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We live in a community fed by creative vision and individual passion - should be safe to assume the arts are part of our daily diet. But access to the region's expressive outlets: music, dance, visual arts, mixed media, film, theatre, literature and the politics that funds them is not a given. Keeping the arts alive and well requires the constant work of an allied force - people and venues that promise all of us they'll 'sweat the big stuff' to survive and grow.

Noted National Public Radio Arts Reporter, Marcie Sillman, takes to the field and talks with the visionaries and workhorses that make the arts accessible. Issues of politics, education, limited funding, censorship; partnership and innovation are explored each month as we're taken inside the process of nurturing Seattle Arts.

Jonathan Poneman Sub Pop

ArtsLink Host, Marcie Sillman checks in with Sub Pop's Chief Cheese, Jonathan Poneman. With Mayor Nichols having promised to better support Seattle's music industry during his term, Poneman shares thoughts about surviving as a business, post-Grunge. NOT AVAIL FOR INTERNET VIEWING

Neal Dempsey

Paint still wet, people still moving in - Artspace Guru, Cathryn Vandenbrink takes Marcie Sillman on a walk through the City's newest nod of respect to artists...50 units of affordable housing in Pioneer Square. 4/2004  WATCH

Pratt Fine Arts Center

With one of Seattle's oldest Community Arts facilities poised for expansion, we take a walking-talking tour of Pratt Fine Arts Center and hear from two of it's working artist faculty. 3/2004  WATCH

Seattle Children's Theatre

A stage known for challenging an audience, Seattle Children's Theatre takes on "The Shape of a Girl", a one-woman play dealing with the darker aspects of teen peer pressure. Marcie Sillman talks with the Actress and SCT's Education Director about the thought provoking production. 3/2004  WATCH

Katie Forgette & R. Hamilton Wright

They're actors, writers, regional treasures and apparently a normal married couple. With Katie Forgette about to premiere the O'Conner Sisters at the Seattle Rep, and Bob winding up a run in Forum at the 5th Avenue, the two sat down long enough to talk to Marcie Sillman about the decision to stay in Seattle and maintain their 'balance.' 2/2004  WATCH

Seattle Academy of Fine Art

Moving to it's new home on Capitol Hill, this quiet tribute to classical art training opens its doors for a tour. The walk through includes with Gary Faigin and Pamela Belyea. 1/2004  WATCH  Viewing on-line may be blocked in some countries. 

Discussion: Money & the Individual Artist

A "before hours" discussion at Marco's Supperclub in Belltown. Dave Rosencrans, Barbara Thomas and Sandy Cioffi talk about the , individual artists, who's taking it on the chin, and why? WATCH

Cathy Sorbo

She's hell bent on making sure we don't take ourselves too seriously. Local comedian Cathy Sorbo admits it's not an easy job to make us laugh as she talks to us from the heckler's side of the stage at The Comedy Underground. 10/2003  WATCH

Duffy Bishop

She speaks for herself, sings for anyone who loves great music and believes in the power of forging ahead. What more can you say? She's of a kind - she's Duffy Bishop. 9/2004  WATCH

Seattle Opera

Speight Jenkins, Robert Schaub and Robert Israel discuss the staging of 'Parsifal' in the new McCaw hall.
Host: Marcie Sillman. August 2003  WATCH

Arts Corps

Seattle's most successful after school arts program - the reasons why are explained by Lisa Fitzhugh and Amy Maguire.
Host: Marcie Sillman. July 2003  WATCH

Josh Labelle

Seattle Theatre Group Director, Josh LaBelle talks about the transition from private ownership to public non-profit status for the historic Paramount and Moore Theatres. Host: Marcie Sillman. May 2003  WATCH

Tawnya Pettiford-Wates

Actress, teacher, writer and head of Seattle Central Community College's inspirational urban theatre department.
Host: Marcie Sillman April 2003  WATCH

Richard Hugo House Zine Archive Project

A discussion with three writers about the new force to promote and archive the Zine alternative magazine format.
Host: Marcie Sillman March 2003  WATCH

Alice Wheeler

First recognized for her behind the scenes photography of Seattle's sub-culture music scene, Wheeler's famous photos of Curt Cobain are only part of a large portfolio depicting struggles in contemporary culture. March 2003  WATCH

Arts Education

Marta Olson, Seattle Public Schools and AnnRene Joseph, WA S.P.I. talk about the current state of arts education in the region's public schools.
Host: Marcie Sillman - February 2003   WATCH

Sergei Tschernisch

Cornish College of the Arts President talks about surviving up to an 88 year legacy. Host: Marcie Sillman February 2003  WATCH

Justin Hampton

In a visit to the studio of this music/pop-culture poster artist, Justin Hampton, he talks about the work it takes to go from the telephone poles to Rolling Stone Magazine. Host: Marcie Sillman January 2003  WATCH

KT Niehoff

Choreographer, dancer, producer - K.T. Niehoff of Lingo Dance theatre shares her passion for using dance and movement as a means of communication.
Host: Marcie Sillman January 2003  WATCH

Madeline DeFrees

Prolific northwest poet Madeline DeFrees talks about the discipline it takes to satisfy the muse, and reads a sampling of her current work.  Host: Marcie Sillman. December 2002  WATCH

John Aylward

From the stage of the Rep, actor John Aylward takes us on the path of his career as he continues to add television and movies to a solid theatre foundation.
Host: Marcie Sillman.  December 2002  WATCH

Michael Killoren

New Director for Seattle's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs (formerly Seattle Arts Commission) talks about the challenges of politics and funding.
Host: Marcie Sillman. November 2002  WATCH

Lauren Weedman

Kicking off the 2002-2003 season at Empty Space, actress, writer Lauren Weedman takes a break in rehearsal for her one woman show, "Rash" to have a conversation about her work.  Host: Marcie Sillman.  November 2002  WATCH

Jim Kelly

A weak economy for the arts means creative thinking for arts agencies. For more than a quarter of a century, King County has been a pioneer in arts and historic preservation funding, and recently added creative financing to the list of accomplishments. The new Cultural Development Authority's plan for survival means breaking away from the County to form its own tax-exempt public corporation. Mastermind Jim Kelly explains.  WATCH

ARTISTS EXPRESS  A pre-cursor to SCCtv's ArtsLink is Artists Express, an SCCtv production featuring local artists.

Joan Stuart Ross - In this 2000 SCCtv's Artist Express we interview Joan Stuart Ross, a former North Seattle Community College Tenured Faculty member in the Fine Arts Department. For more information about Joan Stuart Ross, visit her website