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"Discombobulatedly funny!"  "Glorifies terrible B-movies, but in a wonderful way!"

When and Where to Watch Professor Fred's Movie Marvels on SCCtv:

Friday evenings at 9PM and Midnight, Saturdays at 3PM

SCCtv broadcasts in Seattle on Comcast Ch 28 and Wave Broadband Ch 19 and to the world via live simulcast at

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The inspiration for Professor Fred's Movie Marvels was spawned from America's drive-in movie culture of the 1950s and 60s. It was the time of hot rods, rock and roll, and all manner of radiation-mutated creatures that inhabited the celluloid miasma of post-World War II America.

Your guide and teacher on this nostalgic trip into schlock cinema is Professor Fred Hopkins. Known during the 80s and 90s for his syndicated column Mondo Video, in which he reviewed the worst movies ever made, Fred leads viewers and students of schlock through the chaotic world of movie monsters & screaming babes that haunted the minds of America's youth long after they left the steamed-window comfort of drive-in movie theaters.

Assisting Professor Fred in his Schlock Cinema 101 class is his faithful sidekick, Igor. Igor's adeptness at running vintage film projectors and his skill at recreating scary scenes from the featured films is legendary. You'll also thrill to Igor's prodigious musical talent when he accompanies his master on electric bass for such classic Professor Fred originals as his loving tribute to Mamie van Doren (Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women).

Is Professor Fred's Movie Marvels a shameless celebration of Pop Culture at its schlockiest . . . or a scholarly look at the artistic and exploitative aspects of a culture searching for identity? You decide. Tune in and get discombobulated with Professor Fred's Movie Marvels!


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