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"I'm thrilled. This Community College Station competed with commercial stations with huge budgets and 10 times our staffing, or more, and we won! Twice. " says SCCtv General Manager John Sharify.

Sharify won both Emmy Awards, in the category On-Camera Talent/Reporter -Programming , and in the category Arts/Entertainment Advanced Media category. The awards for his story about Northwest native Doc Severinsen, of Johnny Carson fame.

Scott Rensberger and Tim Griffis were also honored for their work on the story. ?The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Northwest announced the awards May 30th, and SCCtv streamed the event live. ?If you missed it, you can still see the ceremony on-demand at SCCtv.net or natasnw.org.

View the award winning work and a companion piece created for the Web:

-Don Carlos Hidalgo Soberon