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Movie Marvel's Professor Fred is a huge fan of Continuing Education Courses at the Seattle Colleges!  Find out more about what's offered.



Hi, I’m Fred Hopkins, of SCCtv’s Professor Fred’s Movie Marvels.  I’m not a real professor, but I do teach a Continuing Education course on Schlock Cinema at North Seattle College. 

Did you know there are all kinds of Continuing Education courses taught at each of the Seattle College’s campuses, North Seattle College, Seattle Central College and South Seattle College?

  You can learn to paint, play the guitar, how to Zumba and a lot more.  And all these courses are taught by people passionate about what you’re learning.  Like me teaching Schlock Cinema.  You’re never going to find anyone more passionate about Schlock Cinema, I mean come on! 

So if you want to learn a new hobby, skill or just something new, check out what the Seattle College’s Continuing Education courses have to offer by visiting this webpage.  Maybe I’ll see you in Schlock Cinema class?

North Seattle College

From Acting Techniques to Zumba, the Continuing Education program at North Seattle College provides a wide array of non-credit classes for everyone in the community with a desire to learn and have fun. Geared toward lifelong learners, our reasonably priced, quality courses are led by instructors who teach their passion and profession. 

Seattle Central College

Want to learn how to paint? Need to fine-tune your French? Looking to build a new table for your back porch? Seattle Central's Lifelong Learning has got a continuing education class for that!  Our fun, vibrant Lifelong Learning classes provide you with the opportunity to meet different people, discover a new passion or explore a new interest.

South Seattle College

South Seattle College Continuing Education offers over 150 classes each quarter for everything from computer skills to cooking to home repair. Designed to fit into your busy schedule, these classes offer the learning opportunities you’re looking for, along with the flexibility you need.