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To see how the vote turned out, visit the results page of Poet Populist Web site.? Take a look at Mike's letter to all of you and see the video below.

Dear Friends,

Recently, I was delighted to learn that I was nominated for the title of "Poet Populist of Seattle", and I would be honored if you would be kind enough to consider reading my work and possibly even voting for me online at

The voting lasts from today until November 4 (when that "other election" is).

I would say vote early and vote often, although you're only allowed to vote once. But that doesn't mean you can't tell your friends and everyone you ever met on via ListServe, MySpace, FaceBook, etc.! Thanks for your consideration, and have a great quarter!

Mike Hickey

South Seattle Community College



P.S. Here's a piece I wrote that made it into the ten-year anthology of The Atlanta Review.


Linda's Home Improvement Loan


Linda went to the bank

borrowed $2,000

& gave it all

to her unemployed,

uninspired boyfriend Darnell.

"Here," she said

"Get out of my house."