (1:03:49)
A Nazi spy who pretends to be an optometrist on the waterfront is robbed of his little book of names and information, and must get it back at all costs before the Americans discover that he is a spy.
 60. The Way Ahead (1:50:15)
A group of inept British Army conscripts is trained to become a potent fighting force by the capable Lieutenant Perry.
 61. The Woman in the Window (1:39:02)
A middle-aged professor of crime becomes involved in murder because of the seductive woman in the window.
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1945  (55 films)
 1. Adventures of Kitty O'Day (1:02:46)
Hotel telephone operator Kitty O'Day hears a caller being shot to death, but the dead body keeps disappearing when Police Inspector Clancy is around.
 2. The All-Star Bond Rally (0:18:09)
A promotional film short for the U.S. Treasury Department to encourage the purchase of E Series War Bonds to finance World War II.
 3. And Then There Were None (1:36:53)
Ten strangers invited to spend the weekend at a remote mansion are murdered one by one.
 4. Apology for Murder (1:04:29)
A calculating vamp convinces a young newspaper reporter to help her murder her wealthy older husband.
 5. Bells of Rosarita (1:07:43)
Sue inherits a circus from her father, but his partner is trying to cheat her out of it, and only Roy Rogers can help her.
 6. The Big Show-Off (0:59:57)
A nightclub owner convinces the torch singer that her pianist is the Devil.
 7. Blood on the Sun (1:29:38)
Nick Condon is a reporter in pre-Pearl Harbor Japan, and he discovers their plot to rule the world, and my lose his life because of his knowledge in this oscar winning motion picture.
 8. The Brighton Strangler (1:04:19)
An actor in London loses his memory when his theater is bombed during World War II and he becomes the deranged killer that he has played on stage so many times.
 9. Captain Kidd (1:28:41)
Charles Laughton is Captain Kidd, the ruthless and despicable pirate who wants to become a British Nobleman in the court of King William III.
 10. Club Paradise (1:01:45)
Julie is kicked out of her disfunctional home to fend for herself in a cruel world of nightclubs and fast living.
 11. Crime Inc. (1:11:55)
A newspaper crime reporter and a local gangster try to discover who the top man is in a new crime syndicate that is controlling crime in the city.
 12. Delightfully Dangerous (1:29:13)
When aspiring actress Sherry goes to New York to visit her succsessful older sister Broadway Star Sherry, she finds much more than she expected.
 13. Detour (1:07:53)
Al Roberts was on a hitchhiking road trip to Hollywood when he met Vera. Some guys have all the luck, and some guys don't. Al had more than his share of luck, all bad.
 14. Dick Tracy (1:01:00)
Dick Tracy must find a maniac killer called Splitface who is slashing and killing fourteen men and women, seemingly at random.
 15. Doll Face (1:18:15)
"Doll Face" Carroll is a successful Burlesque Queen who may fall in love with the wealthy author who is helping her get culture.
 16. The Echo Murders (1:13:55)
While solving several puzzling murders, Sexto Blake stumbles on a Nazi plot to invade England.
 17. Fog Island (1:08:36)
A man who was framed by someone in his past invites all of the suspects to a weekend at his secluded island, and he sets several traps to catch the guilty party.
 18. Frenzy, aka The Latin Quarter (1:10:27)
Sculptor's model Christine disappears the night that her husband goes insane, and the man who was having an affair with Christine is determined to find out what happened to her.
 19. Gangster's Den (0:58:30)
Fuzzy buys the town saloon because there may be a profitable gold mine in the padlocked basement.
 20. Great Day (1:16:08)
The women in a small English village prepare for the arrival of the most famous woman in the 1945 world while their men are clueless bystanders.
 21. The Great Flamarion (1:17:33)
Sexy Connie manipulates her men with ease until she finally triple-crosses one man too many.
 22. Her Favorite Patient (1:18:43)
The advertising tag line for this comedy is When Beautiful Doctor Meets Handsome Hospital Case . . IT'S TOUCH AND OH! This motion picture was originally released as "Bedside Manner."
 23. High Powered (1:01:25)
A boilermaker who survived a fall from his high working area is afraid to climb again and is helped by a spunky gal who helps him find the courage to climb.
 24. His Brother's Ghost (0:51:36)
Thorne is killing ranchers and stealing their ranches, until one rancher's ghost comes back to avenge his death.
 25. Hollywood and Vine (0:57:34)
A girl headed for Hollywood in search of fame discovers that all the good movie parts are going to the dogs.
 26. The House I Live In (0:10:16)
Frank Sinatra films a post WWII one-reel movie that teaches a group of young boys about religious tolerance for others living in our neighborhood.
 27. I'll Be Your Sweetheart (1:40:04)
Two fellows in 1890's London start printing sheet music for 6 pennies and put the older publishers out of business, but then a black market publisher sells their music for 2 pennies, and they must fight to preserve their business model.
 28. I'll Remember April (1:01:52)
The father of a young singer is framed for murder, so the two radio stars who are both competing for her get together and solve the crime.
 29. Identity Unknown (1:10:32)
Four soldiers are bombed in France and only one survives, but he has lost his memory and doesn't know which of the four he is, so he visits all four men's families to discover his identity.
 30. The Kid Sister (0:53:33)
The teenage daughter of a wealthy family gets in trouble with a cat burglar while she chases the most eligible bachelor in Westport.
 31. The Lady Confesses (1:03:58)
The police are baffled by the murder of a woman who has been missing for seven years.
 32. The Last Chance (1:33:16)
British and American soldiers trapped in Northern Italy join a handful of refugees trying to get to Switzerland to escape the advancing Nazi troops.
 33. Marked for Murder (0:46:46)
There is a range war between the cattlemen and the sheep men, and Ranger Tex tries to bring peace to the range.
 34. Meet Sexton Blake (1:17:34)
Famous detective Sexton Blake chases spies around London in search of a secret formula.
 35. Midnight Manhunt (1:02:29)
A girl reporter finds the body of a long-missing gangster on the stairs to her apartment and hides him in a wax museum until she can write the story, but the body keeps disappearing.
 36. The Missing Corpse (1:01:35)
Murder was never so funny - Newspaper owner Henry Kruger finds the body of his rival in the trunk of his car, but it disappears, getting discovered and lost again several times by the rest of his family.
 37. Molly and Me (1:15:48)
A delightful British comedy about a struggling London actress that gets more than a job when she becomes a servant to a crusty retired politician.
 38. Northwest Trail (1:00:10)
Canadian Mountie Matt O'Brien discovers an illegal gold smuggling operation while escorting Miss Owens to a remote Canadian outpost.
 39. The Phantom of 42nd Street (0:57:36)
The suave Broadway reviewer for a New York newspaper helps the cops solve a string of murders in the theater.
 40. Salome, Where She Danced (1:29:48)
The sexiest girl in the wild west is kidnapped by the meanest bandit in the territory.
 41. Scared Stiff (1:04:29)
A milquetoast, sissy reporter is given one chance to report on a wine festival or lose his job, and he gets into the middle of a murder mystery that only he can solve, despite his best efforts not to.
 42. The Scarlet Clue (1:04:36)
Charlie Chan is working for the government trying to find the spies who are attempting to steal top secret radar equipment.
 43. Scarlet Street (1:41:41)
Lazy Legs Kitty and her lazier boyfriend think that Chris Cross is wealthy so Kitty throws herself at Chris to get his money.
 44. Shadows of Death (0:58:42)
It is a bad day in Red Rock, because the railroad is coming through town, and the outlaws want to control the land it will be built on.
 45. A Song for Miss Julie (1:07:12)
A romantic musical drama about a southern family making a play for New York with plenty of family fighting.
 46. Song of Old Wyoming (1:02:47)
Two scoundrel businessmen hire a gunslinger to get rid of the tough old gal who owns a cattle ranch and runs the Laramie, Wyoming newspaper.
 47. The Southerner (1:31:55)
A cotton picker and his family decide to trade a paycheck for the chance to start their own farm.
 48. The Stork Club (1:37:16)
A wealthy old man is saved from drowning by a hat-check girl at the Stork Club, and in appreciation he gives her a fortune . . . but when her boyfriend finds out, he thinks she is a 'kept woman'.
 49. The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (1:20:12)
When bachelor Harry falls in love with a big city girl, one of his old-maid sisters does everything she can to kill the romance.
 50. Strange Illusion (1:25:20)
Paul has a recurring dream about the death of his father and a homicidal maniac that woos and wins his mother, and the dream is now coming true.
 51. TMan Who Walked Alone (1:11:16)
A soldier returning from the war with a secret hitches a ride into town courtesy of a girl with a secret.
 52. Utah (0:53:03)
Ranch foreman Roy Rogers trys to discourage the new ranch owner from taking over the ranch, but his scheme backfires.
 53. White Pongo (1:11:50)
An expedition to the Congo River region of Africa is in search of a monsterous white gorilla that might be the missing link between man and animals.
 54. Wildfire (0:58:34)
Two horse traders run into a gang of rustlers who own the town and after stealing their horses, the gang accuses the horse traders of rustling and wants to string them up.
 55. The Woman in Green (1:07:12)
Professor Moriarty will try to kill Sherlock Holmes with help from the woman in green.
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1946  (51 films)
 1. Abilene Town (1:29:21)
Can't we all just get along? The Civil War is over, and in Abilene Kansas another may start if Randolph Scott cannot keep the cattlemen at peace with the homesteaders in this divided town.
 2. Angel on my Shoulder (1:41:18)
The strange story of Eddie Kagle! In this dark comedy, the Devil arranges for a dead gangster to return to Earth as a well-respected judge to make up for his previous life.
 3. Behind Green Lights (1:01:32)
Police Lieutenant Carson discovers a dead body in a car that rolls onto the sidewalk in front of the police station, and all of the evidence points to a blonde beauty. Note This remastered copy is courtesy of Larry Cole at acme-tv.com where you can purchase this movie as a dvd in addition to many more great classics.
 4. A Boy, a Girl and a Dog (1:28:49)
A little boy and girl living in a large apartment building that does not permit dogs find a stray mutt and try to hide him from the grown ups.
 5. Breakfast in Hollywood (1:27:30)
HEART-SINGING . . . LAUGH-RINGING! Here's a Honey of a Hit! In the 1940's Tom Breneman hosted a daily radio show in Hollywood, featuring many of the town's stars. In 1946 this movie was created to showcase the popular radio program for the rest of the country. The list of guests in this movie is enough to make this a 'must-see' movie.
 6. Carnival (1:28:43)
A beautiful young ballerina in London searches for true love.
 7. The Chase (1:24:41)
Chuck Scott , takes a job as chauffeur for a gangster with a beautiful wife. Soon the wife convinces Chuck to help her run away to Havana, but her crime boss husband is on the chase.
 8. A Close Call for Boston Blackie (1:00:01)
Boston Blackie is framed for murder by an old girlfriend with a new baby.
 9. Colonel Effingham's Raid (1:10:12)
A retired Army Colonel goes home to his small Georgia town and begins fighting city hall when they want to tear down the historic courthouse.
 10. Danny Boy (1:04:31)
Jimmy's dog serves as a Marine War Dog during the war, and now that the war is over and Danny Boy is back home with young Jimmy, the grumpy neighbor will do whatever it takes to get rid of the returning war dog hero.
 11. The Dark Mirror (1:25:11)
A man is murdered by a woman who has an identical twin sister, and neither can be charged because no one can tell them apart.
 12. Detour to Danger (0:50:22)
Two friends on a fishing trip get tangled up with payroll bandits at a moutain resort.
 13. The Devil's Playground (1:05:03)
Hopalong Cassidy helps a young lady in search of hidden gold, but a corrupt judge will try to kill her and anyone else that stops him from getting the gold.
 14. Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1:02:23)
Dick Tracy needs a high society police woman to use as bait for capturing a strangling murderer and his girlfriend Tess Truehart volunteers.
 15. Fear (1:07:29)
A college student kills a pawn broker to get enough money to finish school, and experiences great fear as the cops play a cat-and-mouse game with him.
 16. Flight to Nowhere (1:14:38)
A charter pilot gets involved with a group of spies and counterspies in search of a map to hidden uranium for atomic bombs.
 17. The Flying Serpent (0:58:14)
An evil archaeologist discovers a pre-historic flying serpent that will kill anyone that gets one of his feathers.
 18. The Girl in Room 20 (1:02:04)
A talented singer from a small town in Texas goes to the big city and discovers success, and a scheming manager trying to get her to work at a local brothel.
 19. Great Expectations (1:53:26)
Charles Dickens' classic tale of a monster criminal and an eccentric old maid, and the orphan boy who got tangled with the affairs of both.
 20. Heartbeat (1:40:02)
Ginger Rogers is a reform school runaway in Paris who trains to become a pick-pocket, and gets caught on her first attempt by a wealthy man that helps her to change her life.
 21. Heldorado (1:09:45)
Roy Rogers is a Nevada State Ranger who visits the annual Helldorado Frontier Days Festival in Las Vegas, and must investigate the Festival Queen who is passing black market thousand dollar bills.
 22. Home in Oklahoma (0:53:06)
Roy Rogers is a small town newspaper editor that helps out of town reporter Dale Evans solve the murder of a local rancher.
 23. The Inner Circle (0:56:09)
Private Detective Johnny Strange gets a 'perfect' new secretary that may be much more than she claims to be.
 24. Love Laughs at Andy Hardy (1:32:24)
Andy returns from WWII wanting to propose to his college sweetheart, but she not only dumps him, but she asks him to be the Best Man at her wedding.
 25. The Magnificent Rogue (1:13:37)
Pat and Steve pretend not to be married to each other so that Pat can get an adverstising contract from playboy wolf Mark Townley.
 26. A Matter of Life and Death (1:44:14)
A WWII pilot cheats death for 24 hours, but must go on trial before the heavens to decide whether he should continue living, or meet his Maker.
 27. My Pal Trigger (1:18:43)
This is the story of how Roy Rogers got his horse Trigger.
 28. The Night Comes Too Soon (0:48:05)
The only empty house that a young couple in post World War II England can find is haunted by three ghosts.
 29. People Are Funny (1:26:52)
A fictionalized story of how the famous "People Are Funny" radio show was created, using audience members as the stars of the show.
 30. Quiet Weekend (1:26:35)
A quiet weekend at their small country cottage proves to be anything but quiet and serene for the Royd family.
 31. Renegade Girl (1:05:49)
She was a Confederate She-Devil when it came to war in divided Missouri, but an angel when it came to love, and when the war ended, she had choices to make.
 32. Rolling Home (0:59:06)
A small town, wealthy but stingy woman, a horse-loving minister and an old rodeo cowboy make for an enjoyable story of small town drama.
 33. A Scandal in Paris (1:39:24)
A suave jewel thief will try to rob the vault of the Bank of Paris and woo the daughter of the French Minister of Police.
 34. Send for Paul Temple, aka The Green Finger (1:22:34)
A crime novel author and the sister of a murdered Scotland Yard Inspector discover that the leader of an international diamond bandit gang may be a high member of Scotland Yard.
 35. The Shadow Returns (0:58:19)
People are flying off of high balconies to their death, and only The Shadow can discover why and stop it.
 36. Sherlock Holmes in "Dressed to Kill" (0:00:00)
Three people that purchased an inexpensive music box start getting murdered, and a well-dressed woman may be at the bottom of it all.
 37. Shock (1:09:56)
A woman watches a man commit murder, and that man has her committed to his insane asylum to keep her from exposing him.
 38. Song of Arizona (0:52:58)
A boy in Gabby's ranch for wayward boys helps Gabby pay the bills by giving him stolen money that his gangster father has been sending him to hide. Trouble arises when the gang comes looking for their loot.
 39. Stagecoach to Denver (0:53:36)
Red Ryder puts a little orphan boy on the stage headed to Denver, but when the stage crashes, killing the driver and another passenger, little Dickie is paralyzed and will never walk again unless he can have a dangerous operation.
 40. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1:55:51)
A young girl murders her wealthy aunt with two young boys watching, and many years later she is in danger of finally being caught if she cannot keep the two men silent.
 41. The Strange Woman (1:38:36)
A lusty woman learns how to control all of the men in her life using her femenine wiles.
 42. The Stranger (1:31:13)
The most deceitful murderer a woman ever loved! His name is false, his background is phony, and he wants to marry the daughter of a Supreme Court Justice.
 43. Swamp Fire (1:08:58)
Johnny Weismuller and Buster Crabbe are fighting each other for the love of a woman in this bayou swamp classic. The advertising tagline for this film is Death Lurks Beneath The Burning Bayou...as Mighty Water Kings Clash For A Tiger Girl's Love!
 44. Swing Parade of 1946 (1:13:28)
A new nightclub is opening with Gale Storm, Phil Regan and Connee Boswell as singers . . . and The Three Stooges as waiters . . . a good time will be had by all.
 45. Terror by Night (0:59:11)
Sherlock Holmes is hired to protect Lady Carstairs and her priceless diamond on a train from London to Edinburgh, but it is stolen and her son is murdered soon after the train leaves the station.
 46. That Brennan Girl (1:33:55)
Ziggy Brennan learns from her mother how to live life to the fullest without ever having a job.
 47. Theirs is the Glory (1:18:57)
The amazing tale of the WWII battle of Arnhem, Netherlands filmed a year after the battle with the men who did the fighting and the townsfolk who lived through it.
 48. They Knew Mr. Knight (1:28:07)
Wealthy Mr. Knight inspires a factory worker to become wealthy, but when he makes a bad decision and winds up in prison, the factory worker must decide whether to start building wealth again or accept poverty and defeat.
 49. They Made Me A Killer (1:04:19)
Our hero gets unwittingly caught in the middle of a bank robbery, and is accused of being one of the robbers. His girlfriend helps him discover the real robbers and clear his name.
 50. Till The Clouds Roll By (2:14:54)
The mammoth musical of Jerome Kern's dramatic life story! We are treated to performances by Lena Horne, June Allison, Tony Martin, Cyd Charisse, Lucille Bremen, Van Johnson, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Angela Lansbury and others.
 51. Whistle Stop (1:24:16)
Two men from a small town chase Mary when she returns from the big city to start a new life in Ashbury, but only one of the men will survive.
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1947  (77 films)
 1. Adventure Island (1:06:24)
Three Men and a woman are stranded on an uncharted South Seas Island that is home to a mad maniac who thinks he is God.
 2. Angel and the Badman (1:39:34)
Pennny Worth is a Pennsylvania Quaker girl living in Kansas, who nurses gunslinger Quirt Evans back to health and tries to win his love using Quaker ideals.
 3. Apache Rose (0:56:03)
There are oil riches and gambling gangsters out to steal them in this Roy Rogers cowboy western adventure.
 4. Big Town After Dark (1:09:48)
A newpaper man and his star reporter get invovled with a mobster and his gambling joint, with a surprising finish.
 5. Black Hills (0:57:09)
Eddie Dean helps a young brother and sister save their ranch from a crooked saloon owner.
 6. Blackmail (1:06:10)
A hard-boiled New York private eye gets tangled with blackmail and murder when he works for a California media mogul.
 7. Blonde Savage (0:59:20)
An adventurer takes a job that sends him to the unexplored jungles of Africa where he discovers a tribe of natives led by a blonde girl whose parents were killed by her parent's partner in a diamond mine.
 8. Body and Soul (1:45:22)
John Garfield was nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award for this performance as boxer Charlie Davis in this noir crime adventure, which is widely recognized as the best movie about boxing ever produced.
 9. Boy, What A Girl (1:09:19)
Two struggling music producers try to get the money for a new show, but run into problems that create the premise for a wonderful musical comedy featuring many of the hot jazz performers of the day.
 10. Brideless Groom (0:16:56)
Singing teacher Shemp must get married before 6pm or lose a large inheritance from Uncle Caleb.
 11. Bury Me Dead (1:07:53)
A wealthy heiress returns from a day at Arrowhead to discover that after a disastrous fire at her estate, someone is being buried that everyone thinks is her, and when the killer discovers that she is still alive, her life is in danger again.
 12. Bush Pilot (0:57:20)
A Canadian bush pilot battles his rogue step-brother for the affections of a young woman and for the small amount of flying business in the great Northern Canadian wilderness.
 13. Calendar Girl (1:28:01)
Jane Frazee is courted by both an artist and a songwriter in this turn of the century romantic musical comedy.
 14. Dancing With Crime (1:16:38)
A London taxi driver and his girlfriend help the New Scotland Yard find the killer of a gangster and break up a big black market crime ring.
 15. Dangerous Venture (0:59:18)
Hopalong Cassidy helps a beautiful young archeologist searching for Indian relics near a tribal burial ground, while rustlers disguised as Injuns steal cattle and blame it on the tribe.
 16. Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1:04:50)
Gruesome uses an experimental chemical gas to temporarily paralyze people as frozen statues while he robs banks.
 17. Dick Tracy's Dilemma (0:59:40)
A gangster with a hook where his right hand should be starts a murdering crime wave that only Dick Tracy can stop.
 18. The Dishonored Lady (1:24:01)
A wealthy career girl is addicted to men, and after finally finding the man of her dreams, is accused of murdering one of her past lovers.
 19. Dual Alibi (1:21:49)
Twin circus trapeze artists devise a way to commit murder in plain sight and walk free afterwards, but one will pay with his life, but which one?
 20. The Fabulous Dorseys (1:28:13)
The lives of big band leaders Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, starring Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, and Janet Blair.
 21. Fame is the Spur (1:50:35)
A young, brash liberal politician from the poor streets of Manchester becomes a Member of Parliament and changes his thoughts on the right way to legislate as he grows older.
 22. Fear in the Night (1:10:38)
Can a man MURDER in a dream? Here is the spine-tingling, blood-freezing answer . . . different from any mystery you've ever seen! You'll also see DeForest Kelley in his movie debut.
 23. Fool's Gold (1:03:30)
Hopalong Cassidy battles a mad professor who tries to steal a shipment of gold.
 24. For You I Die (1:15:17)
An escaped prisoner hides out at a rural roadside diner and bus stop.
 25. Gunfighters (1:24:32)
When a gunslinger hangs up his guns and tries to become a rancher he faces a town of men determined to either kill him or run him out of town, and two girls who want very different things from him.
 26. The Hat Box Mystery (0:42:56)
The secretary/girlfriend of a struggling private eye is framed for murder and the private eye must find the real killer to save his girl.
 27. Heading for Heaven (1:05:39)
Henry believes that he will die soon, so he tries to sell a large parcel of land that has been in his family for several generations.
 28. Heartaches (1:07:01)
A lip-syncing crooner in Hollywood is framed for multiple murders that all point to him as the killer.
 29. Hi De Ho (1:03:29)
This movie showcases the music of the 40's with Cab Calloway and his orchestra. Cab Calloway plays himself in a plot about jealousy, night clubs and gansters.
 30. Hoppy's Holiday (0:57:04)
Hopalong Cassidy helps the Sheriff put California Carlson in jail when money stolen from the bank winds up in California's suitcase.
 31. Hungry Hill (1:37:38)
An Irish girl becomes the wife and mother of the Brodrick clan and watches as her men feud with the Donovan boys over a copper mine on Hungry Hill.
 32. An Ideal Husband (1:32:24)
A lovely woman arrives in London who has the power to destroy one of England's wealthiest and best respected leaders.
 33. It's A Joke, Son (1:03:15)
It's A Joke, Son, is the movie hit that inspired the cartoon with Foglorn Leghorn as a caricature of Senator Claghorn.
 34. Juke Joint (0:58:36)
Two broke hitch-hikers convince the people in a small town that they are Hollywood actors who can help with a local beauty contest.
 35. Killer Dill (1:12:01)
Everyone believes that a mild-mannered lingerie salesman murdered Public Enemy Number Twenty-One.
 36. Law of the Lash (0:52:55)
Cheyenne Davis is a Federal Marshall that goes after a band of bandits that have been holding up the stage coaches.
 37. Life with Father (1:53:01)
The humorous adventures of an 1890's father and his family, based on the experiences of Clarence Day, starring oscar nominated William Powell.
 38. Lost Honeymoon (1:09:41)
A British lady with twins plans to go to America to find the father of her kids, but when she suddenly dies, her best friend takes the kids in search of their father, who doesn't even remember them or their mother.
 39. Love from a Stranger (1:20:25)
An old-maid who wins a sweepstakes fortune meets and marries a suave, well-mannered stranger who quickly sweeps her off of her feet.
 40. Magic Town (1:43:00)
 41. The Marauders (1:01:56)
Hopalong Cassidy and his pals spend a stormy night in a haunted church in the middle of an almost empty ghost town where the townsfolk have all been mysteriously murdered.
 42. My Favorite Brunette (1:27:21)
Bob Hope is a baby photographer with dreams of being a private eye who tries to help a dark-eyed dreamboat find her missing husband.
 43. Nelly Was A Lady (0:59:48)
The songs and life of Stephen Foster
 44. Night Beat (1:18:07)
Five friends and lovers compete for each other's love until one dark night one of them is murdered, and the suspect is not the killer.
 45. Out of the Blue (1:24:13)
Two neighbors in an apartment house in Greenwich Village have trouble with girls - one wants a girl that doesn't want him, and the other has a girl who won't leave him before his wife gets home.
 46. The Perils of Pauline (1:32:34)
The story of Pearl White, the actress who made movie serials famous as the leading lady in The Perils of Pauline.
 47. Philo Vance Returns (1:02:54)
Someone is killing all of the ex-wives and girlfriends of a wealthy playboy, and Private Detective Philo Vance searches for the murderer.
 48. Philo Vance's Gamble (1:00:59)
Intrepid private detective Philo Vance is accused of murdering a jewel smuggler, and he must find not only the guilty woman, but the missing priceless emerald.
 49. Philo Vance's Secret Mission (0:48:32)
Private Detective Philo Vance meets a man who says he can solve a seven year old murder, but that man is murdered before he can tell the detective who the killer is.
 50. The Pretender (1:09:00)
A lawyer who has embezzled funds from a wealthy heiress decides that murder is the only way for him to keep from getting caught.
 51. Queen of the Amazons (1:00:14)
A young lady leads a safari into the deepest parts of Africa in search of her explorer boyfriend only to discover that he is a captive of an Amazon Queen and her she-devils.
 52. Railroaded! (1:11:51)
A gal running a beauty parlor and her gangster boyfriend murder a cop and frame a young boy who drives a laundry truck when their fake robbery goes sour.
 53. Ramrod (1:30:19)
A little blonde lady fights the big bully in town for control of the range for her cattle.
 54. The Red House (1:40:13)
A young man and girl search for the red house in Ox Head woods, and the terrifying secret that it holds.
 55. Reet, Petite, and Gone (1:06:50)
A swing band leader must marry a girl with very specific measurements within thirty days to inherit his father's wealth, and the search is on for the perfect bikini-clad girl.
 56. The Road to Hollywood (0:53:21)
A biographical musical comedy about the rise to success of Bing Crosby.
 57. The Root of All Evil (1:43:58)
A young girl tossed out of house and home and forbidden to marry the man she loves becomes a wealthy businesswoman who can crush every man she meets . . . Except for Joe.
 58. Roses are Red (1:06:58)
A new crime-busting District Attorney is kidnapped and replaced with a criminal look-alike.
 59. Scared to Death (1:07:16)
A hypnotist, a midget and a mysterious figure in a blue mask combine to make this murder thriller that is the only full color movie starring Bela Lugosi.
 60. Seven Were Saved (1:11:57)
A plane carrying a Japanese war prisoner with his guards, a newleywed couple, an amnesiac and others crashes into the sea, and eight surviviors try to escape death on the wild sea.
 61. Shadow Valley (0:56:05)
Outlaws discover gold on the Jarvis ranch and kill the owner, hoping that the young daughter will sell the ranch cheap.
 62. Shoot to Kill (1:03:37)
A mysterious woman schemes to destroy the gangsters that control the city by marrying a crooked politician and trying to get him to double-cross the others.
 63. The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1:29:36)
A meek bookkeeper who was fired after twenty years of service gets drunk, wins several horse races and buys Wild Bill Hickock's Circus with his winnings before he gets sober.
 64. Sing a Song of Six Pants (0:17:13)
Larry, Shemp and Moe are operating a dry cleaners and need lots of cash fast to pay their debts. Fortunately a gangster with stolen loot leaves his suit and loot in their care.
 65. Smash-Up, The Story of a Woman (1:43:01)
Torch singer Angel Evans had it all - money, fame, and a handsome man, but when her man found his own fame, she lost everything that gave her reason to live.
 66. The Spirit of West Point (1:15:46)
The true story of the Touchdown Twins during the historic 1944 football season for the Army Black Knights football team.
 67. Spoilers of the North (1:05:46)
In exotic 1947 Alaska, a womanizing gangster salmon fisherman plots to fish during the time reserved for Native American Alaskans.
 68. Springtime in the Sierras (0:53:32)
Roy Rogers discovers renegade hunters killing wild game to sell to fancy restaurants back East.
 69. T-Men (1:32:12)
Two Treasury Department agents infiltrate a gang that is making fine quality counterfeit ten dollar bills.
 70. Take My Life (1:15:44)
A man is about to be sentenced to death for killing an old girlfriend unless his wife can track down the real killer before the killer finds her.
 71. That Hagen Girl (1:22:50)
Shirley Temple is the Hagen girl, and gossip has it that she is the illigitimate child from a teenage night of passion.
 72. Things Happen at Night (0:56:10)
A mischievous poltergeist attached to the young Prescott daughter is causing havoc in the Prescott home after dark, so a ghost hunter, an insurance agent and the girl's father stay up this night to capture the ghost and send him packing.
 73. Uncle Silas (1:37:36)
When her father dies a young heiress must live with her Uncle Silas, who intends to kill her to inherit her wealth.
 74. The Unexpected Guest (0:59:52)
California Carlson inherits a ranch along with five cousins, but when he gets to the ranch he discovers that the heirs are being murdered by a ghost, one by one.
 75. The Upturned Glass (1:23:31)
Can a famous surgeon also be a demented killer? Can he commit murder and save a life in the same evening? Every time you think you know what will happen next . . . you don't.
 76. Whispering City (1:30:45)
A poor fellow that is bothered by a nagging wife thinks he has his freedom when she commits suicide, but his lawyer threatens to frame him for murder if he doesn't kill another lady for the lawyer.
 77. Wild Country (0:57:09)
When a desperate outlaw frames and then kills a Sheriff, Marshal Eddie Dean and his side-kick Soapy hunt him down.
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1948  (64 films)
 1. Adventures of Gallant Bess (1:11:15)
A cowboy must decide between the horse he loves, and the girl who loves him.
 2. Against the Wind (1:31:47)
A group of spies from England infiltrate Belgium and try to rescue a master of espionage who was caught and sent to prison for interrogation.
 3. The Amazing Mr. X (1:18:02)
In his eyes, the threat of terror! In his hands, the power to destroy! A widow thinks that she hears the voice of her dead husband while walking along the shore. She meets a tall dark stranger that seems to understand, but they get into more mystery than either one is prepared for.
 4. Appointment with Murder (1:07:18)
While legendary detective, The Falcon, is in Milan, Italy on the trail of stolen paintings he encounters not only one of the missing works of art, but also murder.
 5. Belle Starr's Daughter (1:22:41)
After watching the new Marshal burn down her home and bury her mother, Belle Starr's daughter decides what to do next.
 6. Big Town Scandal (0:59:09)
A lady newspaper reporter convinces her boss to help young teen delinquents stay out of trouble by playing basketball, but the gangsters have other ideas.
 7. Blanche Fury (1:29:44)
Blanche marries her cousin Laurence to become part of the Fury's of Clare Hall, but soon is in love with one of the servants who is a descendant of the real owners of Clare Hall.
 8. The Blind Goddess (1:23:54)
A former employee of the eminent Lord Arthur Brasted accuses his boss of skimming huge sums of money from the government funds that he is in charge of.
 9. Blonde Ice (1:14:03)
A girl on her honeymoon murders her millionaire husband and it appears to be the perfect crime, with one of her old boyfriends taking the rap.
 10. Borrowed Trouble (0:58:54)
Hopalong Cassidy and his pals help an older school marm who was kidnapped by the owner of a new gambling saloon.
 11. Broken Journey (1:25:05)
When a plane crashes in the Swiss Alps the passengers and crew struggle for survival until help arrives.
 12. The Calendar (1:16:52)
A blonde British gold-digger dumps her fiancé when he fails to inherit his fortune and then tells lies that may put him in prison.
 13. Close-Up (1:13:51)
A newsreel cameraman is marked for death when he accidentally gets a wanted war criminal in his fashion newsreel footage on a downtown New York street.
 14. Daybreak (1:17:45)
A hangman in London prepares for his final hanging before giving up the job, but when he sees the man he is to hang, his world ends.
 15. The Dead Don't Dream (1:01:54)
Hopalong Cassidy discovers that everyone staying in a certain room at the Last Chance Inn goes missing and winds up dead.
 16. Devil's Cargo (1:02:12)
Master detecive The Falcon is on the case again as he displays not only his skill at solving the tough cases, but also his ability to do magic tricks.
 17. Escape from Broadmoor (0:38:02)
An insane killer escapes from Broadmoor Hospital and the ghost of the woman he killed is determined to have her revenge.
 18. Esther Waters (1:45:29)
A kitchen maid falls in love with a footman, but the footman runs away with another woman, leaving pregnant Esther to raise her baby as a single mother in a world that looks harshly on her.
 19. The Eyes of Texas (1:10:08)
Old man Cameron turned his ranch into a home for war orphaned boys, but his crooked lady lawyer wants to cheat him out of his ranch and money.
 20. False Paradise (0:59:27)
Hopalong Cassidy helps his new neighbor mine the silver from their land, despite the efforts of the banker who wants to sabotage the mine.
 21. The Far Frontier (1:06:41)
Roy Rogers and the Riders of the Purple Sage discover outlaws smuggling people across the Mexican Border into the United States.
 22. Fly Away Peter (0:57:13)
The mother and father of a large and happy family in London learn to cope with their children all finding mates and preparing to leave home.
 23. The Golden Eye (1:08:00)
Charley Chan investigates a long dead gold mine in Arizona that is suddenly producing great amounts of gold again.
 24. Good-Time Girl (1:27:18)
A young girl in England runs away from an abusive home into a downward spiral of bad luck and crime.
 25. The Guinea Pig (1:33:26)
The son of a working class London merchant is given a scholarship to the most presigious boys school in England.
 26. The Hawk of Powder River (0:52:51)
The beautiful niece of a wealthy rancher is the outlaw called The Hawk, who with her gang shoot up the territory until Deputy Marshal Eddie Dean and his side-kick come to town.
 27. He Walked by Night (1:18:54)
Noir Los Angeles Police drama that inspired the Dragnet television series.
 28. Here Comes Trouble (0:51:43)
A soldier returning to civilian life becomes a crime reporter and gets involved with the murder of a burlesque queen.
 29. I Love Trouble (1:34:21)
When a wealthy man asks detective Stuart Bailey to investigate his wife's past, he has more in mind than just uncovering her seamy history.
 30. Inner Sanctum (1:02:01)
A killer is stuck in a small town boarding house where a little boy lives who saw him dump a dead body onto a departing train.
 31. Killer Diller (1:12:43)
A story about a theater manager who loses his girlfriend, but the show must go on and we watch the best African American musicians, dancers, singers and comedians in a Vaudeville night at the theater.
 32. Loaded Pistols (1:05:58)
Singing Cowboy Gene Autry helps young Larry avoid a lynching mob when he is falsely accused of murder.
 33. Louisiana Story (1:18:29)
An account of certain adventures of a cajun boy who lives in the marshlands of Petit Anse Bayou in Louisiana.
 34. Madonna of the Desert (0:59:46)
Two gangsters and a gangster gal try to steal a jewel encrusted statue of the Madonna from an unsuspecting rancher.
 35. Million Dollar Weekend (1:12:04)
A stockbroker that steals a million dollars from the company safe flees the country, and meets a woman that is also running away, and when the two get together, there is more trouble and adventure than either of them could imagine.
 36. Miranda (1:16:11)
A London doctor on a fishing holiday snags a mermaid and brings her back to London for a month to see how people above the water live their lives.
 37. Money Madness (1:12:52)
Hugh Beaumont is a killer that controls a young girl to achieve his evil intentions.
 38. Moonrise (1:26:27)
A man from a small town in Virginia kills the fellow that has been taunting him and fighting him all his life, and it is up to the Sheriff to get him to turn himself in.
 39. Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid (1:28:51)
 40. Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill (1:26:43)
A new teacher at a British boys school has problems getting along with one of the long time teachers, and it continues until one of them is dead.
 41. Mr. Reckless (1:05:48)
Oil well driller Jeff Lundy returns to the big city and discovers that his best girl is about to marry someone else.
 42. My Brother Jonathan (1:43:03)
An elderly doctor tells his son about the events surrounding his birth, and who his real father and mother were.
 43. My Brother's Keeper (1:22:37)
A hardened criminal and a young mamma's boy are handcuffed together and on the run from the police.
 44. My Dear Secretary (1:34:27)
Kirk Douglas is a successful author/playboy who hires a secretary that is more than he can handle.
 45. One Night with You (1:27:26)
An opera singer and a British girl are both stranded in a small Italian village together without any luggage, papers or money.
 46. Parole, Inc. (1:11:08)
Corrupt parole board members release dangerous criminals and an undercover cop tries to infiltrate the mob that controls the parole board.
 47. Penny and the Pownall Case (0:44:45)
The model for a popular newspaper cartoon helps Scotland Yard catch a gang of war criminals.
 48. Pitfall (1:25:30)
An insurance investigator with a happy but boring family life gets tangled with a sultry blonde who turns his world upside down.
 49. The Return of the Whistler (1:02:24)
After a man's fiance disappears on the eve of their wedding, The Whistler is hired to find her, and he uncovers murder, deceit and plenty of intrigue in this Whistler classic.
 50. The Scar (1:22:24)
After a failed attempt to rob a casino, the casino gangsters are after John, who assumes the identity of another man, with ironic results.
 51. Shed No Tears (1:08:58)
A husband agrees to fake his own death so that his wife can get his insurance money for them, but his wife and her boyfriend have other ideas.
 52. Silent Conflict (1:00:47)
After Hopalong Cassidy, California Carlson and Lucky Jenkins deliver their cattle to market, Lucky disappears along with all the money from the cattle drive.
 53. Sinister Journey (0:58:45)
Hopalong Cassidy and his pals help a railroad man and his daughter who are being poisoned and sabotaged.
 54. Snowbound (1:20:52)
Secretive and dangerous men from around Europe visit a small lodge high in the Italian Alps in search of a fortune in gold bars.
 55. A Song for Tomorrow (0:58:50)
A British Air Force pilot who loses his memory during the war tries to remember his past with the help of a beautiful Irish singer.
 56. Speed to Spare (0:57:23)
A girl chasing, car racing stunt man gets a job driving a semi and tries to survive the mechanic that would like to see him dead.
 57. Strange Gamble (1:00:59)
Hopalong Cassidy and his pals are hired by the government as Special Federal Deputies to find counterfeit money makers in Silver City.
 58. Sunset Carson Rides Again (1:03:00)
Sunset Carson wants to raise money to build a school for the town children, but his partner Sam wants to steal the money and ride away.
 59. Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven (1:16:18)
A Texas boy and a Texas girl find success, happiness and romance in far away Brooklyn, New York, with the help of an old lady pick-pocket.
 60. The Time of Your Life (1:40:43)
Joe is a man that tries to live his life by making everyone around him in Nick's Saloon better.
 61. Under California Stars (1:12:20)
Roy Rogers finishes another cowboy movie, then goes to his ranch to celebrate 10 years in the movies, but his horse Trigger is kidnapped so Roy and the boys must find him and get him back.
 62. The Vicious Circle, or The Woman in Brown (1:01:43)
When five poor farmers will not sell their land to the wealthy Baron, he accuses them of murder and will do whatever it takes to get them off of their land.
 63. Who Killed Doc Robbin? (0:51:50)
A group of children search a spooky house for the real killer of Doc Robbins so they can clear their friend, 'Fix-it Dan'.
 64. Women in the Night (1:32:07)
World War II Spy Thriller based on true top secret files from the war featuring female spies for the Allies.
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1949  (48 films)
 1. The Adventures of Jane (0:53:11)
Cartoon strip Jane comes to life as the real-life strip-tease model gets tangled with diamond smugglers.
 2. The Adventures of PC 49 (0:59:54)
Archibald Berkeley-Willoughby, London's Police Constable 49, goes undercover and infiltrates a gang of lorry hijackers and tries to discover who the big boss is before they discover that he is a Copper.
 3. Africa Screams (1:18:55)
You'll Go Ape Over This Movie! Abbott and Costello search for diamonds in the deepest jungles of Africa, and stumble over one misadventure after another in this classic comedy.
 4. Alimony (1:10:58)
The story of a small time girl that goes to the big city determined to get the best things in life by throwing herself at wealthy men.
 5. All Over the Town (1:27:45)
A young man and woman in a small English town oppose the town leaders when they take over the small town weekly newspaper.
 6. The Big Cat (1:17:02)
When a big city boy returns to the wilderness home of his mother, he inflames an old feud between two men that may end in someone's death, and a big mountain lion may kill even sooner.
 7. The Blue Lagoon (1:28:02)
Two children stranded on an uncharted South Seas island fight nature and rogues to survive and thrive together.
 8. Blue Scar (1:32:20)
In a small South Wales coal mining town a young coal miner competes with and Englishman for the love of a beautiful Welsh girl.
 9. C-Man (1:16:26)
A New York City Customs officer investigates the death of his friend and fellow Customs Officer, and chases the gangsters that killed him in this noir murder thriller.
 10. Cardboard Cavalier (1:32:00)
Cromwell is trying to prevent King Charles II from returning to his throne and he must stop a fool and a barmaid from delivering a secret letter to the King's friends.
 11. The Cowboy and the Indians (1:09:44)
Rancher Gene Autry helps capture outlaws that are robbing the American Indian tribesmen near his ranch.
 12. D.O.A. (1:23:24)
A man on holiday in San Francisco drinks a glass of poison that will kill him in two days, and goes on a furious chase to discover who wanted him to die.
 13. The Devil's Sleep (1:11:09)
Juvenile delinquents are popping bennies, goofies and other pills as a gangster uses a women's health spa as cover for his pill pushing racket.
 14. Dynamite (1:07:48)
An explosive story about the men who play with dynamite, danger, death and pretty women.
 15. Enter the Lone Ranger (1:04:29)
This is the story of how the Lone Ranger became the masked enemy of all evil doers in the American Southwest frontier.
 16. For Them That Trespass (1:34:57)
An innocent man is sentenced to death while another fellow who could prove his innocence watches silently.
 17. Give Us This Day (1:54:55)
Five Italian-American men search for their American Dream in the Little Italy neighborhood of New York City.
 18. The Great Dan Patch (1:35:39)
The greatest trotting horse in history is owned by a man with two women in his life and he may not have the horse sense to choose the right one.
 19. The Green Promise (1:34:20)
The story of a farmer that refuses to modernize his farm and his daughter, who is expected to stay on the farm and help dad instead of marrying the boy she loves.
 20. Impact (1:49:38)
A twisted tale of love, murder and revenge between a wealthy businessman, his wife and her lover, with surprises at every turn.
 21. The Inspector General (1:41:55)
Danny Kaye is an illiterate but good-hearted fool that wanders into a small village just as they are expecting an undercover visit by Napoleon's Inspector General.
 22. The Interrupted Journey (1:17:30)
An author running away with the wife of his publisher tries to call the whole thing off, but gets entangled with murder in the process.
 23. Jigsaw (1:11:27)
District Attorney Howard Malloy uncovers an extremist group while investigating a death meant to look like suicide.
 24. The Judge (1:08:55)
A scheming criminal attorney gets the best revenge on his cheating wife and her lover in a twisted but cunning way.
 25. Madness of the Heart (1:26:54)
A woman falls deeply in love with a suave Frenchman and their love seems everlasting, until she discovers the evil in his family villa that no one else can see.
 26. Man in Black (1:13:47)
The second wife of a wealthy man murders him and along with her evil daughter try to drive the man's young daugter mad so they can inherit his estate.
 27. Not Wanted (1:31:14)
Sally falls in love with a musician, but he moves on for parts unknown, leaving Sally pregnant in a society with very few options for unwed mothers.
 28. Outpost in Morocco (1:27:15)
A Captain in the French Foreign Legion battles the Moroccan tribes and the daughter of the Emir, claiming victory over both.
 29. Paper Orchid (1:24:55)
The first lady reporter on the big London newspaper finds a dead body in her apartment, and she is the prime suspect.
 30. The Perfect Woman (1:22:55)
A broke gentleman and his butler are paid to escort a robot woman around town to see if she works well or if there may be flaws in her design.
 31. Poet's Pub (1:16:24)
A struggling poet from Oxford takes over a failing inn and pub in the English countryside.
 32. Port of New York (1:20:43)
This narcotics smuggling crime drama features the big screen debut of 29 year old Yul Brynner as the top villain.
 33. The Reign of Terror, or The Black Book (1:28:51)
The French people are fightingMaximillian Pobespierre, who wants to be dictator, and has a black book filled with names of the people that he must send to the guillotine, and it has gone missing.
 34. Rim of the Canyon (1:09:37)
Marshall Steve Autry hunts down a gang of criminals that are hiding in an old ghost town.
 35. The Romantic Age (1:21:57)
When the first male school professor arrives at an all-girls finishing school in England a young French student determines to seduce him for sport.
 36. Scarlet Heaven (1:30:00)
A man in love with another woman plots to kill his cheating wife.
 37. She Shoulda Said 'No' (1:09:07)
A documentary style crime drama about the evils of marijuana on teens in Los Angeles, with a cast of Hollywood stars.
 38. Silent Dust (1:18:16)
A wealthy blind man builds a cricket pavillion to honor his dead war hero son, but complications arise that turn everyones world upside down.
 39. Special Agent (1:08:33)
Johnny Douglas is a Special Agent for the railroads who chases a pair of murdering railroad bandits.
 40. The Spider and the Fly (1:30:13)
A French Detective teams up with the best cat-burglar in France to steal a list of foreign spies from a building in Switzerland.
 41. State Department: File 649 (1:25:47)
A rogue Chinese warlord terrorizes the small village of Ming Goo and holds the State Department diplomats in the U.S. consul hostage.
 42. Stop Press Girl (1:14:27)
A young country girl has the strange powers to stop all mechanical machinery near her precisely at the fifteen minute mark, but she is not aware of her powers as she travels to London, and London will never be the same again.
 43. Susanna Pass (1:06:51)
Roy Rogers arrests Dale Evans for the murder of her boss, fish hatchery owner Russell Masters.
 44. Too Late For Tears (1:38:43)
A woman who discovers a leather bag full of untraceable cash will do anything, including murder, to keep the cash and spend it.
 45. Trapped (1:18:07)
When a Killer Dreams of Millions . . . and a girl to spend them on! Lloyd Bridges is a Treasury agent that goes after a counterfeit ring of gansters.
 46. Tulsa (1:27:48)
It is the beginning of the oil boom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Cherokee Lansing vows revenge on the oil man responsible for her father's death.
 47. Undertow (1:10:31)
When Tony goes to Chicago to ask his sweetheart to marry him, he gets perfectly framed for murdering her uncle, mobster Big Jim.
 48. The Young Lovers (1:20:50)
A young dancer with great promise discovers that she has polio and may never walk again.
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1950  (33 films)
 1. The Admiral Was A Lady (1:26:30)
This Romantic Comedy stars Edmond O'Brien, Wanda Hendrix and Rudy Vallee in a zany, always funny romp about 4 servicemen back from World War II, and living an unusually funny and interesting life style.!
 2. Again Pioneers (1:08:03)
A migrant family of pea pickers tries to begin life anew in friendly small town Fairview, but the town folk are determined to get rid of them.
 3. The Angel with the Trumpet (1:38:44)
An epic love story of Henrietta in Old Vienna, who after losing her Royal true love raises a family with her wealthy husband including a daughter who, like her many years ago, wants to chase true love instead of tradition.
 4. The Big Lift (1:59:05)
Montgomery Clift is a U.S. soldier caught in the Russian sector of Berlin after the end of World War Two, and Paul Douglas is a soldier who meets the German guard who beat him in a prison camp during the war.
 5. Black Jack (1:42:07)
A smuggler aboard his boat in the Mediterranean named the Black Jack is about to pull off his biggest haul ever, but he must outwit the crooks and cops who are all around him and closing in fast.
 6. Borderline (1:28:18)
Madeleine Haley is an undercover Customs Agent that infiltrates a drug-smuggling ring in Mexico before being kidnapped by a rival drug lord.
 7. The Capture (1:30:16)
An oil man working in Mexico kills a suspected payroll robber and when he discovers who the real payroll bandit is accidentally kills him and is hunted by the Mexican police and may be shot because he is unable to raise both hands in surrender.
 8. Cyrano De Bergerac (1:52:52)
Jose Ferrer won the Best Actor Oscar for this performance, beating William Holden in Sunset Boulevard, and Jimmy Stewart in Harvey, and Spencer Tracey in Father of the Bride!
 9. The Fighting Stallion (1:01:19)
A man who is slowly going blind discovers a rebel horse about to be killed and turns the fighting stallion into his best friend and his own seeing eye horse.
 10. The File on Thelma Jordon (1:40:04)
Assistant District Attorney Cleve Marshall falls in love with a killer who tells him, "I'm no good for any man for any longer than a kiss!"
 11. The Great Rupert (1:27:47)
A down-on-their-luck New York City family gets their Christmas wish with the help of a special little squirrel.
 12. Guilty of Treason (1:26:20)
The true story of Hungarian resistance to Russian rule by Joszef Cardinal Mindszenty and other Hungarian patriots.
 13. High Lonesome (1:19:51)
A drifter is framed for killings in the High Lonesome cattle country.
 14. Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill (0:50:56)
When a concerned father performs an Indian rain dance, the man who is vexing his daughter disappears in a fierce storm.
 15. The Jackie Robinson Story (1:16:49)
The great baseball star Jackie Robinson plays himself in this autobiographical story of his rise to fame.
 16. Johnny One-Eye (1:16:59)
Racketeer Martin gets shot by a henchman of his old partner, and on his hunt for revenge meets a little girl and her dog, and convinces the little girl that he is Santa Claus.
 17. The Man Who Cheated Himself (1:19:52)
A wealthy playgirl murders her husband and the cop investigating the murder is her new boyfriend.
 18. Midnight Episode (1:17:13)
A street performer called the Professor becomes involved with a mysterious murder, and the killer is now after the Professor.
 19. Movietone Melodies: Red Ingle and His Gang (0:14:45)
A short burlesque stage show featuring musical and dance comedy.
 20. The Nevadan (1:17:39)
When a bank robber escapes and rides to recover a fortune in stolen gold, everyone in the outlaw town wants his gold, including the stranger from Nevada.
 21. No Man of Her Own (1:37:21)
A pregnant unwed young woman is spurned by the baby's father and in a strange twist of fate she tries to take the place of another pregnant mother when a train wreck kills the other mother.
 22. One Too Many (1:48:55)
A small town family battles with an alcoholic mother with the help of the town bartender.
 23. Prehistoric Women (1:12:56)
These women rule the world, and use their men for only one thing, until one man discovers the power of fire.
 24. Prelude to Fame (1:24:37)
A wealthy woman takes over the life of a young boy who has great orchestral talents, but the boy soon grows weary of her manipulation resulting in a great kidnap scheme to get the boy away from the lady controlling him.
 25. Quicksand (1:19:02)
A guy who yields to temptation just once . . . discovers that it is once too often!
 26. The Reluctant Widow (1:22:25)
A young girl on her way to a new job as governess finds herself in the middle of spies, smugglers, romance and danger.
 27. The Second Woman (1:30:23)
Ellen thinks she is in love with the handsome architect next door, but the man is bedeviled by accidents, maybe of his own making.
 28. The Sun Sets at Dawn (1:11:36)
The true story of an innocent man who waits to be ushered into the gas chamber while several reporters discuss similar cases that they covered, and one of them may have the key to this young man's freedom.
 29. Three Came Home (1:44:52)
The true story of Agnes Newton Keith as a World War II prisoner of war in Borneo.
 30. Tony Draws a Horse (1:26:27)
The free-spirited wife of a proper British doctor leaves him after an arguement over the anatomically correct drawing of a horse on the wall drawn by their young son Tony.
 31. Try and Get Me (1:31:45)
A man hunting for a job gets tangled with a cocky hold-up man who deliberately murders a kidnap victim.
 32. What the Butler Saw (1:00:21)
A South Seas Island Princess stows away with an Earl and his butler when they return to England and causes an international scandal.
 33. Woman on the Run (1:16:52)
Eleanor is a woman on the run, chasing her husband on the run, trying to escape the bullets of a killer who is after them both.
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1951  (38 films)
 1. All That I Have (0:54:39)
A wealthy elderly man is being tried for his sanity because he gave money to gangsters and con-men.
 2. The Basketball Fix (1:08:09)
A college basketball star is lured into shaving points from each game by a gambling hoodlum.
 3. Behave Yourself (1:20:39)
This crime comedy has a star-filled cast, but a cute little dog steals the show. The cute little dog puts a hapless couple in the gun-sights of gangsters.
 4. The Black Widow (0:50:01)
A woman and her lover plan the second death of her husband after their first attempt fails.
 5. Bowanga Bowanga Wild Women (1:01:14)
Three big game hunters in Africa are captured by the legendary sirens of Africa and must fight their mightiest woman warrior and win or be sacrificed to the fire god.
 6. Bride of the Gorilla (1:05:10)
After a plantation owner deep in the jungle of South America marries a pretty young wife, a local witch puts a voodoo curse on him that slowly turns him into a murdering gorilla.
 7. A Case for PC 49 (1:16:34)
Archibald Berkeley-Willoughby, London's Police Constable 49, is used as an alibi for murder, but he and his girlfriend Joan solve the almost perfect murder and bring the killers to justice.
 8. Cause for Alarm (1:13:36)
A man with a bad heart devises a fool-proof plan to kill his wife.
 9. Cry Danger (1:18:46)
 10. Drums in the Deep South (1:26:08)
During the U.S. Civil War two best friends fight on opposites sides, and face each other in a decisive battle.
 11. The Fat Man (1:16:44)
Private Eye Brad Runyan looks for the motive for killing a seemingly innocent dentist with the help of his loyal dental assistant.
 12. Father's Little Dividend (1:21:07)
This movie is the sequel to the classic Father of the Bride, released in 1950. The harried father is confronted with even more life-changing events when his daughter discovers that she is having a baby.
 13. Five (1:31:01)
Three men and one pregnant woman survive a nuclear holocaust that has devistated the earth and they struggle to find a way to survive this new world.
 14. Go For Broke (1:30:40)
The true story of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team was created in 1943 by special Presidential order, composed entirely of Japanese-Americans that wanted to fight for America during WWII.
 15. Green Grow the Rushes (1:18:15)
A small town in the marsh lands of England is visited by three men from the Government Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the town's secret smuggling operation may be in danger.
 16. The Groom Wore Spurs (1:21:12)
Ginger Rogers is a lawyer that defends a crazy cowboy movie star Wild Ben Castle accused of murder.
 17. Happy Go Lovely (1:32:46)
David Niven is a wealthy Scotsman pretending to be a poor newspaper reporter to win the love of a struggling actress.
 18. Hometown Story (1:03:50)
When politician Blake Washburn loses his election to Congress he blames and vows revenge on the businessman who he thinks orchestrated his defeat.
 19. The Hoodlum (1:01:47)
This noir crime drama will never be included with the great movies of all time, but for cheap thrills and a fast paced hour, it is a very entertaining story with a great performance by Lawrence Tierney.
 20. The Long Dark Hall (1:27:28)
When a showgirl is murdered by a serial killer in London a family man who was obsessed with the showgirl is tried for her murder.
 21. The Man With My Face (1:16:28)
A man goes home from work one day and discovers that another man who looks exactly like him has taken his place, and he is now a hunted criminal who cannot prove who he really is.
 22. Mr. Peek-a-Boo (1:14:26)
A meek civil service clerk in Paris becomes an notorious burglar when he discovers that he can walk through walls.
 23. My Outlaw Brother (1:22:07)
When Denny O'Moore visits his brother in Mexico, he discovers that he is involved with the notorious bandit El Tiger.
 24. New Mexico (1:09:41)
The Acoma Indian Tribe in New Mexico goes to war with the nearby Cavalry fort when the peace is broken by the Cavalry Colonel.
 25. Only the Valiant (1:44:49)
Gregory Peck and a handful of miss-fit soldiers battle a tribe of warring Apache Indians.
 26. The Painted Hills (1:07:55)
Lassie and Tommy help to bring a murdering gold miner to justice.
 27. Royal Wedding (1:31:37)
Fred Astaire dances his most famous and remembered dance sequence in this Royal story.
 28. Secrets of Beauty, or Why Men Leave Home (1:25:36)
A famous Hollywood make-up artist teaches a housewife from Chicago how to apply makeup and style her hair to look sexy for her husband.
 29. St. Benny the Dip (1:20:53)
Con men on the run from the cops steal clothes from a church and pretend to be priests.
 30. Stronghold (1:13:14)
Veronica Lake is a Mexican heiress who moves to Mexico to escape the U.S. Civil War, but discovers that her home in Mexico is the center of a revolution against the monarchy.
 31. The Third Visitor (1:21:01)
A man is murdered in his home and the clues point to almost everyone who knows him.
 32. Three Guys Named Mike (1:30:03)
An airline stewardess out of Cleveland, Ohio attracts three handsome suitors, all named Mike, and she must decide who to wed in this romantic comedy.
 33. Three Husbands (1:17:12)
A man in heaven watches over his three buddies to see their reaction to a note that he left for each of them confessing to having a love affair with each of their wives.
 34. Three Steps North (1:20:52)
A G.I. in WWII Italy serves time in prison for working the black market, and when he returns to dig up his loot, he gets involved with an old girlfriend, a New York gangster and a murder mystery.
 35. To Have and To Hold (1:00:43)
The lives and loves and schemes of a wealthy family threaten to destroy Hallston Estate and its long history.
 36. Tokyo File 212 (1:23:27)
An American spy must find and destroy a Communist spy ring in Tokyo that is trying to hinder the American war effort in Korea.
 37. Two Dollar Bettor (1:11:28)
Family man and banker John Hewitt visits a racetrack for the first time and innocently makes a two dollar bet, but gets hooked on gambling and may ruin his life and wind up in jail with the help of a bookie and the bookie's beautiful secretary.
 38. Unknown World (1:13:59)
It is the atomic age, and the atom bomb can be used to destroy the world, so a scientific team determines to save civilization by drilling for a new home in the center of the earth.
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1952  (31 films)
 1. Affair in Monte Carlo (1:03:41)
A cold-hearted widow spending time on a yacht in Monte Carlo falls in love with a stranger that she meets in the casino.
 2. Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1:14:07)
Two comedians find themselves on the island of Cola-Cola with pretty island girls and a mad scientist tampering with evolution.
 3. The Big Trees (1:29:15)
An action drama about a wealthy tycoon versus a colony of peaceful Quakers.
 4. Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory (1:05:39)
White men dressed as Indians are getting the local Sioux Indians in trouble with the local town, and Buffalo Bill has to bring the outlaws to justice.
 5. The Bushwhackers (1:07:34)
After the Civil War, a soldier from Virginia moves west to get away from violence and lands in the middle of a town run by a wealthy rancher who kills anyone trying to settle there.
 6. Castle in the Air (1:29:35)
A Scottish castle turned bed and breakfast is haunted by the beautiful youg mistress of the first Earl of Locharne.
 7. Colorado Sundown (1:06:48)
A lady will kill whoever stands in her way of inheriting a lumber mill and cutting down all the trees for the mill.
 8. Death of an Angel (1:02:50)
A young doctor moves to a small British village to help the village doctor and quickly gets involved with a curious murder that only he can solve.
 9. The French Way (1:13:40)
In 1940, at the beginning of the Second World War, cabaret star Zazu helps a young couple who want to get married against their parents' wishes. This movie was filmed in 1940 as the war was beginning, shown for the first time on 7 May 1940 in France. This American version was not released until 1952.
 10. The Frightened Man (1:06:11)
The hard-working father of a fellow kicked out of Oxford watches as his son spirals into a life of crime.
 11. Geisha Girl (1:07:07)
Two Army privates on leave in Tokyo encounter a mad man who wants to blow up ten large cities and rule the world.
 12. The Green Glove (1:28:49)
A soldier returns to France after WWII in search of a valuable relic that someone is willing to kill for.
 13. The Happy Family (1:21:39)
Whitehall wants to demolish a family home and business to make way for the 1951 Festival of Britain.
 14. I Dream of Jeanie (1:29:49)
The life and music of the famous American composer Stephen Foster.
 15. Invasion U.S.A. (1:13:28)
A handful of people in a New York City bar watch television as the West Coast of the U.S. is invaded and bombed, and then Washington, D.C. and finally New York City is hit with multiple A-Bombs.
 16. Jack and the Beanstalk, Cartoon followed by Movie (1:28:47)
Famous comedy team Bud Abbott and Lou Costello add their humorous personalities to the fairy tale about Jack and the Beanstalk.
 17. Kangaroo, The Australian Story (1:23:50)
Two criminals on the loose befriend an old drunk who has a beautiful young daughter that both criminals chase after.
 18. Kansas City Confidential (1:39:16)
Hired killers and corrupt cops frame an ex G.I. for murder and he chases the villains to Mexico to prove his innocence.
 19. Kid Monk Baroni (1:19:33)
Leonard Nimoy is a street tough teen in the Little Italy neighborhood of New York City who tries to break out of gangs and poverty by learning to box.
 20. A Killer Walks (0:54:34)
A farm boy kills his grandmother and frames his brother so that he can inherit the farm and win the affections of a blonde bombshell from town.
 21. The Lady Says NO (1:22:17)
A female author who hates all men warns girls about the evils of men in her best-selling book, but she may not take her own advice when David Niven appears on the scene.
 22. The Late Edwina Black (1:14:23)
When the wealthy invalid wife of a school teacher dies by poison, suspicion falls on her husband and his lover.
 23. Love Island (1:01:43)
A Navy pilot who crashes on Love Island in the South Pacific is in trouble with the village when he falls in love with a girl promised to another.
 24. Made in Heaven (1:16:34)
The arrival of a young new maid threatens the marriages of the men of Dunmow, England just before the annual festival and the awarding of the fitch.
 25. Mutiny (1:16:26)
During the War of 1812 Captain Marshall must run a British blockade and get to France to obtain help for the war.
 26. The Pace that Thrills (1:02:33)
A lady reporter is in the middle of a love triangle with two motorcycle racing buddies and the big race will decide who wins.
 27. Road to Bali (1:30:55)
Bob Hope and Bing Crosby travel to Bali with Dorothy Lamour and a King's treasure, but get stranded on an island with a fiery volcano and a tribe of cannibals.
 28. Sarumba (0:59:59)
A runaway sailor helps a Brazilian dancer invent and perform a new Latin dance that blends a cock fight with the Rumba and Samba.
 29. The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1:48:52)
An world-traveling author recalls some of the loves of his life while searching for the riddle of the leopard on Kilimanjaro mountain.
 30. Untamed Women (1:10:02)
During World War 2 an Air Forcs plane is forced to land in the South Pacific ocean and the survivors wash up on an uncharted island inhabited by pre-historic beasts and untamed Druid women.
 31. Vampire Over London (1:13:42)
A mad scientist claiming to be a vampire goes to London to complete his plans to take over the world, and the New Scotland Yard must find him.
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1953  (34 films)
 1. Albert R.N. (1:24:54)
World War II Naval Prisoners of War in a prison camp escape with the help of a dummy soldier created by a famous British artist.
 2. Beat the Devil (1:29:17)
Humphrey Bogart leads a group of rogues to Africa in search of uranium, but a young blonde girl who has trouble telling the truth will complicate the adventure.
 3. Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (1:40:33)
A romantic adventure about Greek sponge divers at Tarpon Springs, Florida.
 4. The Bigamist (1:19:26)
A man has two wives and two families in two different towns. Watch for the Hollywood tour bus . . . when the driver points out the homes of Jack Benny and Jimmy Stewart, he is pointing to their real 1953 homes on Roxbury drive.
 5. Black Orchid (0:57:38)
A doctor in London is accused of killing his recently divorced wife so he could marry her younger sister.
 6. Born to the Saddle (1:14:55)
A young boy in search of his Uncle winds up in a strange town in the middle of gamblers, drunken killers, and a race-winning horse.
 7. The Broken Horseshoe (1:16:01)
A London Doctor gets mixed up with a beautiful mysterious lady who is part of the secret Broken Horseshoe Society.
 8. Captain Scarface (1:10:04)
Spies with bad accents on a steamer cotrolled by Captain Scarface threaten to detonate an atomic bomb in the Panama Canal, and a stowaway is the only hope to save the canal.
 9. Captain Scarlett (1:15:04)
Captain Scarlett saves the Princess from marrying a man she doesn't like, but ends up in prison for his efforts.
 10. Dance Hall Racket (0:56:47)
The owner of a dance hall smuggles diamonds in this low budtet 1950's independent exploitation movie.
 11. Decameron Nights (1:23:46)
Three classic Italian tales of lust and love with Louis Jourdan, Joan Fontaine and Joan Collins.
 12. Escape by Night (1:15:16)
A hard-drinking Yank reporter in London becomes buddies with an Italian gangster hunted by Scotland Yard.
 13. The Fighting Men (1:03:14)
A farmer in Sicily defends his land against mafia bandits with help from the mafia of the mountain.
 14. The Flaming Urge (1:07:39)
An arsonist is burning down homes in a small town, and it looks like it may be the new man in town.
 15. Guerrilla Girl (1:19:53)
A Greek resistance fighter who wants the Soviet Communists to rule Greece falls in love with an Allied double agent from World War 2 who is working to help the English and U.S. become Greece's partners.
 16. The Hitch-Hiker (1:10:42)
An escaped killer forces two men on a fishing trip to take him across the Mexican desert in a wild chase from the law.
 17. Indiscretion of an American Wife (1:03:00)
An Italian man tries to convince his American lover to leave her husband and start a new life with him.
 18. The Joe Louis Story (1:27:27)
The story of boxer Joe Louis, who held the heavyweight championship for 12 years, longer than anyone else, even Mohammed Ali.
 19. Kansas Pacific (1:12:52)
The American Civil War had not begun yet, but Kansas was almost torn in half by the two feuding sides, as the north tried to build a railroad from Kansas to the west, and Confederate sympathizers tried to sabotage it.
 20. The Limping Man (1:15:41)
Six years after World War Two, an American soldier returns to renew a friendship with a lady he met while stationed in London.
 21. The Man in the Attic (1:22:06)
Jack the Ripper is killing women in London, and a mysterious man renting a room in a family's attic may be the killer.
 22. Man of Conflict (1:10:26)
A tough-as-nails businessman wants his son to be as tough as he is with his factories and the men that work in them.
 23. Mantrap (1:15:23)
A London lawyer plays amateur detective when an escaped killer returns to the scene of the crime with unknown motives.
 24. The Marshal's Daughter (1:10:43)
The old U.S. Marshal wanted a gun-fighting son, but got a gun-slinging girl instead.
 25. Martin Luther (1:44:29)
The story of Martin Luther and his 95 controversial ideas about the salvation of man and the personality of God that made him a hunted criminal sentenced to death.
 26. Mesa of Lost Women, or Attack of the Spider Women (1:08:58)
A mad scientist on a desert mesa deep in Mexico is creating killer Spider Women.
 27. Never Wave at a Wac (1:26:50)
A Wacky comedy about a Washington socialite who joins the Women's Army Corps to get a free ride to Paris, but discovers soon that she is in the army now.
 28. Perils of the Jungle (1:01:00)
Clyde Beattty battles the jungle and the bad guys to get wild animals for his circus.
 29. Phantom From Space (1:12:22)
There is an alien in Santa Monica . . . a visitor from outer space with terrible powers who is killing earthlings.
 30. The Saint's Girl Friday, aka The Saint's Return (1:04:32)
The Saint returns to London to avenge the murder of a friend who was killed by the infamous River Gang that operates an illegal gambling casino.
 31. Son of the Renegade (0:56:40)
The son of an infamous outlaw tries to convince the Sheriff that he has gone straight, but an outlaw is pretending to be him and the Sheriff is out to get him dead or alive.
 32. The Straw Man (1:08:18)
An insurance company investigator tries to clear a condemned killer so that the insurance money won't need to be paid out when he is hung for murder.
 33. Sword of Venus (1:13:28)
A plot to murder and steal the wealth of the son of the Count of Monte Christo unfolds with the help of a beautiful young lady who seduces him.
 34. Wheel of Fate (0:55:44)
Two brothers working at their father's petrol station fight over the girl they both love, and over the cash that their disabled father keeps in his bedroom.
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1954  (28 films)
 1. The Atomic Kid (1:25:48)
A man wandering in the desert outside Las Vegas stays in an empty house built on the spot that an atomic bomb is scheduled to explode.
 2. Carnival Story (1:32:47)
A carnival that failed in the U.S. travels to Munich, Germany to see if the Germans will like the corny carnival acts any better than the U.S. did.
 3. Delayed Action (0:57:34)
A pair of con men convince a suicidal man to trade his life for a bit of cash for his daughter.
 4. Eight Witnesses (1:00:12)
A scientist carrying a secret formula is killed by an enemy agent in front of eight blind witnesses.
 5. The Embezzler (0:58:38)
A bank robber hides out at a small seaside inn and becomes involved with the lives of the people staying at the inn.
 6. Front Page Story (1:34:49)
The news editor of the London Daily World is faced with stories about a woman who may have killed her husband, an American atomic scientist giving secrets to foreign spies, the plight of homeless children and the death of his cheating wife.
 7. Girl Gang (1:02:39)
A drug dealer gangster gets young girls hooked on dope and forces them into a life of crime to pay for their drugs.
 8. Hell's Outpost (1:29:35)
Tully Gibbs, a Korean War Veteran tries to help a small town mine owner develop his tungsten mine, but the wealthy town boss will use everything in his power to stop him.
 9. Jail Bait (1:11:12)
Classic 'so bad it is good' Ed Wood crime caper with a surprise ending.
 10. Jesse James' Women (1:23:58)
A tale of the women that were wooed by Jesse James across the deep South.
 11. Killers from Space (1:10:44)
Peter Graves is a scientist that is killed in an atomic accident, then brought back to life and controlled by aliens that want to conquor the earth.
 12. The Last Time I Saw Paris (1:55:38)
A reporter returns to Paris and remembers his life and love from the days after the war ended.
 13. A Life at Stake (1:15:38)
A down-on-his-luck home builder is financed to a new start, but he suspects that he is being set up for murder.
 14. Make Me an Offer (1:24:47)
A Wedgewood dealer discovers a rare stolen vase in a dusty attic and the only thing standing between him and the vase he has spent a lifetime searching for is one young, beautiful, smart and sensuous redhead.
 15. Orders are Orders (1:14:19)
An American movie company tries to produce a science fiction movie on a British Army base, and all goes relatively well until General Sir Cuthbert Grahame-Foxe makes a surprise inspection visit.
 16. Rocky Jones and the Gypsy Moon (1:13:46)
When Rocky Jones and his Space Rangers travel on an Odyssey that rival's the epic poem by Homer.
 17. Rocky Jones Beyond the Moon (1:15:37)
Space Ranger Rocky Jones travels to a rogue planet trying to rescue a hostage scientist and his young ward Bobby.
 18. Rocky Jones Space Ranger and the Manhunt in Space (1:13:06)
Rocky Jones and his Space Rangers hunt down the outer space pirates who are spacewhacking supply rockets destined for the planet Cassa 7.
 19. Rocky Jones Space Ranger and the Silver Needle in the Sky (1:12:54)
Cleolantra and her henchmen kidnapp all of the ambassadors at a United Worlds confrence and threatens inter-galactic war if her demands are not met.
 20. Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, in Crash of the Moons (1:12:02)
Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, must save the universe from two moons about to crash and destroy space station OW-9, and the inhabitants of the two moons.
 21. The Runaway Bus (1:13:13)
Crooks, stolen gold, and innocent bystanders get stuck on a bus that is lost in a heavy fog.
 22. The Sergeant and the Spy (1:01:20)
A soldier stationed in Milan, Italy after WWII is sent to London with a secret paper, and encounters many humorous crises on the way.
 23. Shield for Murder (1:21:36)
A hard-boiled big-city cop turns killer, using his badge to explain his murders.
 24. The Snow Creature (1:10:46)
The snow creature Yeti is captured in the Himalayan mountains and taken to Los Angeles for study, but he escapes and terrorizes the city in a monstrous killing spree.
 25. Suddenly (1:15:14)
A rare performance by Frank Sinatra as the villain in a crime killer thriller.
 26. Utopia (1:22:10)
In this final motion picture with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the boys inherit an island, but on the way to visit it are stranded on a newly formed atoll with a girl fleeing her upcoming wedding, a cook and a stowaway.
 27. White Fire (1:21:16)
A tough-fisted American sailor on a four day pass in London is chased by Scotland Yard and a mob of gangsters as he searches for the killer who framed his kid brother for murder.
 28. The White Orchid (1:17:37)
An archeologist and golden haired photographer are guided into the unexplored jungles of Southern Mexico by the owner of a Vanilla plantation.
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1955  (24 films)
 1. Alias John Preston (1:06:06)
Christopher Lee is industrialist John Preston, who shares his murderous dreams with a psychiatrist days before his wedding.
 2. The Atomic Man (1:17:15)
A nuclear scientist on a top secret mission is shot by a gangster and moves 7 and a half seconds into the future.
 3. The Big Bluff (1:11:10)
When a fortune hunter's wealthy wife doesn't die as quickly as he expects, he and his lover scheme to get rid of her. It looks like they succeeded in killing the millionaire wife, until complications ruin the perfect murder.
 4. The Big Combo (1:27:27)
Police Lieutenant Leonard Diamond wants to arrest the biggest gangster in the city, and the gangster's girlfriend is the key to putting the big boss in prison.
 5. The Blue Peter (1:29:38)
The last British prisoner of war from the Korean conflict returns home and becomes an instructor at an Ouward Bound school to help young boys become men.
 6. Boy of the Streets (1:16:17)
Jackie Cooper is a young gang leader in the tenement filled slums of New York City who must decide between a life with gangsters or a career with the Navy.
 7. Dementia, Daughter of Horror (0:54:43)
This avante guarde independent film follows a day in the life of a young insane girl without one word of dialogue or text.
 8. Escapade (1:24:42)
A school prank at a British boarding school envelops England and much of Europe before it is finished.
 9. The Fast and The Furious (1:12:34)
A man accused of murder kidnaps a beautiful lady driving a really fast sports car, then blends in with a cross-border car race in an attempt to stay ahead of the police and escape into Mexico.
 10. Fresh From Paris (1:12:27)
Paris Follies was the original title of this romantic musical filmed entirely in the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Hollywood.
 11. Kentucky Rifle (1:24:00)
A wagon full of new Kentucky Rifles must get past a band of Indians who want the rifles and their lives.
 12. Lay That Rifle Down (1:10:12)
A crazy, comical, twisted Cinderella story set in small town America in the good old days of 1955.
 13. Napoléon (1:58:59)
An epic French production of the life, battles and loves of Napoleon Bonaparte from birth till death.
 14. No Man's Woman (1:10:03)
When the estranged wife of a wealthy man is murdered, it seems that everyone she knows had both a motive and the opportunity.
 15. One Way Out (0:58:55)
A retiring Scotland Yard Superintendent is drawn into a crime ring when his daughter is framed for robbery and murder.
 16. Rage at Dawn (1:26:30)
In 1866 the Reno brothers are terrorizing Indiana, and James Barlow is sent to bring the gang to justice.
 17. Rhythm and Blues Revue (1:11:25)
The best African American song and dance performers of 1955 put on a show of shows.
 18. Shake, Rattle and Rock (1:15:26)
This light comedy is a simple plot about the older generation trying to stop the teenagers from enjoying this new 'Rock and Roll' music. It is a great vehicle to see some of the original Rockers, like Fats Domino perform.
 19. Teenage Devil Dolls (0:58:14)
The 'dragnet' style story of Cassandra Leigh, who liked fast motorcycles, drugs, and life on the run as a result of a poor home life, also known as "One Way Ticket to Hell."
 20. They Can't Hang Me (1:17:36)
A condemned killer in England wants to trade the name of the greatest British spy traitor for his freedom, and Scotland Yard has only five days to get the name before he hangs.
 21. The Thundering Herd (0:57:15)
Self-described as a true life photo play exposing the psychic racket.
 22. Wiretapper (1:25:10)
After the war an electronics genius helps syndicated crime stay two steps ahead of the law.
 23. The Woman For Joe (1:21:21)
A carnival owner and a midget become best friends until a blond girl divides them in a curious love triangle.
 24. Yellowneck (1:23:17)
Five Civil War Confederate deserters make their way through the Florida everglades facing alligators and Seminole Indians on their way to the sea in an attempt to reach Cuba, and discover the courage that they didn't have in battle.
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1956  (22 films)
 1. Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer (1:15:39)
Daniel Boone leads settlers to Kentucky to establish a new home named Boonesborough, but the red coats and the red skins have other plans.
 2. Dry Rot (1:22:38)
British race horse bookie called "Honest" Alf who isn't very honest, tries to make a fortune on the big race by entering and old nag and betting against it.
 3. The Flesh Merchant (0:58:10)
A young girl moves to Hollywood to join her big sister in show business, but winds up as a hooker in a high class brothel.
 4. Fright (1:17:39)
A hypnotizing psychologist orders a mad killer to kill once more, under a hypntotic trance.
 5. The Hideout (0:54:50)
An insurance inspector from America gets tangled up with a beautiful lady with a suitcase full of cash and a deadly London smuggling racket.
 6. I Killed Wild Bill Hickok (1:03:44)
Johnny Rebel, aka Johnny Savage, shoots it out with corrupt Sheriff Wild Bill Hickock.
 7. Indestructible Man (1:10:37)
300,000 Volts of Horror! This Sci-Fi Horror movie is about a dead criminal that is accidently exposed to high voltage electricity that causes him not only to come back to life, but to be seemingly invincible.
 8. The Man in the Road (1:20:19)
A man driving down a country road outside London is kidnapped and made to believe that he is another man who is on his way to the U.S.S.R.
 9. Manfish (1:27:41)
Three men search for and find the pirate treasure of Jean Lafitte off the coast of Jamaica, and then the greed of one man leads to murder.
 10. Mohawk (1:18:34)
While a Boston painter is making love to a Mohawk Princess, another man is inciting the Mohawk Nation to massacre the settler’s at the nearby fort.
 11. The Naked Hills (1:14:47)
A young farmer from Indiana hears about the gold rush in California and heads west to find his fame and fortune.
 12. Patterns (1:23:50)
His personal ethics battle his ambition to succeed in big business for executive Fred Staples.
 13. The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (1:20:18)
An atomic sea monster roams the ocean off the California coast.
 14. Please Murder Me (1:14:42)
The strangest request you have ever heard makes the most startling picture you have ever seen!
 15. Postmark for Danger (1:17:15)
The brother of a London artist and his girlfriend dies in a car crash that turns out to be murder, and the dead girlfriend helps the artist uncover the truth.
 16. Ramsbottom Rides Again (1:22:52)
Ramsbottom has inherited a fortune in Canada, but he must battle Black Jake, the outlaw boss of the cowboy town of Lonesome.
 17. Rock, Rock, Rock (1:25:28)
Alan Freed, the Cleveland, Ohio disk jockey who first used the term 'Rock and Roll' headlines a cast that includes Chuck Berry, LaVern Baker, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, Connie Francis and more.
 18. Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, and the Menace from Outer Space (1:15:35)
What they think is a meteor heading for earth is really a space ship from outer space, which Rocky Jones must deal with.
 19. Swamp Women (1:08:30)
Oil tycoon Bob Matthews is captured by four wild women escaped from prison and looking for a path to freedom through the swamps of Bayou Lacombe, Louisiana.
 20. Time Table (1:20:21)
An insurance investigator pulls of the perfect robbery . . . almost.
 21. The Violent Years (0:56:50)
Four high school daughters of prominent town citizens form a gang that robs and rapes men at gunpoint, and finally become cop killers in a wild shoot-out at school.
 22. Warning from Space (1:27:52)
Aliens from Space land in Japan and search out Dr. Kamura to warn hif of earth's destruction if the earth doesn't change their ways.
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1957  (16 films)
 1. Blonde in Bondage (1:30:41)
An American reporter in Sweden gets tangled up with a drug ring when he tries to help a drug addicted stripper get free from drugs and her drug-dealing boy friend.
 2. The Buckskin Lady (1:05:23)
An outlaw and the down doctor both want the card-cheating lady that tries to escape from her checkered past.
 3. Final Curtain (0:22:25)
After the final performance of a scary play in a local theater, a vampire roams in search of her next victim in this classic Ed Wood horror short. With over-acting, cheesy script and amateur plot, it is so bad that it is good. Bela Lugosi, master of horror, was reading the script for this movie short when he died. Coincidence?
 4. Flesh and the Spur (1:18:07)
A man searches the west for the killer of his twin brother who stole a unique gun from his dead brother.
 5. The Flying Scot (1:06:36)
Small time con men devise the perfect train robbery that absolutely cannot fail.
 6. Gun Girls (1:06:37)
Three delinquent big city girls buy guns and plan to rob the payroll cash from the Central Chemical Company.
 7. Hell Ship Mutiny (1:05:22)
South Seas Schooner Captain Jim Knight helps free Princess Mareva and her people from the clutches of gangsters in search of treasure.
 8. The Hypnotist (1:24:13)
A jet plane test pilot has a near death experience and it may have turned him into a psychotic killer.
 9. The Incredible Petrified World (1:03:17)
Two men and two women exploring the Caribbean get trapped inside a labyrinth of caves at the bottom of the sea.
 10. Morning Call - The Strange Case of Dr. Manning (1:13:20)
When Dr. Manning disappears his wealthy wife tries to pay the ransom demanded of her and keep Scotland Yard from messing up the deal.
 11. Not of This Earth (1:11:07)
An alien from another planet uses a matter transporter to reach Earth and steal human blood to transfuse into the people of his world.
 12. The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1:26:57)
Van Johnson and Claude Rains star in the classic legend of the Pied Piper taking all of the children of the German village of Hamelin.
 13. Raiders of Old California (1:11:52)
At the end of the Mexican War a rogue Army officer forces the Spanish land owner to sign over his ownership grant before killing him and running the farmers off of the land.
 14. Suspended Alibi (1:01:56)
A man uses his buddy to be his perfect alibi while he cheats on his wife with a blonde babe, but when his buddy is murdered, he is convicted of the murder.
 15. Teenage Thunder (1:17:15)
Johnny doesn't have a hot rod and the big shot in town makes fun of him because he doesn't have a muscle car. He discovers that 'chicken' isn't just a word . . . it could be murder.
 16. Thunder Over Hawaii aka Naked Paradise (1:07:59)
A gangster's girlfriend falls for a boat charter captain in Hawaii and he tries to help her get away from her gangster boyfriend.
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1958  (14 films)
 1. The Case of Mrs. Loring (1:23:49)
In a landmark legal case a British court is asked to define adultery in a very new way.
 2. The Day The Sky Exploded (1:20:06)
An Atomic Rocket goes awry in space and explodes in a cluster of asteroids sending them hurtling to the earth as hundreds of fiery destructive thunderbolts that will destroy the planet.
 3. Hercules (1:37:57)
Hercules, Jason, Argo and the Argonauts sail the seas in search of the Golden Fleece and the man who killed the King.
 4. I Bury the Living (1:17:01)
Richard Boone, in his only horror picture, is the volunteer caretaker of the local "Immortal Hills" cemetary, and discovers that he controls fate of the living with the push of a pin.
 5. The Invisible Avenger (0:56:43)
Lamont Cranston, aka The Shadow, travels to New Orleans bring the killer of a famous jazz trumpet player to justice, and gets involved in a South American revolution.
 6. Lost, Lonely and Vicious (1:12:33)
This movie's advertising tag line read Confidential Expose! of Boys and Girls Clawing Their Way to Success in Hollywood!
 7. A Lust to Kill (1:10:27)
Marshal Clint Wade hunts down his childhood friend who has become a tough-as-nails outlaw with a lust to kill.
 8. The Missouri Traveler (1:43:54)
Heartwarming story of a 15 year old orphanage runaway that finds a home and a life in the small farm town of Delphi, Missouri.
 9. Night of the Blood Beast (1:02:23)
The first astronaut into space returns with a belly full of baby space monster fetuses and a space monster to protect them.
 10. Rocket Attack U.S.A. (1:04:18)
An American spy must infiltrate the Soviet Union and destroy a rocket ship that is being prepared to drop a nuclear bomb on New York City.
 11. The Screaming Skull (1:08:02)
The skull of his first wife comes back to haunt the lives of a newlywed man and his new wife.
 12. She Gods of Shark Reef (1:02:46)
Two men running away from the police discover an uncharted island that is inhabited by women guarding a treasure of jewels.
 13. The Truth About Women (1:38:56)
Laurence Harvey, as Sir Humphrey Tavistock, recounts his adventures with the women he has loved and lost over his lifetime.
 14. The Wild Women of Wongo (1:12:02)
The beautiful Wild Women of Wongo reject the ugly men of Wongo and instead invade the village of Goona to steal the handsome men of Goona away from the ugly women of Goona.
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1959  (20 films)
 1. The Angry Hills (1:41:33)
During WWII Greek villagers help an American newspaper reporter escape to Britain with a list of enemy spies.
 2. Attack of the Giant Leeches (1:02:21)
Giant leeches are taking their victims to an underwater cave where they feast on their blood.
 3. The Bat (1:21:36)
In a spooky mansion full of people an insane killer known as 'The Bat' is on the loose.
 4. Beast From Haunted Cave (1:11:59)
A poison spider bites a man and turns him into a beast that goes on a killing spree at a ski resort near Deadwood, South Dakota.
 5. The Bloody Brood (1:08:37)
Peter Falk stars in a crime drama about two beatniks who get their kicks by dealing drugs and violence to the local teens.
 6. A Bucket of Blood (1:04:54)
When a teenager accidentally kills a cat, he covers it with modelling clay to hide the evidence, and is acclaimed a great sculptor, who must now have new bodies to plaster.
 7. Cuban Rebel Girls (1:05:11)
During the Cuban Revolution an American newspaper reporter travels to Cuba to interview rebel leader Fidel Castro and learn about the Cuban Rebel Girls.
 8. The Giant of Marathon (1:24:22)
The winner of the first Olympics must save Athens and Greece from the invading forces of the mighty Persian Empire, and win the love of Athens' fairest maiden.
 9. Hercules Unchained (1:36:09)
Hercules and Ulisses are captured by the Queen of Lidia after Hercules drinks from the fountain of forgetfulness.
 10. The House on Haunted Hill (1:14:57)
A wealthy man offers five guests ten thousand dollars if they will spend one night in the haunted house and survive. For the exterior shots of the house, the director used a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house in Los Angeles that was later used in the films "Blade Runner," "Black Rain," and "Rocketeer."
 11. Hugh School Big Shot (1:01:02)
Marv needs lots of money to attract pretty Betty, so he grabs a million dollars from some mobsters.
 12. The Killer Shrews (1:08:54)
Scientists on a remote Caribbean island create giant man-eating beasts that may kill them all.
 13. Louisiana Hussy (1:24:21)
A Louisiana hussy creates havoc in the lives of two brothers from the Louisiana swamps, but she has a deadly past that soon catches up to her.
 14. The Rabbit Trap (1:15:51)
A man is faced with the choice of saving the life of a rabbit caught in a trap near their vacation cabin or keeping the job where he has just gotten his big promotion.
 15. The Saint Louis Bank Robbery (1:28:47)
Steve McQueen is part of a gang planning to hold up a large St. Louis bank.
 16. The Scavengers (1:18:50)
An American smuggler in Hong Kong finds his wife, who disappeared 6 years earlier and is now involved with a Chinese crime cartel.
 17. T-Bird Gang (1:04:44)
The son of a murdered cop infiltrates the infamous T-Bird gang to catch his father's killer.
 18. Teenage Zombies (1:10:25)
There is a mad female scientist on an island off the California coast that is paid by a foreign government to turn Americans into zombies.
 19. Teenagers From Outer Space (1:25:29)
An alien teenager falls in love with a girl from Earth and they try to stop the invasion of Earth by Aliens in flying saucers.
 20. The Young Land (1:26:24)
Just after the Mexian American war An American shoots down a Mexican in the street, and the question is one of justice - different people see it in different ways.
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1960  (29 films)
 1. The Amazing Transparent Man (0:57:18)
A mad scientist creates a formula that makes people invisible, and plans to take over the world with an army of invisible fighters.
 2. Assignment Outer Space (1:12:41)
A reporter on assignment in outer space must go on a suicide mission to prevent the Earth from being destroyed and win the affections of space girl Lucy.
 3. Atom Age Vampire (1:26:13)
An evil scientist discovers that he can restore the beauty of a disfigured stripper by harvesting the glands of people he kills.
 4. Battle of Blood Island (1:10:52)
Two American soldiers survive a WWII invasion of a Japanese held Pacific island and battle the Japanese, the elements and each other for survival.
 5. The Beatniks (1:12:25)
The leader of a beatnik crime gang has a chance to become a hit rock and roll singer if his past crimes don't catch up to him.
 6. Colossus and the Amazon Queen (1:23:37)
A ship full of Greek men are stranded on an island inhabited by Amazon Women who use the men as slaves.
 7. Date Bait (1:11:48)
A teen couple in love battles her parents and the town bully to stay together.
 8. David and Goliath (1:32:25)
The famous Old Testament story comes to life in this 1960 movie featuring Orson Welles as King Saul.
 9. Escort for Hire (1:02:25)
Two unemployed male actors who become paid escorts for wealthy women encounter adventure, romance, and murder.
 10. Esther and the King (1:48:53)
A young Judean maiden becomes Queen of Persia while the King's chief counsel plots to kill the King and his new Queen.
 11. First Spaceship on Venus (1:18:32)
Far in the future, in 1985, a mysterious meteorite is discovered that is actually a magnetic tape from the planet Venus, from a spaceship that crashed many years ago. Earth Scientists decide to travel to Venus to discover the life that exists there.
 12. Gangster Story (1:08:04)
Gangster Jack Martin, laying low in a small town, robs a local bank and not only has the cops on his trail, but the local crime boss that is angry because he wasn't cut in on the deal.
 13. Get Outta Town (1:03:05)
A gangster returns to his hometown to find the killer of his younger brother and has the cops, the syndicate and his old crime buddies to contend with.
 14. The Girl in Lover's Lane (1:16:06)
A teen hobo and his buddy spend some time in a small town where they are accused of rape and murder and encounter small town justice gone wild.
 15. High School Caesar (1:11:01)
A high school rich kid runs a gang that extorts money from the rest of the kids in school.
 16. Horror Hotel, or City of the Dead (1:15:54)
A young girl researching witchcraft in New England is marked for sacrifice by a coven of undead witches for their candlemass eve ritual .
 17. The Last Woman on Earth (1:04:32)
When Evelyn, Harold and Martin return to the surface after skindiving on vacation, they discover that everyone on the earth has been killed.
 18. The Little Shop of Horrors (1:13:06)
A clumsy nerd working in an L.A. Skid Row florist shop discovers a man-eating plant that gets hungry every evening at sunset.
 19. Ma Barker's Killer Brood (1:29:27)
Ma Barker and her three gangster sons join Machine Gun Kelly, Al Karpis and Baby Face Nelson on a crime spree in 1930's America.
 20. The Siege of Sidney Street (1:32:40)
A team of anarchist gangsters are hunted by Scotland Yard and are finally trapped on Sidney Street for a final showdown with the coppers.
 21. Ski Troop Attack (1:00:54)
American soldiers on skis caught behind enemy lines in Germany decide to blow up a vital railroad bridge.
 22. The Slowest Gun in the West (0:53:08)
A town full of gunfighters convinces the biggest coward in the West to kill their slow-draw sheriff.
 23. The Sword and the Dragon (1:22:51)
Tsar Kalin brutally attacks and conquors the nations around him and only brave Ilja and his son can keep their land free with the help of a magic sword.
 24. This Rebel Breed (1:34:55)
Two undercover cops pretend to be high school students in a racially mixed L.A. neighborhood to stop gang violence.
 25. Too Hot to Handle - (1:33:12)
A blonde bombshell from America helps her nightclub owner boyfriend run a striptease club in Soho. Note This remastered copy is courtesy of Larry Cole at acme-tv.com where you can purchase this movie as a hi-def dvd in addition to many more great classics.
 26. Tormented (1:16:11)
Tom watches an old flame fall to her death from the old lighthouse, refusing to reach out and pull her to safety. Now the girl's ghost returns to torment Tom as he prepares to get married.
 27. Unfinished Task (1:11:03)
The son of a construction company mogul decides on a career path that angers his father and may cost him the woman of his dreams and even his life.
 28. The Wasp Woman (1:12:47)
Janice owns a large cosmetics company, and has discovered a secret formula that includes honey from wasps which restores her youth . . . unfortunately, it also turns her into a killer wasp-woman.
 29. The Wild Ride (0:59:02)
A wild teen punk likes to party, get into trouble and race cars.
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1961  (28 films)
 1. Battle of the Worlds (1:23:13)
A giant asteroid carrying flying saucers manned by beings from another galaxy orbits the earth and plans its attack.
 2. The Beast of Yucca Flat (0:53:53)
A scientist exposed to an A-bomb becomes a maniac killer in the Nevada Nuclear test desert called Yucca Flat.
 3. Black Tights (2:03:56)
a French ballet montage narrated by Maurice Chevalier showing four famous dance choreographies by Roland Petit, including Carmen, La croqueuse de diamants, Deuil en 24 heures, and Cyrano de Bergerac.
 4. Bloodlust (1:08:54)
A madman on an uncharted island kidnaps young people and sets them loose on his island so that he can hunt them down and kill them for sport.
 5. The Choppers (1:05:55)
A gang of teenage boys 'chops' the valuable parts from disabled cars to sell to a dishonest junk yard owner, managing to stay one step ahead of the cops.
 6. Constantine and the Cross (1:59:23)
As Christians are being tortured and killed, the new Roman Emperor Constantine discovers that his mother is a Christian.
 7. Creature from the Haunted Sea (1:14:33)
Gangsters and escaped Cuban leaders hunt for a box of gold in the Caribbean while a funky sea monster kills them one by one as Secret Agent XK150 looks on.
 8. The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1:38:51)
When the U.S. and the Soviet Union both detonate a test nuclear bomb at the exact same instant, the world may be headed for quick destruction.
 9. The Deadly Companions (1:33:08)
A Yankee deserter from the Civil War seeks revenge on a Southern deserter who nearly scapled him five years earlier.
 10. The Devil's Hand (1:11:05)
Rick Turner is captivated by a sexy temptress, and he dumps his girlfriend to become the love-slave of the girl who turns out to be a witch.
 11. Five Minutes to Live (1:14:26)
As part of a bank robbery Johnny Cash is a gangster who holds the wife of the bank's vice president hostage and will kill her in five minutes if the banker doesn't give his buddies all of the bank money.
 12. The Giant of Metropolis (1:29:56)
Long ago in the city of Atlantis a mighty fighter used his great strength and courage to battle Yotar the evil King of Metropolis and his cosmic scientists from outer space.
 13. The Hellions (1:25:56)
A bully father and his four sons terrorize a small frontier town in South Africa.
 14. Hercules and the Captive Women (1:34:20)
Hercules and his son Hylas battle the Queen of Atlantis to save Greece from destruction.
 15. Hercules in the Haunted World (1:23:37)
Hercules must descend into Hades, the land of the dead, and steal the stone of light from Pluto to save princess Dayanara before evil King Lico kills her to drink her blood and live forever.
 16. Johnny Nobody (1:28:24)
A man claiming to have amnesia gets away with murder when he kills a famous author in front of the town priest and townsmen, unless the priest can discover who Johnny Nobody really is.
 17. A Matter of WHO (1:30:12)
A medical detective with the World Health Organization follows a trail that leads to corrupt jet-set busnessmen to discover the origin of a smallpox epidemic that is killing people.
 18. Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules (1:35:34)
The men from a small village are captured and enslaved by savage warriors who live in an underground city and The Son of Hercules must save them.
 19. Naked Youth (1:10:53)
Two teens boys and their girlfriend escape a prison honor farm and hook up with a crime syndicate mobster and his drug-addict girlfriend.
 20. The Phantom Planet (1:22:05)
An astronaut visits a planet that can move from Galaxy to Galaxy at will to avoid their enemies.
 21. Queen of the Seas (1:26:05)
The son of a British Lord sails in search of the most infamous pirate of the Caribbean, who happens to be a beautiful blonde girl that he met in prison.
 22. Rage of the Buccaneers (1:22:16)
The Black Pirate chases evil Buccaneer Tortuga to San Salvador where he falls in love with the Governor's daughter, but is captured and sentenced to death unless he can discover a way to escape.
 23. The Steel Claw (1:36:00)
During World War II a U.S. Captain with a claw for a right hand joins a group of local bandits in the Philippines to rescue a General who was captured by the enemy.
 24. Three Blondes in His Life (1:19:51)
A playboy private detective in search of a killer discovers that three seductive blondes are the prime suspects.
 25. The Triumph of the Son of Hercules (1:25:45)
The Son of Hercules helps to overthrow the evil Queen of Memphis who is stealing all of the young virgins to sacrifice to the god of fire.
 26. Two Wives at One Wedding (1:04:18)
A London doctor is about to leave on honeymoon with his new bride when a French girl who saved his life in WWII arrives with a marriage certificate and claiming to be his wife.
 27. Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory (1:23:10)
After a new, mysterious teacher arrives at a girls' reformatory school, several murders seem to point to the new teacher.
 28. The White Warrior (1:25:25)
A mighty tribal leader and fighter from the Black Mountains battles the forces of Russia and deals with the two women who both want him.
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1962  (19 films)
 1. Airborne (1:22:46)
The story of three boys who join the Army Airborne in 1962 and try to survive jump school at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
 2. The Avenger, Legend of Aeneas (1:34:50)
The birth of Rome is told as Aeneas, after losing the Trojan War, must battle the fearsome warrior Turno before settling in Latino, the land that will become Rome.
 3. The Black Lancers (1:34:13)
Two brothers compete with each other for the same Princess and also to become the next military leader and eventually King of the land.
 4. The Brain that Wouldn't Die (1:22:22)
A doctor keeps his girlfriend's head alive after she was beheaded in a car crash, and searches for a new body for her.
 5. Carnival of Crime (1:30:11)
A French architect in Rio de Janeiro searches for the killer of his cheating wife with the help of his secretary and his mistress.
 6. Carnival of Souls (1:17:38)
A young lady who drowns in a car crashing into the river walks out of the river hours later, seemingly alive.
 7. Dangerous Charter (1:14:41)
Three fishermen discover an abandoned luxury yacht and when they claim it and then charter it, they are taken hostage by the previous owner of the yacht who is a ganster on a mission.
 8. Eegah (1:30:26)
Teenagers discover a pre-historic cave man who goes on a killing rampage.
 9. Fallguy (1:01:23)
A teenager in a hot rod is framed for murder after trying to help a dying syndicate boss.
 10. Hands of a Stranger (1:25:18)
The hands of a murdered man are grafted onto the wrists of a concert pianist after his hands are crushed in an auto accident.
 11. Imperial Venus (2:01:41)
The sensuous sister of Napoleon Bonaparte searches for love and satisfaction as the General searches for world domination.
 12. Joseph and His Bretheren (1:41:04)
The Old Testament story of the adventures of Joseph in Egypt.
 13. The Magic Sword (1:20:10)
When the Princess is kidnapped by an evil wizard George, son of sorceress Sybil is determined to face the evil wizard and win the freedom and the hand of the Princess.
 14. The Manster (1:12:54)
A mad Japanese scientist turns an American reporter into a two-headed murdering monster.
 15. Shoot Out at Big Sag (1:03:12)
Two ranch families in Big Sag, Montana go to war against each other, but the son from one family wants to marry the daughter from the other family.
 16. This is Not a Test (1:11:48)
A group of people travelling along a deserted highway take refuge in a big truck as an apparent nuclear attack on America is starting.
 17. Trauma (1:33:29)
A young heiress loses her memory when she watches her wealthy Aunt being murdered, and she is now living with the killer and has no idea who he is.
 18. Vulcan, Son of Jupiter (1:19:47)
Mars and Venus team up with an Earth warrior to create trouble for Vulcan and his Sicilian nymph.
 19. When the Girls Take Over (1:18:23)
Castro has taken over Cuba, and now Maximo Toro wants to take over Hondo-Rico, but the girls have other ideas.
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1963  (15 films)
 1. The Atomic Brain (1:04:53)
An eighty year old lady convinces a mad doctor to implant her brain into the body of a beautiful young girl.
 2. Charade (1:53:03)
A widow discovers that her late husband was in possession of stolen property, and his partner crooks want to get the wealth that they believe the widow has, at any cost.