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News from SCCtv 2011

SCCtvs Ghoul Log Contest (12.02.11)

Around the holidays, SCCtv traditionally broadcasts our version of the Yule Log videos you may have seen on television. It was fun to make and there is nothing like the warm bluish glow of a roaring fire on a cold night. Well, now you can get involved in the action by entering our first annual Ghoul Log contest. Why "Ghoul Log?" Because we are the home of Movie Marvels, of course. Interested? All you have to do is create your own version of the Yule Log, or Ghoul Log and send it to us. Everyone is invited to create their own video. The public will get to vote for their favorite and the top three Ghoul Log entries will air on SCCtv over the December 24, 25 weekend! Can it get any better? Probably, but enter anyway! We need all entries by December 12th! Click here for more information about entering the contest!

Youre Invited to a World Premiere of an Educational Documentary(10.26.11)

The Boys of Terezin, a documentary produced by SCCTV General Manager John Sharify will have its World Premiere this Sunday, October 30th, at 2:30 at the Seattle Art Museum. There are still tickets left for this Sundays Seattle screening which will take place in SAMs Plestcheeff Auditorium, and will be followed by a post-film discussion with filmmaker John Sharify and the local teens interviewed for the film. The first 100 high school students- to register at will be admitted for free.

A True Story Most People Have Never Heard

Youre a Jewish teenager-in 1942. The Nazis occupy your country, and youre deported to the concentration camp at Terezn. You dont know your fate-but in fact most of the children there will be sent to a death camp at some time in the next two years.

Its very easy for young people today to see a tragedy like the Holocaust as something from the distant past that could never happen to me. But for members of Seattles acclaimed Northwest Boychoir, their rehearsal of a new oratorio is about to open their eyes to what the Holocausts genocide meant to teens just like them. Theyre going to meet the surviving "boys of Terezn," and learn the poems that the boys wrote for their secret magazine VEDEM while imprisoned by Nazis.

Stunning music by American composer Lori Laitman illuminates the boys homesickness, fatigue from cold and hunger, and anger at their imprisonment-and also their humor, courage and unity even at the darkest of times.

In a poignant finale, four "boys of Terezn" reunite in Seattle-after sixty-five years-for the world premiere performance of the new Music of Remembrance oratorio, remembering their lost friends, honoring the courage and idealism they all shared, and proving that nothing is as deeply human as the music we share.

The History of VEDEM

A group of 100 teenage boys lived in the same room, Home One, at Terezn. Terezn is known by many for its use in Nazi propaganda depicting it as "the Fuehrers gift to Jews." In reality, life there was brutal, cut short by cold, disease, starvation-and regular deportations to death camps. Of the 15,000 children sent to Terezn, less than 1,000 were alive by wars end.

The boys in Home One, aged thirteen to sixteen, documented their lives in a secret weekly magazine that they called VEDEM (Czech for "In the Lead"). They drew pictures, and wrote essays, interviews and poetry. It was a huge risk-they would have been sent to death camps if caught-but the magazine was never discovered. Sidney Taussig, the only boy to remain at Terezn until the end of the war, buried about 800 pages of the magazine, then retrieved the manuscript after liberation.

The Boys of Terezin will also be seen in film festivals in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, and West Palm Beach, Florida.

Mayors Budget (09.28.11)

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn announced his 2012 City of Seattle budget proposal at Seattle Central Community College on Monday, September 19th. Also speaking at the event were Seattle Central Community College student Camille Donahue, Seattle Central Community College President Paul Killpatrick and Seattle Community Colleges Chancellor Jill Wakefield. You can watch the entire event on our webpage.

Convocation 2011 (09.21.11)

Changing the world through education is just one of the inspirational concepts delivered during Convocation 2011. Visit our webpage to view the entire event or go directly to the addresses given by Chancellor Jill Wakefield, University of Washington President Michael Young, North Seattle Community College alumna Laura Hinton and many others. You can also see the two videos presented during this mornings Convocation. You may also access video from last years Convocation.

Professor Fred and Igor Get Jazzed! (09.13.11)

KPLU Radios Jennifer Wing digs into the dark recesses of Professor Freds and Igors minds in an effort to unearth the secrets of SCCtvs Movie Marvels. After his usual grunt, Igor related "I think Movie Marvels connects with everyones inner child and inner zombie." You can hear the entire radio interview at KPLUs website. And you can watch SCCtvs Movie Marvels every Friday night at 9PM and Midnight, then again on Saturdays at 3PM on Comcast Ch 28 / Broadstripe Ch 19 and streamed live worldwide at!